32 Cute Nicknames For Coffee Drinkers

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French roast coffee can help reduce the risk of Alzheimer's Disease!
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Coffee is a brewed drink roasted from coffee beans and is the second most consumed beverage, ranked after water.

Coffee originating from Yemen has seen a sharp rise in global consumption, with many variations surfacing over time. A drink made with steamed milk is now available as a cold brew, Cuppa-coffee, Mocha, Cappuccino, and of course, Coffee.

Some start their day with a cup of coffee, while others use it as an extra push. Nonetheless, the importance of coffee in our daily lives is quite unfathomable. However, like everywhere else, several people take it a bit further with their extreme habits and love for what they do. Yes, we are referring to all the coffee-lovers around us, who need a minimum of two cups daily.

While we use nicknames to make someone feel more personable, adding creativity to it might also say a few words about you. If you are the one, who likes to take the name game up a notch, this is the only list on the internet you will ever need for the coffee-lover you are acquainted with. Coffee bean types most commonly grown are C. Robusta and C. Arabica.

Cute Nicknames For Coffee Drinkers

Making a loved one feel more personable is an opportunity we love to take, and there is nothing better than calling them cute nicknames.

However, we would like to help you take the name game a bit further by adding a pinch of creativity and chocolate to it. If your favorite person loves coffee, then this list of cute nicknames for coffee drinkers is what you should be referring to.

  • Caffeine Bug - The bug who is addicted to coffee and coffee beans.
  • Captain Cappuccin0 - A playful name for a coffee lover.
  • Chocolate-Dumpling - Even though this nickname is less related to the cute nicknames for coffee drinkers, one can use it to call their loved ones.
  • Cocca-Mocha - The person who likes their coffee sweeter. It can also be used as a nickname for someone with a charming personality like chocolate and one who loves coffee.
  • Coffee Bubba - Bubba is a typical sweet name without meaning. You are adding the word coffee to it to exaggerate the trait of your loved one playfully.
  • Cuppa-A-ling - Bean, dumpling, bubba, these short names need no introduction, but with a nickname such as this, you show your creative side.
  • Dark Roast Muffin - The sweet dish has often been used as a nickname for a loved one. Allow your coffee-loving loved one to divulge in a little thought exercise with this extended adorable nickname.
  • Dark Roast-Beanie - A complete coffee nickname, which turns cute with the addition of a beanie. An appropriate nickname for the petite coffee lover in your life.
  • Java-Lova - The Indonesian term for coffee, Java, and the global time for love clubbed together into a single nickname for your loved one.
  • Mister Espresso - A sweet name for someone who loves espresso. It can be used in a fun way to tease your coffee-loving, better half in the morning.
  • Sweet Espresso - When your loved one is sweet as an Espresso. Don't forget to use it without any hesitation.
  • The Mocha Express - If you remember the animated movie 'The Polar Express,' you know that this is probably the best nickname for a growing coffee lover.

Funny Nicknames For Coffee Drinkers

If you love our nicknames, you know that humor runs through our veins, like yours. There is no harm in adding a bit of sarcasm to this original coffee lover name. However, like always, we suggest you use these names for the coffee lover with a sporting personality.

  • Bean Mania - This nickname can be used in different ways. It is a nickname specific to coffee lovers or maniacs and for those who possess a vast knowledge of coffee, an art in its way.
  • Beans Stalker - There are several types of stalkers, and a bean stalker needs no further explanation. The nickname itself is a funny way of showing the coffee-loving trait of your close friend, not to mention their vast knowledge about these beans.
  • Coffee Moffee - Rhymes have always been able to add to their fair share of funny nicknames on our list.
  • Coffee-cionado - An coffee nickname associated with the term aficionado, a person who is always enthusiastic about having coffee. Pun Intended!
  • Coffee-O-Lic -A term derived from the shopaholic. A playful name that will always require some thought.
  • Greedy Barista - A barista loves to use their creativity for others, but this belongs to a different category. This coffee-loving barista uses creativity only to please their high affinity towards coffee.
  • Java Enthusiast - A common and generalized nickname with a clear meaning. No thinking is required to understand the purpose of this name.
  • Oxy-Caffeine - The person who drinks treats the juice made out of the beans like their oxygen.
  • The Earl Of Macchiato - Love for coffee or an excellent knowledge about these beans, the earl has it all!
  • The Mocha Nerd - This nickname is not only for the coffee lover, but it is also appropriate for the one obsessed with the history and the variations of these highly sought-after beans.

Creative Nicknames For Coffee Drinkers

With more than hundreds of variations, ways of brewing, and a variety of beans, coffee is one of the most creative beverages on the planet.

It would be a shame not to include a creative list of nicknames for the most creative beverage and live up to its hype. Hence, we have also compiled a few clever nicknames for coffee lovers, which should suffice your creative needs.

  • Coffee-Buffie - The coffee person who needs his cup to buff up. Coffee is often used as a form of creatine before starting a workout routine. An appropriate nickname for someone who likes to use coffee in such a way.
  • Coffee-Offie - You might have seen someone in your office who cannot start his work day with a cup of coffee. Yes, now you also have a nickname for this person.
  • Java Joe - Joe is often used as a short nickname for many people, and the addition of the Indonesian term for coffee results in a creative nickname.
  • Java-Fava - Another nickname for someone who loves or is a bit addicted to coffee.
  • Java-Slava - The completely coffee-addicted induvial. A nickname that shows the person's undying love for the beverage.
  • Sloka-Mocha - The person who is slow before having a cup of coffee. Cheeky nicknames playing with the Before-After Effect.
  • Slow-Joe - Another one of the Before-After Effect coffee lover nicknames you should note down.
  • Smoka-Mocha - Like the French roast, one who likes their coffee smoked and intense.
  • Star-Joe - The Joe or the coffee lover, who is also a fan of the famous Bean Juice franchise, Starbucks.
  • Tea-Latte Bozo - One who loves both the second and third-ranked beverage equally.

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