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51 Daniel Ricciardo Quotes

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An Italian-Australian racing driver, Daniel Joseph Ricciardo last raced as part of the McLaren team in Formula One under the Australian flag.

He was born on July 1, 1989. He is often referred to as the best bloke on the grid.

He debuted in the British Grand Prix of 2011 with the HRT team as part of a deal with Red Bull, for whom he was test-driving under its sister team Scuderia Toro Rosso. He won eight home Grand Prix in Formula One. He is friends with Sebastian Vettel, his former teammate. They were teammates for just one season in 2014 at Red Bull. Since then, Daniel Ricciardo has talked about their long-lasting friendship, and the support Sebastian Vettel offered him.

Some Daniel Ricciardo quotes that are very popular are "If the sparkling wine is cold, then it tastes good. Normally on the podium, it's cold so you don't get all the flavors but if it's warm, then you get the sweat and all that through it... but the cold taste kills the bad stuff." and "I know what I want, and the performance side is more important than ticking the money box if you like."

Funny Daniel Ricciardo Quotes

Here are some funny Daniel Ricciardo quotes that will make you laugh through the day.

"There have been times in my career when people thought I was a pushover, especially as they saw me as this smiley guy."

"When I joined Formula One, I knew that what I found is that the cars are so much faster, and it took me a little while to understand where to always put the car."

"I'm the most ripped guy on the grid, let's just say that."

"Sport does that. It's up and down and it does kick you in the nuts sometimes I guess, or you feel like it does. Or if you are female it kicks you in... whatever it is."

"I don't really cook much to be honest."

"I enjoy being outdoors, hanging out with friends, and maybe snapping the neck off a couple of beers."

"Singing is definitely something I'm not good at. I wish I could be good at it, but that's a skill I definitely don't have."

"Wow, to be the first Aussie on the Aussie podium. I am just speechless. I'm tripping balls."

"Top o' the mornin' to you Graham… Oh you're Scottish! I've wanted you to ask me a question all weekend. I was waiting to say that and I blew it. Viva Scotland!"

"Because of my schedule and dietary requirements, I don't party a lot, but when I can let my hair down, I will; I think that's healthy. I love a weekend in Vegas."

"Overtaking is nearly as fun as winning races. The rush you get from it is awesome."

"I signed a dog collar. Someone gave me their dog - a live dog - and I signed its collar. When they handed me the dog, I didn't know what to do. That was weird."

"I'm not very patient."

"Being an F1 driver is a crazy job but not what everyone expects. My year consists of 20% driving and 80% media, marketing, and travel."

Daniel Ricciardo Quotes About Racing

Daniel Ricciardo has so much to say about racing. Read some racing-related quotes from him here.

"When I came into Red Bull, everyone thought, 'He's just the happy, nice guy; he's fast, but he can't race hard with these top guys.' That was a reputation I had to dismiss."

"Since I got to F1, and especially since I got to Red Bull Racing, I said, 'I don't want to have any regrets. I've got a chance now in a top team. I want to leave it all on the table.'"

"I like having as many teammates as possible; it's great because the more people you can learn off the better I think it will make you as a driver."

"Every time I get in the car, I'm just focused on being the fastest, trying to win the race, trying to get pole."

"I think once you get into the routine of race weekends, and there's more of a structure, it gets a bit easier."

"You can't always win - although we always try!"

"If I am going to race, I will put everything on the line."

"It's easy to get into the competition of F1, and you are never going to win every race even though you want to. So when you're not winning, you want to win, so you're not that happy. But you have to look at the big perspective, and I am very fortunate to be one of 22 in the world to do this."

"In racing, things start coming up quicker, and the slipstream is stronger, so even judging in the mirrors how quick the cars are approaching isn't always easy."

"I've learned what F1 is like, and it is an extremely competitive sport on and off the track."

"I was addicted to going fast, finding the big hills on the pushbike. It was just something I enjoyed a lot - things with wheels."

"Formula One was just cool. I loved racing, all types of racing, but from a young age, Formula One was the noise and everything, and that's what I was drawn to. I already knew when I was younger, the coolest guys are in F1... not that NASCAR drivers aren't cool, but that was always what I had in my head!"

"I top up my endurance with running and cycling because in a race, your heart rate is up at 150, so we have to train at that level."

"I'm sure everyone has a cool story behind how they got into Formula One, but, for me, Perth, you know, not only in Australia is it detached, but it's detached from the whole world."

"People might call me a liar for this, but I want a fast teammate, I think for two reasons: it's always going to get more out of yourself, and it's always going to be a more true evaluation of where you stand."

"People have seen now I am a racer, and I have big intentions in the sport, and I am prepared to get my shoulders out if I need to."

"To have a home Grand Prix is awesome, so just to go there is already a buzz."

"Monza's not obviously a circuit that suits us particularly. We've got the penalties as well, so you know that's obviously a strategic thing as well - take the penalty here rather than in Singapore where we expect to be very competitive."

Famous Daniel Ricciardo Quotes

Here are some famous quotes from Daniel Ricciardo about racing and life.

"The way I see it is if I can't be happy doing this job, which is my dream job, then what's going to make me happy in life?"

"The day I do get a championship-winning car, I will run with it. I will capitalise on every part of that beautiful thing."

"I feel like even if I was to, say, trip and fall over on the way to the car and scratch all my arm, by the time I got in the car, it would be blacked out in my head."

"When I saw Max out there I thought, 'ma boy's done it again!'"

"On a bad day, I'll still have a conscious thing in my mind reminding me that what I think of as a bad day is still a very good day in probably 90% of the world's population's eyes."

"I will always find a way to find a positive from things."

"I don't see my family often enough, but when we do catch up, it's somewhere new in the world. They get to travel more than they would if I wasn't doing this sport."

"Pretty much all the drivers I get on with, at least to say 'Hi' and have a conversation. But when the helmet's on, you don't care who it is. You have no sympathy: someone blows an engine in front of you, if it means you gain a position, then you're smiling."

"Sometimes you've just got to lick the stamp and send it so there we go, I enjoyed it very much."

"I love coming to America to race. Maybe that's because I'm a big fan of NASCAR as well."

"2014 is a year I'll remember for a long time - it was definitely a breakthrough in my mind as well. Standing on the top step of the podium a few times was icing on the cake."

"I'm in this sport to win but win by being the best, not by being lucky."

"I used to go to work with Dad on the weekend. We'd drive past an indoor go-kart track every now and then, and we went there a few times. I was never tall enough, so I always left upset. I think I was seven when I was the right height, and I was like, 'Please let me have a go.' It was love at first sight."

"Sometimes you have a bad day, and you're like, 'I'm over this, and I just want to play tennis,' or do another sport that doesn't require any other variables, but then you have a good day, and it's like, it's amazing, and the success makes up for it."

"I love music which helps me get focused and keeps my thoughts away from other things. The music gets heavier as the race gets closer, and my warm-up routine starts to get a bit more intense with heart rates, etc."

"I would like it to be remembered; I would love to be World Champion one day and have my name on the list. That is the real dream - although I am sure it is the dream for pretty much all the Formula 1 drivers."

"I love mountain-biking or any form of bikes, like dirt bikes; I love getting out there, although obviously I have to be careful."

"In World Series, everything is a bit slower than F1. But each time I sit in the car, whether it is World Series or F1, once I am in the cockpit, I am mentally prepared for what the car is. I don't have to physically drive it to remember what it is doing."

"We know - relationships in this sport, it's very hard to have a really great relationship."

Daniel Ricciardo Radio Quotes

Here are some responses from Daniel Ricciardo when he was interviewed on the radio.

Question: Aside from the money, glamour, travel, and adrenaline, why did you want to be a racing driver?

Daniel: "Uhhh exactly those things."

Question: What's your mindset heading into this race?

Daniel: "I can't help but feel a bit disappointed after Spain as we missed out on scoring points. We underachieved with the car that should have been inside the top ten. We have to aim for better and execute a stronger weekend. I’m feeling good in the car, we progressed through the weekend well and deservedly made Q3."

Question: Why is Monaco your favourite race weekend?

Daniel: "Monaco is my favourite race of the year because of all the adrenaline and excitement you get out from it. Insane is probably the best way of describing the circuit. It almost feels like you shouldn't be allowed to race on it!"

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