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40 Lizard Puns That Kids Will Love

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Read these Tokyo facts to learn all about the Japanese capital.

They may be cold-blooded, but their puns are warm at heart, tip the scales in your favor with these pun-tastic classics.

Lizards are members of the cold-blooded reptile family, known as invertebrates,  they also have scales, and like most reptiles produce eggs. There are over 4000 species of lizard in the world ranging from the massive Komodo Dragon, which weighs in about 70 kilograms to the tiny 60-gram gecko.

Geckos, bearded dragons, and chameleons are popular lizard pets. They're pretty easy to look after and enjoy their greens and a feast of locusts. With their curious nature, they'd surely love being the centre of attention in our pun collection.

Reptile Puns Featuring Lizards

We have scaled new heights to bring you these cold-blooded lizard puns.

1.That anole is such a good singer, you could say she is a rap-tile star.

2.Lizards don't like many styles of music, they just listen to rap-tiles and hip hop.

3.Did you hear about the lizard that sold kitchens? He was a rep-tile.

4.There's a new name for lizards from Japan, they are called Kimono Dragons.

5.The weather forecast doesn't look good, there's a b-lizard warning.

6.Two reptiles were out in the winter cold looking for dinner, one said to the other, it's snow fun being stuck in this b-lizard.

7.What do you call a weather forecaster in Winter? A monitor-b-lizard.

Iguana Lizard Puns

They are some of the largest lizards in the Americas, and their funny lizard puns are equal giants in the joke world.

8.Iguana be your valentine.

9.Lizards are big fans of theme park rides, they always say can we iguana on that again.

10.Iguana wish you a Merry Christmas.

11..Iguana be like you, shoo-be-doo.

12.Lizards are very competitive when they take part in the Igu-khana.

13.An iguanas favorite game is a scale-lextric.

Chameleon Puns To Make You Giggle

These members of the lizard family like to change color to fit their surroundings, can you fit these classic puns into yours?

14.Shall we go out tonight, there's a stand-up chameleon playing in town.

15.Thank you, you really are one in a chameleon.

16.Did you hear about the lizard that liked to meditate? He was a calmer, calmer, calmer, calm-eleon.

17.Have you heard the story about the rich lizard, he's a cha-meleon-aire.

18.What about the lizard that's a genius at quizzes, he should go on 'Who Wants To Be A Chameleon-aire.

19.If you think you're so funny, why not become a chameleon.

The shadow of a lizard on a bright green leaf in the rainforest.

Funny Lizard Puns

Want to see how amusing those funny lizards can be? Read on for some off the scale classics.

20.That lizard is repeating itself so much, you can hear the geck-ho.

21.Shopping malls love lizards, they spend a lot of time shopping in re-tail stores for new tails.

22.Have you ever seen a lizard lose its tail, it's very de-tailed.

23.I really like this top mum, but what do you skink?

24.It's nice to meet you, I skink you're great.

25.A group of lizards hadn't washed for days, can you imagine the skink!

26.I've found a really cool craft project I'd like to make, can we go and get some cal-gecko.

27.It didn't take us very long to learn all about lizards, we had it from the gec-ko.

28.I'm so excited about this holiday, let's gec-ko.

29.This movie was good from the gec-ko, I'll definitely watch it again.

30.Mum, Dad, if you're going to the bar tonight, don't forget to order the pros-se-gecko.

31.When we next decorate, art-gecko would be a good theme.

32.Did you hear about the lizard with a prefect badge, he was every inch a hall-monitor.

33.Hagrid's famous words when he first meets the boy wizard, Yeh a lizard Harry!

Our Final Selection Of Lizard Puns

From the gec-ko we've delivered some of the best reptile words and phrases around, here some more to get your scales around.

34.You may not think it, but I've got you all lizard out.

35.A reptiles favorite DVD has always been the Lizard Of Oz.

36.When anoles play scrabble, they use rep-tiles.

37.I wanted to write a really long lizard joke, but I didn't want it to drag-on.

38.Simba and Pascal decided to try transfiguration on themselves, they transfigure into The Lizard King.

39.Did you hear about the lizard that went to McDonald's, he ordered french-flies with his cheeseburger.

40.I can't tell you why I went to see the principal, it was a purse-anole matter.

Written By
Lauren John

Born and raised in Essex (though proudly half Welsh) Lauren is a passionate crafter and nature lover, who enjoys making up new games and outdoor activities with her high energy, football-mad nephew.

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