50+ Best Duck Jokes That You Will Go Quackers For

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Ready for a feather-ruffling giggle fest? Dive into this delightful puddle of the finest duck-themed giggles. From cunningly crafted puns to rib-tickling duck jests, here's a round of all the best chuckles in one place, just for your amusement. However, be warned: these charming quips have a way of sticking around, and are likely to remain in your thoughts long afterward!

This delightful assembly of feathery fun includes jokes, puns, and witty one-liners about our fine feathered friends that are just perfect for your next family get-together or friendly gathering. Spread your wings, let your inner comedian take flight, and get ready to waddle your way through a quacky maze of laughter. So brace yourself for a joy ride of ducky fun, where laughter is just a quack away.

Question And Answer Duck Jokes

Strap on your giggling goggles because here comes a hearty splash of duck jokes and puns, designed to tickle your funny bone! These aren't just any ordinary jokes, they're hilarious question-and-answer style quips that'll keep you chuckling to yourself. We're kicking things off with a time-honored classic from the world of duck jests.

1. What do you call a duck that steals things? A robber ducky.

2. On what side does a duck have the most feathers? The outside.

3. Why did the duck cross the playground? To get to the other slide.

4. What is a duck's favorite animal at the zoo? The quack-a-dile!

5. What does a duck wear to a fancy event? A duck-sedo!

6. What do you get when you mix ducks with fireworks? A firequacker!

7. What do you say to a duck who's just won the lottery? "You lucky duck!"

8. What's a duck's favorite fantasy movie series? Lord Of The Wings.

9. What language can a duck speak fluently while conversing with geese? Portu-geese.

10. What do you call a clever duck? A wise quacker.

11. What happens if a duck having hiccups, lays eggs? It lays scrambled eggs.

12. What is a duck's favorite sea monster? The Quack-en!

13. Where do ducks live? In bill-dings.

14. What state do most ducks live in? Duckota.

15. Why do ducks lay eggs? They would break if they dropped them any other way.

16. Why do ducks fly south for the winter? It's too far to waddle.

17. Why are ducks great at multi-tasking? They never get their feathers ruffled.

18. Why don't ducks like reading directions? They prefer to wing it.

19. What did the duck say to the cawing chickens? "Stop it! That's fowl language."

20. Why are ducks great at hide and seek? They always know where to duck for cover.

Duckling And Its Parent

Best Duck Puns

Are you ready to sail through a river of rib-tickling wordplay? Then get set for an adventure through a trove of the wittiest duck puns ever! These flappingly fantastic puns promise to make you giggle, groan, and guffaw all at the same time. Perfect for brightening up any day, they're guaranteed to have everyone around you laughing like a loon... or should we say a duck!

21. Why do ducks make good detectives? Because they always quack the case!

22. What is a duck's favorite game? "Beak-a-boo!"

23. Where do sick ducks go? To the ducktor!

24. What do you call short films that ducks watch? Duckumentaries!

25. Why did the duck have to get a second job? He had too many bills.

26. What do you call a vampire with fangs and webbed feet? Count Duck-ula!

27. What do ducks say when people throw things at them? "Time to duck!"

28. What do ducks use to fix broken things around the house? Duck tape!

29. Why was the teacher annoyed with the rude duck? Because it wouldn't stop quacking jokes in class.

30. What's the proper way to address a royal duck? "M’lard".

31. What did the lawyer say to the duck in court? "I demand an egg-splanation!"

32. Why are ducks good at budgeting? They know how to handle the bills.

33. Where do tough ducks come from? Hard-boiled eggs.

34. When is roast duck bad for your health? When you're the duck.

35. If a duck says, "Quack quack", what says "Quick quick"? A duck having hiccups.

36. What did the ducks carry their schoolbooks in? Their quack-packs.

37. What do you call it when it's raining chickens and ducks? Fowl weather.

38. Why did the duck get a red card in the football game? For fowl play.

Funny One-Liner Duck Jokes

If you're after a quick chuckle, you're in the right place! Here's a round-up of feathery funny duck jokes, all wrapped up in snappy one-liners. They're short, they're punchy, and they're guaranteed to give your funny bone a nudge. These are not just jokes, they're little laughter-packed presents, perfect for those moments when you need a quick quack-me-up!

39. Ducks are the best secret keepers, they never quack under interrogation.

40. Two ducks swim in a pond, one says, "Quack quack". The other says, "Hey, I was about to say that!"

41. Which birds are the best at sticking to tight schedules? Ducks, they don't like to wing it.

42. Why are ducks so great at speaking? They always use proper duck-tation.

43. A duck and a man are in a park, the man sees a frisbee flying and yells, "Duck!" The duck looks at the man and yells, "Man!"

44. Why do ducks never get disorganized? They always have their ducks in a row.

45. How do ducks stay in shape? They never duck out of a workout.

46. What did the duck say when she bought new lipstick? "Put it on my bill".

47. What's a duck's secret to saving money? They never splurge on a wild goose chase.

Knock-Knock Duck Jokes For Kids

Who's there? It's a flurry of feathery fun, coming your way with some classic knock-knock jokes with a ducky twist! These quack-tastic jokes are just the thing to add a splash of humor to your kid's day. From friendly fowls to wacky waddlers, here are some knock-knock duck jokes to spread joy and giggles all around.

48. Knock! knock!

Who's there?


Beak who?

Beak careful, or I'll quack another joke!

49. Knock! knock!

Who's there?

I'm a lucky ducky.

I'm a lucky ducky who?

I'm a lucky ducky to have a friend like you!

50. Knock! knock!

Who's there?


Duck who?

Duck quick!

51. Knock! knock!

Who's there?


Waddle who?

Waddle you do if I don't let you in?

52. Knock! knock!

Who's there?


Duck who?

Duck down, here comes another joke!

53. Knock! knock!

Who's there?


Water who?

Water you doing inside? Come out and feed the ducks!

That wraps up a fun-filled journey through the best duck jokes in town. We hope that this collection of jokes and zingers, from the sharpest puns to the most adorable knock-knock jokes, added many chuckles and cheerful moments. Humor is possibly one of the best and easiest ways to connect with others and brighten up any day. So why not share a duck joke or two with friends, family, and other people in your life?

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