12+ Best 'Smoke Signals' Quotes For Kids Who Love An Indie Movie

'Smoke Signals' quotes are popular.

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It might be plain entertaining, inspiring or heartbreaking but the ability to make a person feel something is the strongest asset they have.

Quotes have always been the medium to get attention with a small span of time available. Quotes have been one of the reasons for making 'Smoke Signals' a classic.

The movie is about two people Thomas and Victor, played by Evan Adams and Adam Beach. Victor is the son of Arnold who suffered the repercussions of his alcoholism and temper, whereas Thomas is someone who looks up to Arnold as the person who rescued him when his parents died, which actually was because of Arnold himself. It's a movie about two different personalities with contrasting experiences embarking on journey or an adventure to retrieve Arnold's ashes where Arnold was staying in Phoenix after he split up with Victor's mother. Initially at logger heads these two people where Victor is irritated with Thomas and the later is in wonder, they slowly begin to reveal things which the other person did not know about Arnold. It is a narrative built on developing a bond as you figure out and go about answering the unanswered questions of life. Written below are some of the best quotes from the movie 'Smoke Signals'.

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Victor Joseph Quotes

Victor Joseph is one of the primary characters of the movie played by Adam Beach. This character of Victor Joseph is short tempered and has an affinity towards the sport basketball. These are some of the most valued quotes by him.

1. "You gotta look mean, or people won't respect you. White people will run all over you if you don't look mean. You gotta look like a warrior. You goth you look like you just came back from killing a buffalo."

- Victor Joseph, 'Smoke Signals'.

2. "You want to look like you just came back from catching a fish? This ain't 'Dances With Salmon' you know!"

- Victor Joseph, 'Smoke Signals'.

3. "Thomas you don't even know my father. Did you know that my father was the one that set your parent's house on fire? Did you know that my father beat my mother? Did you know that my father beat me too?"

- Victor Joseph, 'Smoke Signals'.

4. "Thomas I wish that fire had killed you."

- Victor Joseph, 'Smoke Signals'.

Thomas Builds-The-Fire Quotes

Thomas Builds-the-Fire has some great quotes in the movie

Thomas Builds-the-Fire is another important character played by Evan Adams. He is the orphaned infant rescued by Victor's father. He has a knack of story telling. Here are some of the famous quotes by him.

5. "Hey Victor! I remember the time your father took me to Denny's, and I had the Grand Slam Breakfast. Two eggs, two pancakes, a glass of milk, and of course my favorite, the bacon. Some days, it's a good day to die. And some days, it's a good day to have breakfast."

- Thomas Builds-the-Fire, 'Smoke Signals'.

6.  "Geez, Victor… I guess the warrior look doesn’t work every time."

- Thomas Builds-the-Fire, 'Smoke Signals'.

7.  "If we forgive our fathers,what is left?"

- Thomas Builds-the-Fire, 'Smoke Signals'.

8. "Your father saved my life."

- Thomas Builds-the-Fire, 'Smoke Signals'.

Quotes From The Movie 'Smoke Signals'

'Smoke Signals' has some of the best quotes.

These are some of the most pertinent and famous 'Smoke Signals' quotes between some of the major characters. These were responsible for bringing about at interesting turn of events or turned into something of importance in the movie smoke signals.

9.  "Well, there you go, folks. Looks like another busy morning. And I just got a news bulletin that says Matty and John builds-the-fire. are hosting a fourth of July party at their house.

And remember, it’s B.Y.O.F.: bring your own fireworks."

- Randy, 'Smoke Signals'.

10. "Arlene Joseph : If you leave here don't you ever come back. You hear me?

Victor Joseph : Dad don't go."

- 'Smoke Signals'.

11. "Velma: Hey Thomas, need a ride?

Thomas Builds-the-Fire: Yeah!

Velma: What are goin' to trade for it. We're Indians, remember. We barter!

Thomas Builds-the-Fire: A story?

Lucy: Better be good."

- 'Smoke Signals'.

12. "Thomas: Hey Victor, heard your dad’s living in Phoenix, Arizona, now. Man, he’s lived everywhere since he left you, huh ?

Victor: Is that so, Thomas ? You know, I was wondering, Thomas. What color do you think your mom and dad were when they burned up ?"

- 'Smoke Signals'.

13. "And Victor Joseph was just a baby too, when his father saved me from that fire. You know, there are some children who aren’t really children at all. They’re just pillars of flame that burn everything they touch. And there are some children who are just pillars of ash that fall apart if you touch ’em."

- Thomas Builds-the-Fire, 'Smoke Signals'.

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