62 Fox Puns That Are Super Clever

Temitope Adebowale
Feb 29, 2024 By Temitope Adebowale
Originally Published on Oct 20, 2020
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Foxes are shrewd and clever mammals with narrow faces and long, bushy tails that are covered in thick, short fur.

You might be familiar with the red fox, the one with the reddish-brown fur and white tip at the end of its tail. What may surprise you is that the colour of fox fur can range from all white, to mixed red and black to all black (with a white tip at the end of its tail).

Did you know that a group of foxes was called a leash (or skulk)? Yep, not all animal groups simply go by group or herd. What's more, a young fox is called a cub (or pup), a female fox a vixen and a male fox a dog fox.

Foxes have small bodies, and as a result, small tummies. The size of the meals that foxes eat are (you guessed it) small, so they eat often throughout the day. Their favourite munchies are rodents (especially mice) but they'll also eat squirrels, rabbits, birds, lizards, bugs and chickens. As they're often around humans too, you could find foxes in your garden, eating fruits, berries and even dog food! There's so much that makes foxes special, and here are some puns to match!

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Funny Fox Puns

If you like a good fox pun, you're in for a treat with these fabulous fox puns that are outside the (fox) box...

1. Put it in the safety deposit fox.

2. Who let the fox out?

3. Think outside the fox.

4. Jack in the fox.

5. It's raining cats and fox.

6. Pandora's Fox.

Terrific Tail Puns

The fox's tail is unique and special, so here are are some special puns for lots of laughs!

7. Plain tailing.

8. You're a real tail-blazer!

9. I tail ya.

10. That was a tell-tail sign.

11. Stand tail and keep your chin up.

12. Flush it down the tail-et.

13. Tails of the unexpected.

14. I've left you a voice-tail message.

15. Tail the end of time.

16. Smooth tailing.

17. Tail close to the wind.

18. Wow, that's a tail order.

19. Fake it tail you make it.

20. Tail death do us part.

21. This painting is not for tail.

22. That ship has tailed.

23. I'm fighting tooth and tail.

24. Live to tell the tail.

25. Tell no tails.

26. Every picture has a story to tail.

27. You hit the tail on the head.

28. We had a tail of a time.

29. Tip the tails in your favour.

30. A tail of two cities.

31. Do that and you'll get arrested and put in tail.

Fox standind on a stone

Fur-bulous Fur Puns

Foxes have pretty distinct fur, so its only fitting that some fur puns are thrown in too!

32. Move furwards, not backwards.

33. Fur the time being.

34. Go fur it!

35. Different strokes fur different folks.

36. Too close fur comfort.

37. One fur the count.

38. Marching to the beat of a diffurent drum.

39. Good-fur-nothing.

40. The furcast for tomorrow is heavy showers.

41. Fur the fun of it.

42. A furce to be reckoned with.

43. A penny fur your thoughts?

44. Fur crying out loud!

45. Fur your information.

46. Fur what it's worth.

47. Can't see the forest fur the trees.

48. Worse fur wear.

49. Make a diffurence.

50. That is furbidden.

51. Fur better or fur worse.

52. Are you fur real?

53. Cause fur concern.

54. I beg to diffur.

55. You must stand up fur what you believe in.

56. You're asking fur trouble.

57. What a furnomenal victory!

58. At furst, I thought it was something diffurent.

59. Similies and metafurs.

60. Spoiled fur choice.

61. Make sure you aren't taken fur granted.

62. A sight fur sore eyes.

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