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30 Best Quilting Quotes And Sayings To Inspire Your Crafts

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The quilting craft is a custom that is far more than just a way of making things and is probably more about a way of thinking, creativity and vision.

Quilting is a fun practice that is done in many regions in the world. Typically quilting involves fabric, a sewing and patience.

“Anyone who works on a quilt, who devotes her time, energy, creativity, and passion to that art, learns to value the work of her hands. And as any quilter will tell you, a quilter’s quilting friends are some of the dearest, most generous and most supportive people she knows,” as quoted by Jennifer Chiaverini, quilting is a passionate art that brings one close to the goodness of their souls; be it generosity, creativity or focus and strength.

Usually, you will find that there are three layers entailed in quilting. Nonetheless, this isn't generally the situation, and a few groups go for quilting in different ways, projecting varied creativity. Be it quilted purses, clothing and cozy quilts it is always mesmerizing to behold this form of craft. Read on for some of the most amazing quilting quotes that you will love to read.

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Great Quilting Quotes And Sayings

Quilting is an incredible craft, especially if you are planning to get innovative. If you're looking at getting into something new, why not take up sewing? If you are not into sewing yourself, then you can also get a machine for quilting. Read on to be charmed by this craft with the help of some of the best quotes about quilting and fabric.

Child  painting an Easter egg yellow bee

1. “Take your needle, my child, and work at your pattern; it will come out a rose by and by. Life is like that -one stitch at a time taken patiently and the pattern will come out all right like the embroidery.”

- Oliver Wendell Holmes.

2. “Sewing small pieces together gives me a peaceful heart and a quilt to wrap you with, my love.”

- Benita Skinner.

3. “The only place where housework comes before needlework is in the dictionary.”

- Mary Kurtz.

4. “There is no room for church mice in improv quilting. You have to own your ideas, your choices, and your determination.”

- Patricia Belyea.

5. “I’ve embarked on personal adventures with each of these quilts. I want to teach you how to do the same.”

- Patricia Belyea.

6. “It’s only fabric! Freestyle fabric cutting and sewing is a low-risk endeavor with a strong payoff of personal growth and empower- ment.”

- Patricia Belyea.

7. “Paintings, people really don't understand. They don't really get paintings. Quilts they do understand because everybody has a quilt in their house.”

- Faith Ringgold.

8. “Life is less a quest than a quilt. We find meaning, love, and prosperity through the process of stitching together our bold attempts to help others find their own way in their lives. The relationships we weave become an exquisite and endless pattern.”

- Keith Ferrazzi.

9. “To me, the beauty of a quilt or a dress lies within the stitches and the thought of the person who made them. When you spend time making something with your two hands, you impart love in a way that buying never can.”

- Natalie.

10. “I like to do interior design, I love to quilt, I love to see different colors together, and I love to match things up.”

- Mary J. Blinge.

11. “In my contemporary stories, I write about today's quilters, inventive techniques they use, and how technology has influenced their art. Novels set in the past let me have fun researching patterns that were popular and fabrics and tools available to quilters through history.”

- Jennifer Chiaverini.

12. “Two quilters who have just met will be strangers only until their mutual passion for quilting is revealed. Then they can talk for hours like the best of friends.”

- Jennifer Chiaverini.

Inspirational Quilting Quotes

In life we stumble upon various forms of art and craft, each of which leave us exhilarated. Quilting is one amongst the numerous existing forms of art. Quilting is an interest or a vocation that numerous individuals take up to fill a portion of their time, with lines of stitching and layering. It is a form of craft to create varying objects like a warm bed covering or garment, or decorative stuff. Read on for some of the best quilting quotes on quilt patterns and fabric.

13. “When they're looking at my work, they're looking at a painting and they're able to accept it better because it is also a quilt.”

- Faith Ringgold.

14. “People who assume my books are only about quilts obviously haven't read them! I've always known that my books are about quilters - in other words, people - rather than quilts or quilting.”

- Jennifer Chiaverini.

15. “Much like a patchwork quilt, inspiration that stirs and motivates me is made of many things.”

- Robert Reynolds.

16. “She watched and taught the girls that sang at their embroidery frames while the great silk flowers grew from their needles.”

- Louise Jordan Miln, ‘The Feast Of Lanterns’.

17. “If the knitter is weary the baby will have no new bonnet.”

- Irish Proverb.

18. “Take your needle, my child, and work at your pattern; it will come out a rose by and by.  Life is like that - one stitch at a time taken patiently and the pattern will come out all right like the embroidery.”

- Oliver Wendell Holmes.

19. “For we know that our patchwork heritage is a strength, not a weakness.”

- Barack Obama

20. “The eldest ones said that the laughter and tears are sewn right into the quilt, part and parcel, stitch by stitch. Emotions, experiences, heartbreak, mourning, pain and regret, stitched into the cloth, along with happiness, satisfaction, cheer, comfort, and love. The finished quilts were a living thing, a reflection of the spirits of its creators.”

- Arlene Stafford-Wilson.

21. “When you quilting up a life, you sometimes got to start with any piece you can get your hands on.”

- Jonathan Odell.

22. “I like Betsy Ross as a model, too, the quilting bee, sitting around with your friends making art, asking what they think, so that you get the benefit of everyone's opinions and so it's not just about you in your you-dom.”

- Kiki Smith.

23. “Nobody starts out a perfect quilter.”

- Sandra Dallas.

24. “We stitch together quilts of meaning to keep us warm and safe, with whatever patches of beauty and utility we have on hand.”

- Anne Lamott.

Funny Quilting Quotes And Sayings

Quilting is a process of sewing or knitting together pieces of fabric to make a thick layered and padded material. Here we have listed some funny quilting quotes and sayings, for you to enjoy the craft of sewing a fabric. Read on for some of the best quilt expressions that the quilter in you would absolutely love.

25. “In America, they have specialist mystery bookstores with whole sections devoted to cat mysteries, golf mysteries, quilting mysteries. It's a hugely broad genre from the darkest noir to tales of a 19th-century vet who solves crimes, thanks to his talking cat.”

- Mark Billingham.

26. “After all, a woman didn't leave much behind in the world to show she'd been there. Even the children she bore and raised got their father's name. But her quilts, now that was something she could pass on.”

- Sandra Dallas.

27. “If men can quilt and take over the kitchen, then women can pick up a wrench and fix a leaky pipe.”

- Hanna Rosin.

28. “Really I don't dislike cooking, but what you cook is eaten so quickly. When you quilt, you have something that will last to show for your efforts.”

- Elizabeth Travis Johnson.

29. “All my scattering moments are taken up with my needle.”

- Ellen Birdseye Wheaton.

30. “Needlepoint is a superb way to stop smoking and nibbling, and unlike counted cross stitch also allows the mind to wander.”

- Carole Berman And Jennifer Lazarus.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly quotes for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for quilting quotes, then why not take a look at [funny artistic quotes], or baking quotes.

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