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29 Best Grease Quotes That Are The Ones That You Want

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In the year 1978, John Randal Kleiser directed the best musical comedy of the year which eventually garnered a cult following.

The movie became so iconic that lines from 'Grease' began appearing in posters, badges and other merchandise items. 'Grease' phrases, dialogues and lyrics were everywhere and it was impossible to escape this smash hit movie!

Every character, right from Danny Zuko and Sandy Olsson to Principal McGee made an impact on the masses. The dialogues and costumes for the Pink Ladies and the T-Birds are imitated even today, more than 40 years after the movie first made its appearance. Lines from 'Grease' that were uttered during all the songs, heartbreaks and transformations from good to bad, were simply perfect and tailor-made to the occasion. These movie quotes from 'Grease' have truly stood the test of time and make for an amazing read.

'Grease' is a movie that garnered followers from all over the world. Be it the dance moves or the dialogs, people just loved it. It's a movie that made John Travolta a big star, as both John Travolta and Olivia Newton John became household names after 'Grease'. Teenagers and adults alike loved them, and even after all these years, people just can't get enough of 'Grease'. It is a movie that people will love and talk about as long as the movie world is there. John Travolta's dance moves will always be imitated by dancers. Olivia Newton will always be idolised by boys and girls alike. It's just the way it is!

'Grease' movie lines can be considered as some of the best movie quotes out there. There is no quote that exists in the movie that won’t make you smile. One of the most well liked and known movies there is to exist, below we have found the best movie quotes from 'Grease' that you simply must know. In this list you will find funny 'Grease' quotes, Rizzo 'Grease' quotes, famous 'Grease' quotes, 'Grease Lightning' quotes and Patty Simcox lines. What more could you want?

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Sandy Quotes From 'Grease'

Sandy Olsson, the good girl turned rock chic, was played by Olivia Newton John, and she had some of the best quotes to live by. 'Grease' the movie quotes were iconic, but Sandy spoke words that were the best to relate to out of the lot.

1. “You're a fake and a phony and I wish I never laid eyes on you.”


2. “Tell me 'bout it stud.”


Danny Zuko Quotes From 'Grease'

A list of 'Grease' movie quotes would be incomplete without Danny Zuko. The original T-Bird, played by John Travolta, Danny and his bad boy character with a misplaced heart made for many memorable quotes in the movie.

3. “Uh, I'm not very hungry; just gimme a double Polar Burger wit' everything and a cherry soda wit' chocolate ice cream.”


4. “You can’t just walk out of a drive-in.”


5. “Much better than hanging around here with you dorks.”


6. “Jealous? Oh come on Sandy, don’t make me laugh! Ha! Ha! Ha!”


7. “That’s my name, don’t wear it out.”


8. “Danny: You're looking good, Riz.

Rizzo: Eat your heart out.

Danny: But sloppy seconds ain't my style.”

- 'Grease'.

Sandy And Danny Quotes From 'Grease'

Most of the 'Grease' quotes are witty and funny.

Sandy and Danny were the good girl, bad boy pairing of the year that took the world of movies by storm. The songs, the silent treatment and a literal ride off into the sunset are just some of the reasons why we love these two. Danny and Sandy both have memorable quotes, but together they make the best 'Grease' quotes.

9. “Sandy: Oh Danny, is this the end?

Danny: No Sandy. It’s only the beginning.”

- 'Grease'.

10. “Sandy: My parents want to invite you over for tea on Sunday.

Danny: I don't like tea.

Sandy: You don't have to drink tea.

Danny: I don't like parents.”

- 'Grease'.

Pink Ladies Quotes

The best Pink Lady quotes are from everyone's favorite straight-talker, Rizzo. Along with Frenchy and Jan, these confident, funny and a little ditsy (courtesy of Frenchy) girls entertained everyone in 'Grease'. Let's take a look at their best quotes here.

11. “Rizzo: Oh god. Well, here we are again.

Marty: Yeah, but this time we're seniors.

Rizzo: And we're going to rule the school!

Marty: Jan, that is so adolescent!

Jan: We are adolescent.”

- 'Grease'.

12. “Cha Cha: They call me Cha Cha because I'm the best dancer at St. Bernadette's.

Frenchy: With the worst reputation.”

- 'Grease'.

Rizzo Quotes From 'Grease'

Rizzo is responsible for a large portion of the funny quotes from 'Grease'. Sarcastic and quick-witted with a vulnerable side (deep, deep within), she meant that the movie had lots of laughs. Her quotes are some of the best!

13. “Rizzo: Somebody snaking you, Danny?

Danny: Oh, bite the weenie, Riz.

Rizzo: With relish.”

- 'Grease'.

14. “She looks too pure to be pink!”


15. “Some people are just so touchy.”


16. “I can take care of myself- and anyone else who comes along.”


17. “You think I don’t know what people are saying about me?”


18. “Marty: Do you think these glasses make me look smarter?

Rizzo: Nah, you can still see your face.”

- 'Grease'.

Frenchy 'Grease' Quotes

Some of these 'Grease' quotes are evergreen.

What is a movie without comic relief? Frenchy brings some light humor to the plot to balance the heat provided by Rizzo. As principal McGee would say, “Attention seniors”, you cannot not like Frenchy and her quotes, so keep on reading.

19. “Sandy: I'm no stranger to heartbreak.

 Frenchy: Oh! Do you have psoriasis?”

- 'Grease'.

20. “Men are rats, listen to me, they’re fleas on rats, worse than that, they’re amoebas on fleas on rats. I mean, they’re too low for even the dogs to bite. The only man a girl can depend on is her daddy.”


The Best 'Grease' Song Quotes

It is the songs in the movie that make it one of the best movies of all time. Nothing captures the feeling of a scene as effectively as a well written song. The tunes for the movie became so popular that 'Grease' was raised to the elite status of a classic. Here are some quotes from the songs that are nothing short of the best.

21. “Summer heat, boy and girl meet

But ah, oh, those summer nights.”

-Danny and Sandy, ‘Summer Nights’.

22. “Why this car is automatic

It's systematic

It's hydromatic

Why it's grease lightning.”

-Danny, 'Grease Lightning'.

23. "Grease is the time, is the place, is the motion

Grease is the way we are feeling."

- 'Grease'.

24. “Now your bangs are curled, your lashes twirled,

and still the world is cruel.”

-Frenchy, ‘Beauty School Dropout’.

25. “I know I'm just a fool who's willin'

To sit around and wait for you

But baby, can't you see

There's nothin' else for me to do?”

-Sandy, ‘Hopelessly Devoted To You’.

26. “Cause the bebop stork was about to arrive

Mama gave birth to the hand-jive.”

-Danny and Sandy, ‘Born To Hand-Jive’.

27. “Grease is the word.”

- ‘Grease’.

28. "Stranded at the drive in, branded a fool,

what will they say

Monday at school?

Sandy, can't you see, I'm in misery."

-Danny , 'Sandy'.

29. "You better shape up,

'cause I need a man

and my heart is set on you."

- Sandy, 'You're The One That I Want'.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly quotes for everyone to enjoy! If you like our suggestions for 25+ of the best 'Grease' quotes from the movies, then why not take a look at these 'You've Got Mail' quotes or 'Dirty Dancing' quotes for more of the best quotes from the movies?

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