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There are many Mesopotamia nicknames derived from different civilizations.
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Mesopotamia is the land between rivers like the Euphrates River and the Tigris River, which empty into the Persian Gulf.

Ancient Mesopotamia people had ceremonies every month. The rituals and festivals were considered very important in this civilization.

Mesopotamia has many important developments, including the wheel, agriculture, and nicknames. Advanced athematic calculations can be done in an algorithmic manner that can trace back to ancient Babylon in Mesopotamia. Algebra and the square root of two were of Babylonian origin. They even gave us the calculation of Pythagorean triples and represented some advanced mathematics even before Greek mathematics.

Mesopotamia comes from ancient Greek origin words, which means land of two rivers and Fertile Crescent. Scroll down to know a few cool, funny, unique nicknames of this civilization that holds an important place in world history.

Cool Mesopotamia Nicknames

Ancient Mesopotamia was a land of rich and varied civilizations; the surrounding area is called the fertile crescent. Tigris and Euphrates rivers are the largest in this area that discharged into the Persian Gulf.

Jews mainly used the name Mesopotamia. The first cities in Mesopotamia are Uruk, Nippur, Eridu, Kish, and Bad-Tibira. Present Iraq used to be Mesopotamia.

Mesopotamia was ruled by Akkadian, Babylonian, and Assyrian emperors. Mesopotamia was habitation to many cultures; Sumer was the first urban civilization in ancient Mesopotamia.

Now that we know little about the history of Mesopotamia, let's check out some of the cool Mesopotamia nicknames listed below.

1. Ishtar: The Goddess of love. 

2. Mable: That which is lovable.

3. Magna: The great one.

4. Maddison: Son of Mathew.

5. Mado: Is the one who is grounded and down to earth with no pride.

6. Madiha: Is worthy of praise.

7. Mahina: Is the moon, moonlight

8. Mabyn: Is a divine son, mostly a name given to a boy.

9. Mahadevi: Was a great goddess in Mesopotamia.

10. Maclean: Referred to as the son of a servant of John earlier in the civilization by the Greek people.

11. Mahari: The forgiver of all.

12. Macasaet: Represents wisdom, romance, and tolerance in Mesopotamia.

13. Maida: This means maiden name usually used in titles.

14. Maheera: Which means the highly skilled one.

Unique Mesopotamia Nicknames

Ancient Mesopotamia had many languages and cultures, no uniformity, and no permanent capital city; hence, it stands out from other real civilizations. The people of Mesopotamia learned agriculture and farming, grew dates, barley, wheat, and many other herbs and spices, and raised cattle.

Some of the unique Mesopotamian names given over the period are:

15. The Land of ancient Sumer: Mesopotamia was the first home to ancient Sumer, the first civilization in the world.

16. Ancient Assyrian Empire: Inhabitants of southern Mesopotamia are called the Ancient Assyria empire.

17. The Land Of The Babylonian: Ancient Mesopotamia was dominated by Babylonian origin hence the name.

18. The Land Of Fertile Crescent: The crescent-shaped land of Mesopotamia, called the fertile crescent, is the land between Tigris and Euphrates rivers.

19. The Land Between Two Rivers: It is located between the two rivers Tigris and Euphrates rivers.

20. The Cradle of Civilization: First place where complex urban centers grew.

21. The Birthplace of Writing: Ancient Mesopotamia invented writing which is now called cuneiform.

22. Semiramis: This means gift of the sea.

23. Tauthe: Which means the sea.

24. The Garden of Eden: Is located in ancient Mesopotamia, now Iraq.

25. The Land of the Medes: In ancient times, Medes was led by the Assyrian empire in Assyrian lands.

26. The land of the Hebrews: People who spoke Semitic first were located in ancient Mesopotamia.

Creative Mesopotamia nicknames

Ancient Mesopotamia is known to be one of the oldest civilizations in the ancient world known to humankind; the three major civilizations in ancient Mesopotamia are ancient Sumeria, the ancient Assyrian empire, and ancient Babylon.

Ancient Assyria civilization was the first real civilization in ancient times; the cities that developed in Mesopotamia were mostly near the Persian Gulf. The economy of Mesopotamia mainly depends on agriculture and water. In ancient Mesopotamia, most of the land was occupied by palaces and temples, but later, the Assyrian civilization privatized those lands.

Babylonia was an ancient Akkadian-speaking state in Mesopotamia; it is said to be one of the greatest civilizations the world has ever seen or witnessed.

Below are a few Babylonian origin names used in ancient Mesopotamia and Assyrian lands by Greeks:

27. Aruru: Means 'Goddess of creation.' (Sumerian origin).

28. Amah: (Arabic origin) means 'flooding of the rivers.'

29. Belatsunat: Babylonian origin name means 'an early Queen of Babylonia. One of the first rulers.

30. Dumuzi: Means 'loyal child.' People use names for their kids from whom they expect loyalty.

31. Inanna: Means ' Queen of heaven.' A lovely name for your daughter.

32. Ilu: (Greek definition) means 'God.'

33. Kalumtum: (Babylon definition) means 'young lamb.'

34. Madalynn: Means women from a high tower in Hebrew.

35. Madlen: People with such a name seek wisdom and religion.

36. Madge: Means pearl in ancient Mesopotamia.

37. Madison: Son of the mighty warrior.

38. Madlaina: A tower refers to heights.

39. Ni: (Greek definition) is 'I came from myself.'

40. Nissa: Means 'green vegetables.' (Hebrew origin).

Top Mesopotamia Names

The term Mesopotamia itself is of Greek origin; it refers to the rivers Euphrates and Tigris. At first, Ancient Mesopotamia occupied the foothills of the Taurus and Zagros mountains.

The city of Uruk was the largest civilization in Mesopotamia at that time and was under the control of the Sumerian people. Amorites established the first Babylonian empire in Mesopotamia. Check out a few top Mesopotamia nicknames here:

41. Malika: In Mesopotamia, she is referred to as the Queen of the rivers.

42. Maanit: In Mesopotamia, people believed in God; those who didn't were called Maanit.

43. Maansi: Referred to the intellectual endeavor.

44. Matangi: Referred to the goddess Durga.

45. Macha: Is referred to as a goddess.

46. Macey: Gift of God.

47. Macaria: Is blessed, especially a girl child.

48. Macia: Means orphan.

49. Mada: Is referred to as the gigantic demon in Mesopotamia in their era.

50. Macall: Is a loving girl who is very attractive and loving.

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