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25 Best Oscar The Grouch Quotes From 'Sesame Street'

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'Sesame Street's mean resident, Oscar The Grouch, who loves trash and muck is one of the most relatable characters ever.

Oscar The Grouch, performed by the very talented Caroll Spinney, taught children that there's no specific way of living life and sometimes it's okay to be a little grouchy. Oscar The Grouch along with other characters like Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Elmo made the show iconic.

Oscar The Grouch is the grouchiest grouch to ever exist and had a color change after he visited the spa Swamp Mushy Muddy. The character of Oscar The Grouch was removed from the show later in 2015  as Caroll Spinney, who voiced for Oscar and Big Bird was diagnosed with dystonia. Even though Oscar The Grouch, who always says 'I love trash' and 'Scram', did not win an Oscar but sure won everyone's heart with his songs and grouchy nature in the show. We have some quotes from this iconic character that will make everyone re-watch the show. Keep reading because there's no way you would want to miss them.  

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Iconic Quotes By Oscar The Grouch

Some people say everything about our favorite grouch taught children more about life than a book ever did. A quote that ages well will always be in our heart and Oscar The Grouch quotes are the perfect example. Check these iconic quotes out by the grouchiest grouch.

1. "If you want to see me, I'll tell you what to do

Knock three times on my trashcan lid, and then I'll know it's you."

- Oscar The Grouch, 'Knock Three Times'.

2. "Don’t bang on my can! Go away."

- Oscar The Grouch.

3. "When I am reading, who's holding the book? Me!"

- Oscar The Grouch, 'Wonderful Me'.

4. "No, no, no. With the Grouch Anthem, you stay sitting down. Down in front there! Now brace yourself, I'm gonna sing!"

- Oscar The Grouch.

5. "Well, the rent is cheap and I love trash, so I figured I would be close to it if I lived in a trash can myself. What’s wrong with that?"

- Oscar The Grouch.

6. "And if you think a great big pile of trash is pretty

And that ice cream is yucky as can be

If you can't stand a cuddly little kitty, then you're a grouch like me."

- Oscar The Grouch, 'The Grouch Song'.

7. "When he heard himself shout

And the one baby grouch fell out."

- Oscar The Grouch, 'Six Little Grouches'.

8. "I don't like people

The girls or the boys

Just give me some more of

That beautiful noise."

- Oscar The Grouch, 'Honk, Bang, Whistle and Crash'.

9.  "You too. There’ll be more Trash tomorrow.”

- Oscar the Grouch.

Famous Oscar The Grouch Quotes

Happy family watching tv and eating popcorn at home at night

Caroll Spinney, who gave life to the characters of Oscar and Big Bird, and Jim Henson had massive contributions in making the show a huge success. Check out these well known and funny Oscar The Grouch quotes that are special in their own way.  

10. “You’d be a grouch, too, if you lived in a trash can!”

- Oscar the Grouch.

11. "Now I don't care it you're big or small

And I don't care if you're sho-hort or tall

'Cause every spring and summer, winter and fall

I don't wanna see anybody at all!"

- Oscar The Grouch, 'Knock Three Times'.

12. "Big deal. Hey, let's get this over with. I never watch television anyway. It's too trashy, even for me."

- Oscar The Grouch.

13. "If you like your oatmeal nice and cold and lumpy

Then you're a grouch like me."

- Oscar The Grouch, 'The Grouch Song'.

14. "Oh, I love trash!

Anything dirty or dingy or dusty

Anything ragged or rotten or rusty

Yes, I love trash."

- Oscar The Grouch, 'I Love Trash'.

15. "Oscar the Grouch: Can’t anybody tell me how to say ‘no’ in Spanish?

Everybody: No!"

- 'Sesame Street'.

16.  "But if we don't like a movie, we give a 'Phooey' like this: 'Phooey! Phooey! Phooey!"

- Oscar The Grouch, 'Sesame Street'.

17. "I have here some newspaper thirteen months old

I wrapped fish inside it; it's smelly and cold

But I wouldn't trade it for a big pot o' gold!

I love it because it's trash."

- Oscar The Grouch, 'I Love Trash'.

18. "Trucks roll by splashing mud on everyone

You can't stay dry

And you can't have any fun

And that's when rain falls

It's really sort of neat

To hear everybody grumble and complain

When rain falls It's kind of nice"

- Oscar The Grouch, 'Rain Falls'.

19. "Sorry, Slimy, time for sleep now. So close your eyes and dream of all the wonderful Trash that’s yet to come."

- Oscar The Grouch.

20. "Who's always handy whenever I need me?

Firm as a feather in all kinds of weather,

Me, me, wonderful me!"

- Oscar The Grouch, 'Wonderful Me'.

Best 'Sesame Street' Quotes

Be it the wisdom of Big Bird or the grouchiness of Oscar, the characters of the show were made iconic with each other's help.  The show is as successful as it is due to the contribution of puppeteers like Jim Henson and Caroll Spinney. Check out these funny 'Sesame Street' quotes that include wisdom of Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Elmo and other characters of 'Sesame Street'.      

21. "Friend something better than chocolate ice cream! ... And me no think of any more. Well maybe friend somebody. You give up last cookie for."

- Cookie Monster.

22. "Elmo is so happy to see you! Welcome to Sesame Street!"

- Elmo.

23. "Bad days happen to everyone, but when one happens to you, just keep doing your best and never let a bad day make you feel bad about yourself."

- Big Bird.

24. "Cookie Monster thief, not liar."

- Cookie Monster.

25.  "Bird would be so proud of me. I've watched his things all week and nothing has moved."

- Snuffy.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly quotes for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for Oscar The Grouch quotes then why not take a look at Cookie Monster quotes, or Kermit The Frog quotes.

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