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45+ Butter Puns That Will Make You Melt With Laughter

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Butter makes the world a butter place to live in with your butter half.

Be it salted, unsalted, homemade,  processed, cubed, or sliced, butter is the grease of life. It is butter than unhealthy vegetable oil and way more delicious.

Life without butter is tasteless. The thought of pancakes, toast, croissants, mushrooms, and endless other items without butter is undoubtedly hard. In the past butter was considered a luxury, but in recent times, butter is like a staple in breakfasts and most other meals. It is one of the key condiments in baking as well. Buttercream is most commonly used in cake frosting and as the name itself states, butter is the key ingredient. Butter is the most versatile ingredient in your kitchen because of it's wide variegated uses in cooking. There are also different types of butter that are equally loved and widely used as well like margarine, peanut butter, and the like. Peanut butter is the most popular spread, eaten usually with jelly on toast. It tastes heavenly and even goes perfectly with chocolates, like peanut butter cups.

From breakfast to dessert, butter is a staple on most kitchen tables. So why not make puns about it too? A joke a day keeps your heart healthy and makes your health much butter. Sitting at the table and eating meals with the family is what brings people close in the real life instead of having to butter up someone only when necessary. While butter is a healthy choice, jokes and puns are an equally healthy option to keep one's mind fresh and sharp. Puns are a great source of intelligence, just like butter is a great source of nutrition. It helps build up your mind just like butter helps build up your body. Punning at the breakfast table never hurt anybody.

Therefore, if you're looking for some butter jokes and puns to make you melt with laughter, here is a list of jokes about butter, peanut butter, and jokes about toast to help you make your life a little bit butter. Subsequently, you can also take a look at ice cream jokes and egg puns.

Butter Puns

Here's a list of the best butter jokes and good puns on butter that will melt your heart.

1. Don't ask me to tell you that joke about butter. I refuse to spread it.

2. Find me a butter knife for cutting butter. I'll wait.

3. Jokes about fake butter are margarinally funny.

4. My brother pranked me by throwing a stick of butter at me. How dairy?

5. I usually butter my skillet before making pancakes because it cooks batter.

6. My friend hurt himself while making butter on his farm. It was an unfortunate churn of events.

7. Michael Jackson's favorite type of butter is Ghee-hee.

8. The butter knives put on bow ties because they wanted to look sharp.

9. The pastor put butter on his Bible. He wanted to spread the word.

10. Butter is not made right away because it has to wait for its churn.

11. A vegetarian butter chicken is everything but-a chicken.

12. There is no margarine for error when you have to choose between unsalted and salted butter.

13. When I threw the slab of butter out of the window, I made a butterfly.

14. The joke about butter was so long, I was thinking about shortening it.

15. A butter that goes on a winning streak is on a roll.

16. When I first started my job at the butter manufacturing company, my stomach began to churn.

17. It is so hard to make butter. It takes an e-churn-ity.

18. If all kinds of margarine and spreads disappeared from the world, it would be a butter place.

19. Butter knives are selling like hotcakes. They are getting more and more widespread.

20. I hate it when someone tries to butter me up. I like jam more.

21. When the slab of butter finally reached his classroom he sighed, "Butter late than never!"

22. Toast and bread are the best couples. There's nobody butter than them.

23. When the burglars attacked butter's house, he shouted, "You butter back off!"

24. You should always let a butterfly spread its wings because that is what it is meant to do.

25. Our local grocery store often runs out of butter because butter flies.

26. The last of the toast topping is usually the butter end.

27. A butter's favorite song is 'Some-butter loves you.'

28. I did not like the butter joke she cracked because I was salty about it.

29. The silly butter joke was okay, but it was not worth melting for.

30. The only way to get a raise in a spreads factory is to butter up your boss.

Funny Puns On Peanut Butter

Brown butterscotch isolated on white background.

Here is a lavish breakfast spread of the choicest puns with a side of peanut butter, also including peanut butter and jelly puns.

31. I yelled "Are you nuts?" at my husband when I saw him stealing peanut butter from the fridge at night.

32. The peanut butter was always broke because he worked for peanuts.

33. The peanut butter got a job at the nut house, now he was a butler, a peanut butler.

34. I once spread peanut butter on the road because I wanted it to go with the traffic jam.

35. The only fish that tastes good with peanut butter is jellyfish.

36. Puns on peanut butter are in such bad taste. They drive everyone nuts.

37. A shark's favorite type of sandwich is peanut butter and jellyfish.

38. "You're nutty," said the apple sauce to the peanut butter.

39. I cannot live without eating peanut butter. I am completely nuts about it.

40. When a peanut butter hears a sweet song it exclaims "That's my jam!"

41. You just get peanut butter and jealous when someone eats a PB & J sandwich in front of you without offering you any.

42. When the peanut butter proposed to the toast, he said "We're butter together."

43. When jelly feels romantic, she tells peanut butter, "You are my butter half."

44. One of the most important functions of a PB & J sandwich is to spread joy.

45. When peanut butter wanted to show affection to bread, it said "I'm only nuts for you."

46. When the peanut butter chocolate was sad, I cheered her up by telling him "Pucker up, buttercup."

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for butter puns, then why not take a look at bacon puns, or for something different take a look at dentist jokes!

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