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Every plant is unique in its own way.

Cactus is one such unique plant that is known to hold some significance. For some, it may be just a plant, but others have recognized its true importance.

The beautiful plant symbolizes unconditional love especially that of a mother. This is due to the look of the plant, thorns on the outside and freshening gel on the inside. A cactus shows the general nature of some people, thorns depicting their tough behavior on the outside, and the interior gel the soft feelings and emotions. However, the same plant can bring you bad luck if you keep it inside your house or at the entrance. Keeping it in your bedroom would also ruin your mental health and sleep. Some of the well-known thinkers have established a relation between cactus and life, love, people, etc. and put it into words. Read this article to get the best cactus quotes and sayings that will make you fall in love with this succulent if you aren’t already.  

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Best Cactus Quotes

There are many quotes on cactus said by many well-known writers and thinkers. Here are some quotes about cactus for you.

1. “The cactus thrives in the desert while the fern thrives in the wetland…. The florist will sigh and add a wall divider and proper soil to both sides…The child will turn it around properly so that the fern is in the shade, and not the cactus….”

- Vera Nazarian, 'The Perpetual Calendar of Inspiration'.

2. “Take the rose—most people think it very beautiful: I don’t care for it at all. I prefer the cactus, for the simple reason that it has a more interesting personality. It has wonderfully adapted itself to its surroundings! It is the best illustration of the theory of evolution in plant life.”

- Charles Proteus Steinmetz

3. "If you get struck by a cactus, consider it a cactus kiss. Because we all know Love hurts.”

- Jessica Anna Jones

4. “Being negative only makes a difficult journey more difficult. You may be given a cactus, but you don't have to sit on it.”

- Joyce Meyer

5. “People trample over flowers, yet only to embrace a cactus.”

- James Joyce

6. “What a surprise. That boy doesn't have the sense God gave a cactus.”

- Kathleen Peacock, 'Hemlock'.

7. “During your struggle society is not a bunch of flowers, it is a bunch of cacti.”

- Amit Kalanithi, 'Wealth of Words'.

8. “It was the act of a gentleman, and Damian was as gentle as a cactus.”

- Isabella Sheikh, 'Converting the Bad Boy'.

9. “Be sharp like a cactus, people are afraid to touch and not a sort of rubbish.”

- Sophia

10. “Anger was simple, self-sustaining as a cactus. You couldn't look too closely at it, lest the spines get you in the eye.”

- Rebecca Scherm, 'Unbecoming'.

11. “Cactus classification is similar to fashion on women skirts: they first shorten improperly and then lengthen excessively.”

- R. Foster

12. “In a world full of flowers, be a cactus.”

- Kul Bhushan Negi

13. “Deserts never believe in cactus. seeds so.”

- Deepak Gupta, '10 Principles to Love Yourself'.

14. “A daisy blooming in a desert is worth more than a rose blossoming in a rainforest.”

- Mashona Dhimaya

15. “If a flower can flourish in the desert, you can flourish anywhere.”

- Mashona Dhimaya

16. “A creative person has to create. It doesn't really matter what you create. If such a dancer wanted to go out and build the cactus gardens where he could, in Mexico, let him do that, but something that is creative has to go on.”

- Katherine Dunham

17. “So, they drove again, Vivien sitting up and looking now, but as navigator only, letting the desert scratch its own thorny poetry on the enormous moon.”

– Douglas Woolf, 'Wall to Wall'.

Funny Cactus Quotes

Close up of blooming beavertail cactus

Cactus is an unusually inspiring plant and this succulent has more personality to it. Check out these cactus quotes and cactus sayings about the succulent plant. A cactus quote on this list might prickle your funny bone!

18. “I'm like the trunk of a cactus... I take in a dose of culture and time with friends, then I retreat and go live on it for a while until I get thirsty again.”

- Nancy Horan

19. “A cactus doesn't live in the desert because it likes the desert; it lives there because the desert hasn't killed it yet.”

- Hope Jahren

20. “My dad is like a cactus - introverted and tough.”

- Gary Anarchic

21. “Adolescence is like cactus.”

– Anais Nin

22. “Even from far away, I could see people being chased by hellhounds, burned at the stake, forced to run naked through cactus patches or listen to opera music.”

– Rick Riordan

23. “I bought a cactus. A week later it died. And I got depressed, because I thought, Damn. I am less nurturing than a desert.”

- Demetri Martin

24. “I remember very clearly someone saying, ‘Don’t shake hands with the cactus,’ and I thought, ‘Well, why not? What could possibly go wrong?’ Shaking hands is a friendly gesture.”

– Benedict Cumberbatch

Cute Cactus And Plant Quotes

Some find cacti cute when they keep them in their homes. So, here are some cute cactus quotes and cactus love quotes.

25. “Very often, people are obsessed with what others think of them. It's like if a flower wants to be a cactus or a palm but it's not. A flower is a flower, and that's enough. That's all you have to do is be a flower. "

- Stephan Hauser

26. “Cactus plants are blooming', sagebrush everywhere / Granite spires are standing' all around / I tell you folks it's Heaven, to be riding' down the trail / When the desert sun goes down.”

- Gene Autry

27. “Love speaks in flowers. Truth requires thorns.”

- Leigh Bard Ugo, 'The Language of Thorns: Midnight Tales and Dangerous Magic'.

28. “I hope that while so many people are out smelling the flowers, someone is taking the time to plant some.”

- Herbert Rappaport

29. “The thorns are worth bearing for a flower.”

- Kalinin

30. “If one can see beauty in the strength of how a cactus blooms in the desert. They would see beauty in the thorns it displays.”

- Reena Sharma

31. “A cactus is a desert's rose.”

- Mashona Dhimaya

Cactus Quotes For Instagram

The cactus aesthetic is in trend right now. Many people like having the succulent plant displayed. They also make for cute pictures and cactus Instagram captions. Check them out below. These include some plant quotes as well.

32. “Gardening requires lots of water - most of it in the form of perspiration.”

- Lou Erickson

33. “If seeds waited for perfect conditions to grow, there would be no plants in the desert.”

- Mashona Dhimaya

34. “Deserts are very dry places, but plants can still grow there. Desert plants collect and use water in special ways.”

- Julie Penn

35. “Nothing's all bad. There are very beautiful flowers in the desert amidst the spikes and thorns. Just don't let them take over. In the garden of love there is little room for prickly things.”

- Kate McGaha

36. “Plants give us oxygen for the lungs and for the soul.”

- Linda Solegato

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