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35+ Best Volcano Puns That Will Have You Erupting With Laughter

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Are you ready for some of the most witty and funny volcano puns we could come up with?

Maybe you are having a party with your kids and friends, or just a small get together? Well, what better way to keep them entertained than with some amazing one liners, these volcano puns will be the best addition to your little party!

We have all heard of volcanoes. While some of us may have read about them, to others they might be somewhat of a mystery. A volcano is defined as a vent in the Earth’s crust that releases molten or hot rock as well as steam. You may come across volcanoes on land or in deep waters and even along mid-ocean ridges. Some volcanoes are huge, while some are quite small, and some can be active whilst others are inactive. Lots of tourists like to go and visit volcanoes, only the ones that are no longer active of course! Whether you have seen a volcano or not, you know know a little more about them and are ready to for volcano themed puns!

Even though volcanoes themselves can be quite dangerous, there is no harm in enjoying some quick and witty volcano puns. Puns are known to liven up a gathering and make everybody laugh. These volcano puns are all about lava, rocks and magma as well as the volcanoes themselves! Some of the puns are even based on famous volcanoes like the Krakatoa. It will be so much fun to share these with your friends, perhaps they will trade you an earthquake pun or some mountain puns in return? With our extensive collection of volcanic puns, your friends and family are sure to think you are the greatest pun master around. So let's get started!

Below are some of the most amazing volcano puns that will have you in fits of laughter. If you enjoy our volcano puns, why not check out our Mountain Puns as well as Nature Puns.

Volcano Puns

Lava lake in the Erta Ale volcano.

Volcano puns and volcano jokes can really be a blast (pun definitely intended!). You can even come up with some volcano puns of your own. All you need is the ability to play with words! Here are some cute and some hill areas (get it?) volcano puns we have compiled for you. So why not use a volcano pun or some earthquake puns next time you are chatting to your friends and family and leave them all in stitches of laughter?

1. A man called to find out if he would be able to get insurance if the volcano near his house erupted, he was assured that he’d be covered.

2. The volcano did not have any money because it went bank-erupt.

3. In Greece, when a volcano erupts everyone gets together to enjoy some Bak-lava!

4. A baby volcano calls his volcano mom, Mag-ma.

5. I lava you so much!

6. Volcanoes erupt with laughter when they are told a joke.

7. Even though the Calbuco volcano is too hot as of now, everything around it is Chile.

8. Tom argued that earthquakes are a lot worse than volcanoes as volcanoes are really cool. Emery shook his head, saying his argument was on shaky ground.

9. Greeks play a lot of classical music by volcanoes, they just love the Bach-lava!

10. When a volcano needs the toilet he visits the lava-tory.

11. The bird that lost all its feathers in a volcano was moltin'.

12. You should never trust a volcano, they erupt to no good at all.

13. The police arrested the electrons from the volcanic eruption and they were charged under extraordinary circumstances.

14. A man made a post about volcanic eruptions and the post got hundreds of likes. You could say that the post blew up!

15. The news has been full of stories about volcanic eruptions and lava flows of late. They're really hot right now.

16. The Krakatoa eruption harmed the ears of people around. Krakatoa? More like Krakaneara.

17. It might be a bit too soon for us to make jokes about volcanoes… I guess we should wait until the dust settles, at least.

18. Watch out never to int-erupt a volcano when she is talking to you!

19. You can't really force volcano puns. Good volcano puns should just flow.

20. Volcano puns are puns of great magma-tude.

21. A volcano always gets invited to all the best parties because he is such a blast!

22. A great student of volcanology will graduate magma cum laude!

23. Studying volcanoes can really be tuff.

The Funniest Lava Puns

Why not up your pun game with some witty puns about lava? Your friends and family are sure to love a lava pun, so give them the best you’ve got. There are endless lava puns that can be used in a wide variety of situations and the fact that the word lava sounds a lot like the word love, gives you a number of opportunities to use the word lava in puns. If you like these, you could even try making up your own lava puns to make people laugh! If you do happen to add in a lava pun naturally while having a chat, you are sure to earn some laughs.

24. A lava rock left his job today at the volcano, because he was being taken for granite.

25. A cute volcano is truly lava-ble.

26. The mom volcano asked the dad volcano "Honey, do you lava me the same way I lava you?"

27. John’s wife says that adults shouldn't play 'The Floor Is Lava', but John is on the fence.

28. ‘The Floor Is Lava’ is an amazing game, however, it has a fatal floor.

29. Ten samples of 6.02 x 10²³ molecules of lava are called Mole-ten rock.

Rock Puns That Will Make You Laugh

Volcanic eruptions involve lava, smoke, and definitely rocks. Here are some puns based on rocks that have been rocking since time began. Take a look at these and pick your favorite to impress your friends with. With rock puns as funny as these they will be laughing all day long!

30. If you happen to ever drop a volcanic rock on your foot, you'll Krakatoa.

31. If Dwayne Johnson was from Malta, you could you call him lava, since he would be the Maltan Rock.

32. A volcanic rock never goes to school, he is a skipping stone!

33. Volcanic rocks like to sleep in bedrocks!

34. Volcanic rocks enjoy eating pom-a-granites.

35. Geologists have got absolutely no interpersonal skills, that’s because they only date rocks.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly jokes, puns and riddles for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for volcano puns and found yourself laughing along as you read them, then why not take a look at these fantastic fire puns, or for these funny geography puns, rock puns that are sure to get everyone laughing?

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