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50 Best Anchor Quotes To Keep You Grounded

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If you are stuck in life, then catch a glimpse of these anchor quotes to help you with stability and the right direction.

An anchor symbolizes strength, hope, and stability; that is, it ensures a sense of completeness and power to keep you grounded, as it does literally for a boat. This list has inspiring quotes from personalities like John Marrs, Debby Ryan, John Kenneth Galbraith, Asa Don Brown, Katie Kacvinsky, etc.

A wave of spiritual anchor is a connection of security of our soul and God, which governs and inhibits enough power to stabilize and fight with storms in life. "My anchor" is basically a source of emotional support. Likewise, an anchor quote resonates with all these adjectives and puts them into words to enlighten your day and serve you with the strength you need to pass the storms of life.

Here in this list, you'll find cute anchor quotes for tattoos with some funny anchor quotes and drizzles of anchoring quotes to stud your day with these pearls of words.

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Anchor Quotes About Family

Anchor on the embankment and the cruiser "Mikhail Kutuzov" in the port of Novorossiysk, Russia.

If you have an imbalance in life between love, family, friendship, and work, then this list will inspire you with some anchor quotes about love, family anchor quotes, friendship anchor quotes, and many more to help you start a new adventure of positivity and hope. These anchor love quotes and you are my anchor quotes are worth sharing with loved ones.

1. "Unless man anchors real love; man will always drift in the middle of nowhere!"

– Mehmet Murat Ildan.

2. "Surely, marriage is throwing anchor."

- Pete Burns.

3. "Children are the anchors that hold a mother to life."

- Sophocles.

4. "Women and God are the two rocks on which a man must either anchor or be wrecked."

- Frederick W. Robertson.

5. "We can endure almost anything if we are centered if we have some focus in our life. You can endure if you have an anchor."

- Renita J. Weems.

6. "I'll keep your heart anchored in my soul for as long as we both shall live."

- Brandi Fitzgerald.

7. "Home is where the anchor drops."


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8. "Visit the port of goodness often; if you can, cast your anchor over there!"

– Mehmet Murat Ildan.

9. "Some people are anchored to this world by their feet, others by their fears."

- John Kramer, 'Blythe', 2017.

10. "You be the anchor that keeps my feet on the ground; I'll be the wings that keep your heart in the clouds."

- Mayday Parade, 'A Lesson in Romantics', 2007.

11. You're stronger than us. Once you find your anchor, never let go of it. No matter what."

― John Marrs, 'The Good Samaritan', 2017.

Motivational Anchor Quotes


Here you will find sayings and quotes on anchors to cheer you throughout the sail of life, and they will not fail to give you a hug of motivation and push you through.

12. "Better lose the anchor than the whole ship."

- Dutch Proverb.

13. "We ought neither to fasten our ship to one small anchor nor our life to a single hope."

- Epictetus, 'The Golden Sayings of Epictetus', 2004.

14. "The night will close the door & fasten my anchor within the veil, and I shall go away to sleep."

- Samuel Rutherford, 'Letters Of The Reverend Samuel Rutherford: With A Sketch Of His Life', 1863.

15. "Without moral and intellectual independence, there is no anchor for national independence."

- David Ben-Gurion.

16. "To reach a port, we must sail, sometimes with the wind and sometimes against it. But we must not drift or lie at anchor."

Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr., 'The Autocrat of the Breakfast Table', 1858.

17. "Our ship of dreams must be anchored, or else it will float away!"

- Laurence Galian, 'Beyond Duality: The Art of Transcendence', 1995.

18. "A good heavy book holds you down. It's an anchor that keeps you from getting up and having another gin and tonic."

– Roy Blount, 'Summer Reading; Reading And Nothingness, Of Proust In The Summer Sun', 1985.

19. "Instead of drifting away from God, you'll be firmly anchored, able to swim against the tide, offering living water to all you meet."

- Craig Groeschel, 'Weird: Because Normal Isn't Working', 2011.

20. "Hope is the anchor of life."

– Lailah Gifty Akita.

21. "Man is unhappy because he doesn't know he's happy. It's only that."

- Fyodor Dostoevsky, 'The Possessed,' Part II, Chapter 1, 1871–72.

22. "Have an anchor so that life doesn't toss you around."

- Debby Ryan.

23. "I am prepared for the worst but hope for the best."

- Benjamin Disraeli, Alroy, The Wondrous Tale of Alroy, 1833.

24. "It's a shame that gets us killed. Shame is the anchor, the heaviest burden to carry from the battlefield. Fortunately, shame was an affliction I'd never suffered from."

- Mark Lawrence, 'Prince of Fools',2014.

25. "To lose our connection with the body is to become spiritually homeless. Without an anchor, we float aimlessly, battered by the winds and waves of life".

– Anodea Judith, Eastern Body, Western Mind, 1996.

26. "I live by the ocean / And during the night / I dive into it / Down to the bottom / Underneath all currents / And drop my anchor / As this is where I'm staying / This is my home."

– Bjork, 'The Anchor Song', 1993.

27. "All you need is one safe anchor to keep you grounded when the rest of your life spins out of control."

- Katie Kacvinsky, 'Awaken', 2011.

28. "Amidst the confusion of the times, the conflicts of conscience, and the turmoil of daily living, an abiding faith becomes an anchor to our lives."

- Thomas S. Monson.

29. "The past is an anchor with suffering written on the rope. I don't live there now. I am cutting myself free."

– Mark Millar.

30. "Not all children have the anchor of a strong family."

- Kate Middleton.

31. "We need hope, or else we cannot endure."

– Sara J. Maas, 'A Court of Thorns and Roses'.

32. "Without an anchor, we can be drifted to any shore. May you find hope as an anchor."

- Lailah Gifty Akita.

33. "People are looking for stability in a shaky world. They want something they can get hold of that's firm and sure and an anchor in the midst of all of this instability in which they're living."

- Gordon B. Hinckley.

34. "Hope holds you fast like an anchor, so you don't give way."

- Philip Pullman, 'The Golden Compass'.

35. "The greatest of wealth is the richness of the soul."

- Prophet Muhammad.

36. "Out of difficulties grow miracles."

- Jean de la Bruyere.

Famous Quotes About Anchors

Quotes about being an anchor and quotes on anchoring will give you courage and inspiration to push you through.

37. "It is a far, far better thing to have a firm anchor in nonsense than to put out on the troubled seas of thought."

- John Kenneth Galbraith, 'The Affluent Society'.

38. "No man is good enough to govern another man without that other's consent. I say this is the leading principle–the sheet anchor of American republicanism."

- Abraham Lincoln, 'The Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln Volume 2'.

39. "So this anchoring in some way, in some important way in the past without repeating the past, but on the basis of the past building something new: that is what is important."

- Gunther Schuller.

40. "Hang on to your hat. Hang on to your hope. And wind the clock, for tomorrow is another day."

– E.B. White,' Letters of Note: Correspondence Deserving of a Wider Audience'.

41. "Don't gain the world and lose your soul; wisdom is better than silver and gold."

– Bob Marley, 'Zion Train'.

Short Anchor Quotes

Here are some short quotes on anchors for an easy read.

42. "Allow yourself to be an anchor and anchored by others."

- Asa Don Brown.

43. "Cast your cares on God; that anchor holds."

- Frank Moore Colby, 'Enoch Arden'.

44. "The human eye uses the eyebrow as an anchor point for the rest of the face."

- Anastasia Soare.

45. "Don't bring an anchor on a sinking boat."

– Anthony Liccione.

46. "Life is too short to say maybe."

- Katie Kacvinsky, 'Awaken'.

47. "The appreciation of pleasure can be the anchor of humanity."

- Elizabeth Gilbert.

48. "The light in your soul is far greater than the darkness. Shine your light."

- Lailah Gifty Akita.

49. "Christ is the anchor of my life."

-Ryan Tannehill.

50. "It may get worse before it gets better. But it WILL get better."

- Debby Ryan.

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