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40+ Fan Puns And Jokes That Will Blow You Away

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These puns about fans will cool your mind on a hot summer day.

If you live in a warm city, you will probably notice many different types of fans around your city. Ceiling fans, desk fans, exhaust fans, cooling fans, and even gorgeous hand-crafted hand holding fans are commonly used worldwide.

Fans are mainly cooling devices that are also used to exhaust dust or fumes. People worldwide use these little wonders, but they are most prominent in the homes of people living in tropical countries. Fans are even used in airplanes, as they help in circumventing airflow around the cabin. Cool your jets as you flow through these puns on fans we've compiled for you.

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Best Fan Puns And Jokes

We have jokes and puns about all kinds of fans.

Here we have some of the best and funniest fans puns and ceiling fan puns that will make you laugh.

1. Wind turbines are big fans of renewable energy.

2. We recently moved to a third-floor apartment with some ceiling fans. Now, I can certainly say that I have fans in high places.

3. My friend once loved all kinds of farm machinery. And now he's great at sucking all air out of any room. I guess he's now an ex-tractor fan.

4. I recently went to see a football match. It was freezing there. It must have been all those fans.

5. Two wind turbines were talking to each other in the field, and one said, "Do you like music?" Then the other replied, "Sure, I'm a heavy metal fan."

6. The other day, I took my friend to watch the world's biggest fan. It blew him away.

7. I've always liked fans that stick to rules. That's why I'm such a fan of inline fans.

8. I have a desk fan at work which is starting to get annoying. He keeps taking photos off my desk.

9. I bought a fan the other day, which was a complete waste of money. Now he stands there, applauds, and compliments me by saying, "Ooh, you're so smart."

10. I am such a big fan of ceiling fans. I can't help but look up to them.

11. I like my ceiling fan a lot. It might not be the best out there, but it's most definitely up there.

12. What did the ceiling fan say to the desk fan when he showed him a new rap song? Sorry, but I'm a big country fan.

13. Honestly, I'm quite done with the ceiling fan puns. They all keep going around in circles.

14. I'm quite afraid that my ceiling fan is one day going to fall on my head. Lately, it's been hanging over my head.

15. I don't like the walls or the floor of my room. Probably because I'm a ceiling fan.

16. Today, I installed a new light bulb on my ceiling fan. It was the highlight of my day.

17. I was trying to hang my new ceiling fan today, and I think I screwed it up.

18. Today, my father-in-law was helping me install a new ceiling fan. He suddenly said, "You know, one more, and you can certainly start a fan club."

19. I like to stand in the corner of my room and blow air on anyone that walks by. Well, most people don't like it, but I'm a fan.

20. An A/C unit and a wind turbine were having a conversation. The wind turbine said, "Hi! how's your job going?" The A/C unit replied, "Well, it's cool, but I'm not a huge fan."

Funny Jokes About Fans

Laugh away with our best collection of jokes and puns.

Here's the list of some funny fan jokes, ceiling fan jokes, and some big metal fan jokes for you.

21. What did an air conditioning unit say to its owner? He said, "I'm not your biggest fan."

22. Where do ceiling fans hang out over the weekend? Fan clubs.

23. Why did the helicopter crash? Because the pilot got cold and he turned off the ceiling fan.

24. What does a ceiling fan think about the desk fan? It's not a big fan.

25. Which branch of the military would all the fans join? The infantry.

26. Why was everyone blown away by the fan? Because someone switched the fan on.

27. Did you hear the story about the invention of fans? It blows me away every time.

28. Did you hear about a fan who watched the Bruce Willis movie five times in a row? Well, he is a Die Hard fan.

29. Why are wind turbines so very popular these days? It's because they have quite a huge fan base.

30. Why is the MetLife Stadium of the NFL the windiest stadium? That's because there's always a Giants fan in every seat.

31. Why doesn't a water cooler ever laugh at fan and wind jokes? It's not a fan of dry humor.

32. Why was the woman complaining vehemently in the store about her bathroom fan? Because she needed to vent.

33. What did the wind turbine say about solar energy? Well, I'm a big fan, and I believe that it has a bright future.

34. What did the gym trainer do when the man complained that he wasn't sweating enough from the exercises? She shut the fan off.

35. Did you hear about the giant cooling device kept in Florida? I heard it was a Miami Heat fan.

36. Did you hear about the time a man looked into differences between human anatomy and propeller mechanics? Well, he found out that he wasn't a fan.

37. What did the new hat that had a built-in fan do every day? It blew everyone's minds away.

38. Did you hear about the man who punched a fan at a soccer game? Well, it all hit the fan real fast.

39. Did you hear that joke about the ceiling fan? It certainly left me hanging.

40. Why don't jet engine turbines ever listen to a waltz? Probably because they're huge metal fans.

41. What did the fan seller reply when asked how his day was? "It was fantastic!"

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