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36 Rat Puns That Are Seriously Under-rat-ed

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Read these Tokyo facts to learn all about the Japanese capital.

They might technically be classed as a pest but here at Kidadl, we love cute little rodents.

There are lots of amazing qualities about rats that many people may not know. They're really social animals, they can swim and African giant pouched rats can even sniff out landmines!

There are so many different species, from the average brown rat to the huge coypu. Like deer, male rats are called bucks and single female rats are called does. And a group of rats is called a mischief, that does make sense!

So whether you fancy testing your skill by making an origami mouse or making a birthday extra special with an amazing Minnie Mouse celebration cake, we have lots of great activities inspired by our fuzzy friends. And why not throw in some humor too, with this brilliant collection of rat puns.

Rat Puns

Get the whole family squeaking with laughter with these hilarious rat puns.

1.What kind of insurance do rats need? Road dent insurance!

2.What do you call a rat with a wooden leg? A pi-rat!

3.What do you call a rat with a cold? Rat-achoo-ouille!

4.What will a rat never tell you? A squeak-ret!

5.Where do rats go to get drinks? A Squeak-easy!

6.What do rats eat on their birthday? Cake and mice cream!

7.What do you call a spiritual rat? A Buddha-Pest!

8.How do rats celebrate when they move into a new house? With a mouse warming party!

9.Why was the rat afraid of the river? Because of the catfish!

10.Where do rats go to replace their tails? A re-tail store!

11.What is a rat's favorite game? Hide and squeak!

12.What do you get when you cross laundry detergent with a rat? Bubble and Squeak!

13.Why do rats need oiling? Because they squeak!

14.What is a rat's favorite breakfast cereal? Mice Krispies!

15.What was the name of the rat Roman emperor? Julius Cheeser!

16.How do you get a rat to smile? Say cheese!

17.What do you call two rats in love? Squeakhearts!

18.What is a rat's favorite movie? The Fast and the Furriest!

19.What did the old rat need when he went to the dentist? Ro-dentures!

20.What is a rat's favorite dessert? Cheesecake!

21.Why does a rat do the washing up? To make it squeaky clean!

22.Who is the star of rodent Harry Potter? Daniel Rat-cliffe!

23.What sound does it make when you knock on a rats door? Rat-a-tat-tat!A very social animal, there are many different species of rat.

24.What's the name of the famous rat philosopher? Soc-rat-es!

25.How do rats keep fit? By practising ka-rat-e!

26.What did the rodent say when he got the wrong answer on his test? Drat!

27.What do you call rats who are brothers? Bro-dents!

28.Why did the rat go to university? Because he wanted to join a f-rat-ernity!

29.What did the Mummy rat say to the little rat when he passed his test? Cong-rats!

 brilliant collection of rat puns

Rat One Liners

There's always time for one of these short and sweet rat one liners.

30.Did you hear about the rat who moved out of the city and settled in the country? He was tired of the rat race!

31.In India, rats are revered... but in Hungary they are Budapest!

32.Did you hear about the skateboarding rat? He was totally rat-ical, dude!

33.Did you know that rats have landed on the moon? Rat's one small step for a rat, one giant leap for rat-kind!

34.A rat-catcher was chasing a rat when he lost him. The snitch pointed to the sewer and said: "He went rat way!"

35.I play in a band called Arrogant Rat. We're kind of like Modest Mouse, but way better!

36.Did you hear about the rodent who worked out 24/7? He was a real gym rat!

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