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Rocks Trivia For Kids: 20+ Questions That Will Rock Their World

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Geography has taught a lot about rocks to explore the fun world around them.

Rocks are present in abundance around us. So, why not try an 'all about rocks' questionnaire that rocks kids and gets tests their knowledge and curiosity? This interesting quiz about mineral and rocks for kids is surely going to make the kids and even the parents have a moment of their own!

We have curated 20+ rock trivia questions that teach kids rocks and minerals, their formation, and history. The questionnaire is divided into four segments and a bonus trivia. Each trivia explores your knowledge on the type of rock marble and minerals, rock science, rock cycle facts, and related information. If you can not get it all correct, we also have a bonus quest, later on, a tiny help to score more.

So, let's get playing the fun with your tot can score full marks in the questionnaire. Also, if you like our questions, make sure to check out Biology trivia and Science trivia, curated just for your fun!

Types Of Rocks Trivia

View of lake with coast of rocks and stones

This section contains questions that explore the types of rocks for kids. It will be a fun quest for everyone to check how well they know about the rocks, the types of rocks, and their formation. Rocks are used even today in the age of email and technology. They are everywhere on the earth, and outside the earth too! But, do you really know rocks? Answer the following, and let's see, do you really rock?

1.Question: What is the definition of rocks?

Answer: A rock is a large mass of aggregate minerals formed on earth due to natural processes.

2.Question: What are the three rock types called?

Answer: Sedimentary Igneous and Metamorphic Rocks

3.Question: What type of rocks form due to sedimentation of plants and animals over a long period of time?

Answer: Sedimentary Rocks

4.Question: Which type of rock is made due to great heat and pressure for millions of years?

Answer: Metamorphic Rocks

5.Question: Rocks that form due to cooling of molten lava are called ________.

Answer: Igneous Rocks

History of Rocks


Every rock has an interesting story to tell. Evolving from the volcanoes, sliding down from the mountains, washed by river beds, the formation of rocks is an interesting science to learn. While the earth rocks are formed by natural forces and took years to form, some rocks are also present in the earth that are from outer space. Let us see how well you know the facts on formations of rocks.

6.Question: What is the time scale taken by rocks to form?

Answer: Millions of years

7.Question: Name the two types of igneous rocks that are found in the world?

Answer: Extrusive Igneous Rocks and Intrusive Igneous Rocks

8.Question: By what process is a sedimentary rock formed?

Answer: Sedimentary rocks are formed when sand and gravel pieces form layers of mass that turn into a rock due to pressure from natural forces.

9.Question: What is the process by which Igneous rocks are formed?

Answer: Lava from the volcanoes cool and forms rock near the volcanic areas.

10.Question: Metamorphic rock can be formed from any type of rock. Is the statement true or false?

Answer: True.

Science Behind Rocks

Millions of years were taken by rocks to be made, as they are today. Each type of rock has a different science behind it. They were formed due to tremendous heat and pressure from natural reactions. We have curated the quest below that checks your facts about the science behind a rock formation, igneous rocks, and many more. Let us see if you can answer the following and score more:

11.Question: What is a rock cycle?

Answer: The process through which one type of rock is formed to a different type of rock.

12.Question: What is the sequence of formation of sedimentary rocks?

Answer: Suspension, Deposition, Compaction, Cementation

13.Question: In the sequence of sedimentary rock formation, where would you find the oldest formed rocks?

Answer: In the bottommost layer

14.Question: Examples of Igneous Rocks are: Granite, Bakelite, Magnetite. Is the fact about igneous rock true or false?

Answer: False.

15.Question: Using what information scientists are able to determine a type of rock?

Answer: The process by which the rocks are formed.

Uses Of Rock and Minerals

Rocks were formed millions of years back. They were essential equipment for the people of the Stone age back then. And interestingly, they are useful to people today in the ages of email and smartphones. Different historical monuments on the earth were made with the help of rocks. But, do you know which types of rocks were used by which the monuments and sculptures are made? How well do you know about the examples of rocks that are used? Find out below:

16.Question: Buildings, sculptures, and monuments are made using _____ (rocks).

Answer: Igneous Rocks

17.Question: Which igneous rock is used in interior decoration?

Answer: Granite

18.Question: Sandstone, Limestone, and shale are the types of rocks sedimentary category. Is the information on sedimentary rock facts is true or false?

Answer: True.

19.Question: Statues are made using granite, a type of Igneous rock. Is the fact that igneous rock is true or false?

Answer: True.

20.Question: Granite is an example of metamorphic rock. Is this metamorphic rock fact true or false?

Answer: False. Granite is one of the examples of igneous rock.

Bonus Round

This stage tests knowledge beyond your Geography class. We have combined fun facts about rocks and minerals for you to answer. Lets us see if you can score well in the final round.

21.Question: Name the rock that floats on water.

Answer: Pumice

22.Question: What is the scale used to determine the hardness of a rock?

Answer: Moh's Scale

23.Question: Question: What are the different layers of rocks in a sedimentary rock formation called?

Answer: Strata

24.Question: Which is the most abundant mineral found in rocks?

Answer: Feldspar

25.Question: What is the difference between an igneous rock, a metamorphic rock, and a sedimentary rock?

Answer: The processes by which they are formed and their texture.

Here, at Kidadl, we have carefully curated lots of interesting family-friendly trivia for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for rock trivia for kids, then why not take a look at Anatomy trivia or Animal trivia.

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