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30+ Blippi Quotes

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Blippi is a 'just fun' channel for children on YouTube.

The channel is based on entertaining kids through learning. It also teaches the children to facilitate their creative skills and styles with a good sense.

Blippi created the channel in 2014, and it has millions of subscribers. It has become a popular channel worldwide, not only for children but also for their parents. Blippi is a channel where children get motivation and inspiration through learning. Blippi is an energetic and fun character made for the kids. Throughout his program, he performs as an educator for a kid. The real name of Blippi is Stevin John. He motivates kids and urges them to love the learning process. The show may not have any particular catchphrase, but it encourages the kids to gain success in their life through some interesting quotes.

Blippi has a YouTube channel where it entertains children to learn several things through creativity. It helps children to boost their creative skills and approaches. As of August 2022, the number of subscribers Blippi has on YouTube is over 16 million. Besides YouTube, Blippi has over 600,000 followers on Facebook and Instagram.

The primary purpose of this article is to ensure the parents know about the content of Blippi. The content produced by Blippi is genuine and is appreciated by people all over the world. The videos are genuinely inspirational for the kids as they include some motivational quotes, known as Blippi quotes.

Famous Blippi Quotes

Blippi made a few films, such as 'Blippi: The Musical' and others, consisting of quotes to influence further and entertain kids. This section will go through some famous quotes associated with Blippi.

"I believe that children are super smart, and they have good intuition."

"Negativity isn't good for anyone."

"I want parents to know Blippi is a safe place for their children."

"It's nice that YouTube gives you a voice and allows you to do the things you want to do."

"My other idea was maybe I was going to be a director or something."

"I trust people will see me as the person I am now, not the idiot I was back then."

"I always, always want children to feel like Blippi is their friend." 

"Watching Blippi become part of children's lives and so in turn in became a part of their families lives."

"When he was two years old I noticed my sister was using YouTube because it was free, but I started to see there just wasn't any good quality children's content on there."

"I love the interaction I have with kids and parents on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and email. It's cool because if this tens 10 years ago you couldn't really message Mr. Rogers and say, 'Hey, Mr. Rogers, this is what I love about your show,' but kids can now."

Blippi Birthday Quotes

Blippi organizes birthday themes in his social media accounts where he wishes his little fans on their birthday. It helps him to interact with kids along with the parents positively. Here are some special birthday Blippi quotes that he has posted on Facebook and other social media channels over the years.

“Who is having a 'Blippi-themed' birthday this year?” - March 13, 2017

“It’s Blippi Birthday Thursday! Happy Birthday little Blippis!” - June 17, 2021

“You know what time it is! It’s Blippi Birthday Thursday! Happy Birthday little Blippis!” - June 10, 2021.

"Wow! you are getting so old on time for the birthday song. Happy Birthday to you."

“Happy Blippi Birthday to our Little Blippis.” - June 4, 2021.

“Happy Birthday! Thanks for posting Blippi-themed birthday party pictures! They bring the whole team so much joy seeing pictures every day! Happy Birthday, kids.” - October 4, 2019.

"Another year older wow, you are getting so old. I think this is the perfect time for the birthday song."

"Hey, It's me, Blippi, and I heard today is your birthday. That's amazing; I think we should do some party poppers."

"Happy Birthday! Thank you so much for being my friend."

“It’s Blippi party time! Happy Birthday” - April 1, 2021.

Inspiring Blippi Quotes

Throughout the years, Blippi has established a supreme impact and become an inspiration in the eyes of a kid's mom through his motivational and inspirational statements. In this section, we will go through some inspirational quotes Blippi stated for the people.

"Whenever I am thinking about what videos I should make, what Blippi should do, I think about what I would have wanted to do when I was a child."

"I think they can tell that Blippi is genuine, and I have fun doing what I do."

"It seems like the kids really enjoy me, but the parents do too because they can keep their kids entertained with Blippi, and they know it's safe content that's educational." 

"There was nothing that my nephew could form a connection with. There was nothing with tractors or diggers, or animals. I just thought that maybe I could make a show that ties in education with all these super cool things that kids love."

“I was young, I was away from my family, and I started to realize that war is a real thing and it's not just fun and games and flying planes, and you actually have to do stuff that is crazy.”

"My sister had a baby, a boy, and he really became the whole inspiration for Blippi."

Funny Blippi Quotes

As it is known, Blippi is a fun-loving character. His fun-loving gesture has assisted him in gaining more fans over the years. In this section, we will go through some funny Blippi quotes. He felt pleasure in making children his friends. Most of these Blippi quotes appear on his social media profiles like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube and are often quoted by the media.

"I did make a gross-out comedy video when I was in my early '20s, long before I started Blippi."

"I wanted to be a fighter pilot, but I soon started to realize the military wasn't for me."

"I did make a gross-out comedy video when I was in my early '20s, long before I started Blippi."

"It seems like the kids really enjoy me, but the parents do too because they can keep their kids entertained with Blippi and they know it's safe content that's educational."

"Blippi to me is a heightened energy, a different version of me, but as a child."

"My other idea was maybe I was going to be a director or something."

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