25+ Best Violet Evergarden Quotes For All Anime Lovers

There are some great quotes of Evergarden to discover.

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Violet Evergarden is a great novel and anime series, which shows the hardships, and emotions of a young girl raised to be a deadly weapon on the Warfield.

The story describes how Violet is desperate to know the meaning of the words "I love you", that Gilbert said to her. Violet is confused about her feelings for Gilbert as she does not know the exact meaning of the words "I love you".

After the war ends, she searches for the meaning of "I love you" by working as an 'Auto Memory Doll' at CH Postal services. Many think the anime novel is based on a true story, but there is no evidence as such.

These 'Violet Evergarden' quotes are extracted from the original novel that was published in the year 2015 to bring into life the characters of the story and serve as a sweet memory for anime lovers.

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'Violet Evergarden' Quotes

The 'Violet Evergarden' novel has a beautiful storyline that gives specific lessons to the readers and viewers. It was so good because it honestly showed the pains and hardship of a young girl trying to live normally after serving on the battlefield.

1. "I will run as fast as I can to wherever my customer desires. I am the Auto Memories Doll, Violet Evergarden."

-Violet Evergarden, 'Violet Evergarden'.

2. "Do I have any right after I killed so many people as a weapon? I must have prevented them from keeping promises of their own."

-Violet Evergarden, 'Violet Evergarden'.

3. "Live and be free."

-Gilbert Bougainvillea, 'Violet Evergarden'.

4. "I really, really wanted you to not have died. I wanted you to live... to live and grow up."

-Oscar Webster, 'Violet Evergarden'

5. "Thank you for making my dream come true. Thank you. As though I fell I've witnessed a miracle"

-Oscar Webster, 'Violet Evergarden'.

Emotional Quotes From 'Violet Evergarden'

'Violet Evergarden' is no doubt one of the most emotional anime series. Each character has a story that has an emotional side, and this makes the series so well loved. Here are some of the moving quotes from 'Violet Evergarden' for anime lovers.

6. "No letter that could be sent deserves to go undelivered"

-Violet Evergarden, 'Violet Evergarden'.

7. "I want to know what 'I Love You' means..."

-Violet Evergarden, 'Violet Evergarden'.

8. "You were the first person to ever be nice to me. You meant the world to me."

-Violet Evergarden, 'Violet Evergarden'.

9. "I do not believe there is God, but if there is, surely it must be you."

-Oscar Webster, 'Violet Evergarden'.

10. "Your name is Violet. I'm sure that you will grow into a woman just as lovely as these flowers."

-Gilbert Bougainvillea, 'Violet Evergarden'.

11. "I want to know how he really feels."

-Charlotte Abelfrey Ja Drossel, 'Violet Evergarden'.

'Violet Evergarden' Burning Quotes

Among many 'Violet Evergarden' quotes, burning is a central theme. The story of the 'Violet Evergarden' burning quotes is famous among anime lovers. These quotes show how the past deeds of people can set a spark in them and burn them from inside.

12. "You don't realize your body is on fire and burning up because of the things you've done."

-Claudia Hodgins, 'Violet Evergarden'.

13. "Everything I've done so far has sparked a flame that is now burning me up."

-Violet Evergarden, 'Violet Evergarden'.

More 'Violet Evergarden' Quotes

This novel shows how love can be important in one's life.

Here are some 'Violet Evergarden' quotes Japanese anime fans will love.

14. "You won't be a tool, but a person worthy of that name."

- Gilbert Bougainvillea, 'Violet Evergarden'.

15. "The worst battle is between what you know, and what you feel"

-Violet Evergarden, 'Violet Evergarden'.

16. "From the bottom of my heart, I love you."

-Gilbert Bougainvillea, 'Violet Evergarden'.

17. "I'm limited to only performing certain duties because of my current condition."

-Violet Evergarden, 'Violet Evergarden'.

18. "Dead people receive more flowers than living ones because regret is stronger than gratitude."

-Violet Evergarden, 'Violet Evergarden'.

19. "I know we said goodbye, but I didn't know. It was forever."

-Violet Evergarden, 'Violet Evergarden'.

20. "Sometimes we create our own heartbreaks through expectations."

-Violet Evergarden, 'Violet Evergarden'.

'Violet Evergarden' Quotes On Love

Check out these quotes as Violet tries to understand the idea of love.

21. "One needs a lot of courage to say the words 'I love you.'"

-Violet Evergarden, 'Violet Evergarden'.

22. "Everything is temporary. Emotion, thoughts, people, and scenery. Do not become attached, just flow with it."

-Violet Evergarden, 'Violet Evergarden'.

23. "Goodbye is so bitter while 'I love you' carries a far off scent."

-Violet Evergarden, 'Violet Evergarden'.

24. "You are the first thing I think when one says, make a wish."

-Violet Evergarden, 'Violet Evergarden'.

'Violet Evergarden' Quotes On Feelings

Violet tried to understand her feelings in the novel.

25. "I thought I have come to understand emotions better."

-Violet Evergarden, 'Violet Evergarden'.

26. "You were able to express a feeling ."

-Violet Evergarden, 'Violet Evergarden'.

27. "An optimal doll will be to decipher a person's feelings and express them on paper."

-Violet Evergarden, 'Violet Evergarden'.

28. "Words can have different interpretations. What one says isn't the whole truth."

-Cattleya Baudelaire, 'Violet Evergarden'.

29. "A letter can sometimes be short and sweet, and still, express important feelings."

-Luculia Marlborough, 'Violet Evergarden'.

30. "Can we watch the stars together if we cross paths again?"

- Gilbert Bougainvillea, 'Violet Evergarden'.

We at Kidadl have put our utmost efforts to bring you the most beautiful quotes from the epic series of Violet Evergarden. If you liked these 'Violet Evergarden' quotes, why not look at our Haruki Murakami quotes or Todoroki quotes for more


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