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25+ Best 'RoboCop' Quotes For Cyberpunk Fans

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'RoboCop' is a very famous American science fiction film.

The movie is written by Michael Miner along with Edward Neumeier and is directed by Paul Verhoeven. It stars Peter Weller, Nancy Allen and Joe Cox in pivotal roles.

The movie is based in the futuristic year 2028 much later to it's release in 1987. In the movie, RoboCop dies because of the flashbacks of his life which surpass the reality. This moment created human like emotions in the minds of the audiences towards a robot. This turned out to be the real success of the film. 'RoboCop' also became popular among the audience when it got released as comic books. In the article below you will find 'RoboCop' movie quotes.

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Top 'RoboCop' Quotes

A Character of RoboCop or Alex Murphy realistic model in robot movie

Top quotes create the strongest impact and are important for the crucial points in the plot. Here you will find some of the best movie quotes from 'RoboCop' and the 'RoboCop' catchphrase.

1. "Bob Morton : What are your Prime Directives?

RoboCop : Serve the public trust, protect the innocent, uphold the law."

- 'RoboCop'.

2. "Ahh, still a little fight left in you. Maybe you'd like to meet friends of mine."

- Dick Jones, 'RoboCop'.

3. " Well, give the man a hand! He's all yours."

- Clarence Boddicker, 'RoboCop'.

4. "Officer Lewis: I asked him his name. He didn't know.

Miguel Ferrer: Oh, great. Let me make it real clear to you. He doesn't have a name. He's got a program. He's product. Is that clear?"

- 'RoboCop'.

5. "The Old Man : How can we help you, officer?

RoboCop : Dick Jones is wanted for murder.

Dick Jones : This is absurd! That thing is a violent mechanical entity.

RoboCop : My program will not allow me to act against an officer of this company."

- 'RoboCop'.

6. "I had to kill Bob Morton because he made a mistake. Now it's time to erase that mistake."

- Dick Jones, 'RoboCop'.

7. "Go ahead and do it. Dead or alive, you're coming with me."

- Murphy, 'RoboCop'.

8. "Congratulations, Bob. I remember when I was a young executive at this company. We used to call the old man funny names... but there was always respect. I always knew where the line was drawn and you just stepped over it, buddy-boy. You've insulted me and you've insulted this company."

- Dick Jones, 'RoboCop'.

9. "H-hey, now wait a second. Now, wait a minute. You're taking this kind of personal, aren't ya? Come on, man. Come on, now. You're making me nervous. Come on, you can't do this! Come on, now! Don't mess around! Hey! Hey! Come on, man. Now, don't get cute!"

- Clarence Boddicker, 'RoboCop'

10. "Clarence Boddicker: Do you have access to military weaponry?

Dick Jones: We practically are the military."

- 'RoboCop'.

11. "What's the matter officer? I'll tell you what's the matter. It's a little insurance policy called Directive 4, my little contribution to your psychological profile. Any attempt to arrest a senior officer of OCP results in shutdown. What did you think? That you were an ordinary police officer? You're our product, and we can't very well have our products turning against us, can we?"

- Dick Jones, 'RoboCop'.

Famous 'RoboCop' Quotes

Some quotes that audiences remember prove to be key and very instrumental in the success of the film. Here you will find Officer Anne Lewis quotes along with the other famous movie quotes.

12. "Dick Jones: You know, I usually don't see anybody without an appointment, but in your case, I'll make an exception.

RoboCop: You are under arrest.

Dick Jones: Oh? On what charge?

RoboCop: Aiding and abetting a known felon."

- 'RoboCop'.

13. "Ray Wise : Nice shooting, son. What's your name?

RoboCop : Murphy."

- 'RoboCop'.

14. "Waste makes haste, for time is fleeting. A rolling stone is worth two in the bush."

- RoboCop, 'RoboCop 2'.

15. "Murphy! Murphy, it's me! Lewis."

- Anne Lewis, 'RoboCop'.

16. “Roosevelt: The entire outer skin will be like this.

Tyler: It's titanium, laminated with kevlar.

Roosevelt: Go ahead. Shake his hand."

- 'RoboCop'.

17. "ED-209: Please put down your weapon. You have twenty seconds to comply.

Dick Jones: I think you'd better do as he says, Mr. Kinney."

- 'RoboCop'.

18. "Lewis: Murphy! I'm a mess!

RoboCop: They'll fix you. They fix everything."

- 'RoboCop'.

19. "Casey Wong: On the international scene, the Amazon nuclear facility has blown its stack, irradiating the world's largest rain forest. Environmentalists call it a disaster.

Jess Perkins: But don't they always."

- 'RoboCop 2'.

20. . “At Security Concepts, we're projecting the end of crime in Old Detroit within forty days. There's a new guy in town. His name is RoboCop.”

- Bob Morton, 'RoboCop'.

21. "Get up! Get up! I want a chopper, now! We will walk to the roof very calmly, I will board the chopper with my hostage. Anybody tries to stop me... the old geezer gets it."

- Dick Jones, 'RoboCop'.

Funny 'RoboCop' Quotes

Funny lines always clear the air amidst a tense scene and make it more interesting. Here you will find the funniest cop quotes from the movie and more 'RoboCop' quotes along with 'Robocop 2' quotes.

22. "Reporter : Robo, excuse me, Robo! Any special message for all the kids watching at home?

RoboCop : Stay out of trouble."

- 'RoboCop'.

23. "Dougy: Yeah, but why bother making it when we can just steal it?

Emil: No better way to steal money than free enterprise.

Dougy: Nope. Ya know, those things'll kill ya.

Emil: Yeah. You wanna live forever?"

- 'RoboCop'.

24. "Ray Wise : Buddy, I think you're slime.

Clarence Boddicker : See, I got this problem. Cops don't like me, so I don't like cops."

- 'RoboCop'.

25. "Bob Morton: How does he eat?

Roosevelt: His digestive system is extremely simple. This processor dispenses a rudimentary paste that sustains his organic systems.”

- 'RoboCop'.

26. "RoboCop: Isn't the moon wonderful tonight?

Lewis: It's still daytime.

RoboCop: It's the thought that counts

Lewis: Oh, Jesus! We're heading back to the station!"

- 'RoboCop 2'.

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