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31 Elf Jokes That Sleigh

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These elf jokes will have your kids laughing out loud, and are a great way to get into the Christmas spirit as a family.

Whether your kids love silly knock knock jokes, are particularly fond of puns or love question and answer jokes, we have all the best elf jokes to make your Christmas time as merry as can be. Read on to discover our 31 favourite funny jokes about elves for some guaranteed family fun at Christmas time.

Question And Answer Elf Jokes

These funny elf-themed question and answer jokes will be sure to get the whole family chuckling away in no time.

1.What kind of money do elves always use? Jingle bills!

2.What do you call an elf who is walking backwards? A Fle!

3.What do you call a badly behaved elf? A rebel without a Claus!

4.Which sort of elf makes their home in a fizzy drink can? A sprite!

5.What do you call an elf who steals Christmas present wrapping from the wealthy and gives it to the poor? Ribbon Hood!

6.What do you call an elf who makes corny jokes about Christmas? A real Christmas card!

7.What do elves get instead of athlete’s foot? Mistle toe!

Entertaining Elf Puns

These hilarious puns about elves are both clever and funny, and will brighten up any winter afternoon. Puns are also a great way for kids to make connections between words and boost their vocabulary, and these puns about elves are the perfect place to start.

8.What music do elves like best? Wrap music!

9.Why was Santa’s helper sad? He had low elf-esteem!

10.What do elves learn first at school? The elf-abet!

11.Whose music do elves like the most? Elf-is Presley's music!

12.In what kind of car do elves travel to Santa’s workshop? A Toy-ota!

13.What would you call an elf with lots of money? W-elfy!

14.Why did some of the elves spell Christmas as N-O-E? Because Father Christmas said No L!

15.How did the teacher tell the elves to line up before break time at school? In elf-abet-ical order!

16.Why does Father Christmas get to take a lot of holidays? He’s elf-employed!

17.How did Santa's helper boost his low elf-esteem? He read an elf-help book!

18.What kind of photos do elves love to take? Elf-ies!

19.What kind of pictures do elves love to paint? Elf-portraits!

20.What do elves use in the kitchen when they are cooking? Kitchen U-tinsels!

21.Where do elves go when they feel ill? The elf-centre!

22.How do Santa’s elves go to different floors in the North Pole toy workshop? They use the elf-avator!

23.Why did Father Christmas have to shut his workshop one day? For an elf and safety check!

24.What are elves' favourite animals? Elf-e-phants!

25.What do you call an elf that joins the 11 other elves in Santa’s workshop? The twelf!

26.Who lives in the North Pole, makes toys and rides in a pumpkin? Cinder-elf-a!

Knock Knock Elf Jokes

Knock knock jokes are a classic, and these witty elf jokes are ideal for cracking during Christmas dinner.

27.Knock knock

Who's there?


Elf who?

Elf me wrap this present!

28.Knock knock

Who's there?


Elf who?

Elf I knock again will you let me in please?

Elf One Liners

These short but sweet elf-themed one liners are superbly witty and will get everyone laughing away at Christmas time.

29.Did you hear that Santa has been banned from coming into houses through the chimney this year? It was declared as dangerous by the Elf and Safety Commission!

30.Rumour has it that one of Santa's helpers wanted to keep all the Christmas gifts for himself this year - he was pretty elf-ish!

31.I heard that elves study a lot after school - they do their gnome-work every day!

Written By
Mia Shindler

Mia is a student from London who loves spending time with her family and two younger siblings. As a History student, she especially enjoys family days out to museums, and loved reading all about the past as a child. Her favourite historical book series as a child was The Lady Grace Mysteries by Patricia Finney. Mia also loves exploring London’s restaurants, theatres and parks, and finding new and exciting things to do in her local area.

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