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76 Fascinating Kali Uchis Quotes

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Kali Uchis' real name is Karly-Marina Loaiza.

Born on July 17, 1994, Karly-Marina adopted the name Kali Uchis before becoming an American singer. She became famous with her 2012 debut mixtape 'Drunken Babble'.

In 2015 she released her debut EP, 'Por Vida', and followed it up with her debut studio album 'Isolation' in 2018. The album gained widespread praise. Uchis continued creating music and released her next studio album in Spanish, titled 'Sin Miedo', and it came out in 2020. A song from the album, 'Telepatía', took the US Billboard Hot 100 by storm after its release. She went on to win a Grammy Award for being a part of the song '10%' by Kaytranada, in the Best Dance Recording category.

The R&B singer graduated from T. C. Williams High School and was a part of her school jazz band where she also learned to play the piano. Before that, she had grown up playing the saxophone. Uchis was not as interested in studies as she was in creating innovative short films in the school's photo lab. Her primary ambition wasn't to become a singer but to be a film director. Her current stage name Kali Uchis was given by her father as a nickname.

Popular Kali Uchis Quotes

The singer was born in Alexandria, Virginia. Her father is originally Colombian and his hometown is Pereira. After coming to the United States he met Uchis' mother in the ’80s. Uchis spent a lot of time in Colombia as she visited her father's hometown regularly during her summer vacations and has many paternal relatives living there. During her high school years, Uchis' father went back to Colombia to look after his sick mother. Uchis has gone on record saying she was heavily influenced by the mix of soul, R&B, and doo-wop music of the ’60s. Read some of her popular quotes below.

"My father is my hero. No matter what, I’ll always forgive him."

"I’m into crystals and good energy and harnessing more. It’s just like prayer. It helps you be grateful, think about good things, and keep that positive energy around you.

"It’s easy to just write about love, because everyone can relate, but I like variety."

"I made music just for myself."

“If it’s to be, it’s up to me.” - 'If it's to be', 'Maya and the Three', Season 1, 2021.

“Life is fast, life is short so I’m not tryna take it slow” - 'Honey Baby', 2020.

"I’m just inspired by life and, growing up, I listened to all types of different sounds, genres, and areas of music."

"Spanish is such an important language globally."

"On my off day, I really want to just lay in bed."

"Music is your way to change the frequencies of everything around you and move your own body, move your whole environment."

"You can consciously make a difference with music. Bob Marley is one of those few artists that everyone can say that they love. He makes you feel good. It’s very real."

“I never had a backup plan. I felt like if I had a backup plan, it was like saying to the universe that I didn't believe in myself.” - October 12, 2017, Chris Richards.

"As an artist, you have to work hard for things that you can't really hold in your hand. I work not for money but for my career, to expand myself as an artist. Every video I make, it's not making me any money; it's just because I want to expand."

"It was really important for me to understand that I needed to provide for myself, and I needed to become a provider for my own family, too."

"My sun and my moon signs are mostly Cancer – it’s really strong. We’re deeply intuitive and sentimental. I really like to take care of people, nurturing them. I’m very passionate about the things I do and like to see people I love grow."

"Being able to incorporate my language into songs is really cool. It’s really cool to see that people are susceptible to it. It helps with writing a lot to turn off one language and then go to another."

"When I'm making a song, I try not to think about audience or genres. It's free-flowing. Natural."

“I’m not a Barbie doll, I’m just a multidimensional human being who likes to make things.” - April 6, 2018, Hunter Harris.

“Some of my writing is very subconscious, and that's definitely what happened with Body Language - I looped some basic bossa nova sounds and just started singing.” - April 11, 2018, Claire Lobenfeld.

"The constant pressure to be the perfect, ideal female – there’s no such thing."

“Aliens are definitely real.” - January 14, 2015, Sadie Dingfelder.

Famous Kali Uchis Quotes

(Kali Uchis got her stage name from her father.)

As a result of her not concentrating on her studies at school and not adhering to her parents' wishes, Uchis had to move out of her home. Not a person to back down, she started living in her car and began writing songs on her keyboard. Those songs were later used in her lo-fi debut mixtape which made her famous. Read some of her most famous quotes from this list.

"I don't operate on fear, and I don't let fear control me."

“A lot of people don’t give Virginia credit. Pharrell, Missy Elliott – a lot of people come from here.” - January 14, 2015, Sadie Dingfelder.

"I feel like fashion is about being innovative and being able to turn something into something else, making it cool, and making it your own."

"I’ve always considered myself a person of color."

If you need a hero, just look in the mirror.” - 'After The Storm', 2018.

"I’m constantly trying to look at things from a different view and to put myself into some new perspectives to evolve myself, grow myself, and reinvent myself."

Some people get their kicks just steppin’ on your dreams.” - 'To Feel Alive', 2020.

"Peace before everything, truth before anything."

"I really try to balance my feminine and masculine energy when I write."

"Selena is a classic and timeless singer, and she really doesn’t need an introduction. Her music is always good for the soul."

“That’s the best kind of music: the stuff that happens based off intuition.” - October 12, 2017, Chris Richards.

"When I was little, I went through a lot of phases, like any girl."

"I've always been someone who, without wanting to or without trying to, I draw attention to myself sometimes in negative ways. It made me sharp, and it made me quick."

"As a musician, you are all the music that you absorb into your mind; that just subconsciously connects."

"It's difficult as an artist sometimes. There's a lot of pressure when it's your first album. You want to make something that's meaningful and timeless, not something that's trendy."

"I really love secondhand clothes. It’s fun to turn them into something new."

"I grew up being very different and being ready to fight people. I wanted to stand up for myself, and I wanted to not let anyone think they know me based on appearances, so I was always just fighting back with people."

"I just like stuff that’s raw, itself, real and genuine. I think that’s the way art should be. That’s the kind of stuff that people can connect to more."

“I've always been very insecure and had a lot of self-doubt growing up. That was partially because of how I was raised.” - September 2017, Jessica Herndon.

"It’s really natural for me to write bilingually."

"I like lowriders and music from the ’50s and ’60s. A lot of people assumed I was Mexican."

"I love a good old-school reggaeton song."

“Let’s go back to basics, let’s forget the issue.” - 'Tiger Lily', 2012.

“The sun’ll come out, nothing good ever comes easy.” - 'After The Storm', 2018.

Kali Uchis Lyric Quotes On Love

Being a creative person, Uchis was inclined towards photography which in turn helped her to create mixtape cover designs. Uchis had always been into writing songs, music, and poetry. Kali Uchis and her songs have been a great influence on the younger generation over the past few years for their heartfelt lyrics and mesmerizing tunes. Kali Uchis listened to jazz music from a young age and was inspired by legends like Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday. Her music and lyrics have a lot of references to love. Read some of her quotes on love below.

“Inhale like it's oxygen, Exhale, tiger lily on her moccasins, I'm just tryna ask you why you think that you're my proxy.” - 'Tiger Lily', 2012.

You are my church, you are my place of worship.” - 'Melting', 2015.

“When everything is a riot, you’re my peace and quiet.” - 'Tyrant', 2017.

“Love’s a losing game.” - 'Lean On You', 2017.

“You’re mad at everything I do but what are you up to? I haven’t a clue.” - 'Dead To Me', 2018.

"I think it's boring when everybody wears the same brands or the same styles, and it's like, Oh, this is the new trend."

“If you really want to get over someone or something in your life, I suggest you throw on some Ivy Queen. She will have you feeling extra bossy.” - July 30, 2015, Daisy Jones.

“I don’t have a doubt but you say you’re losing hope.” - 'Table For Two', 2014.

Every day’s a struggle, every night’s adventure.” - 'Tiger Lily', 2012.

“Love is like the lottery.” - 'Lottery', 2015.

Inspirational Kali Uchis Quotes

In 2022, Uchis announced that her third and fourth studio albums were ready for release. One of them will be in Spanish and the other one in English. Her music has been inspirational for people of all generations. Here's a list of her inspirational quotes.

"Do you. Wear what you want to wear. Be an individual. Be unique and live your best life."

"No one can decide what you should do, what course of action you should take to get where you wanna go, except for yourself."

"I’m constantly progressing. My style is changing every day."

“Kick me while I’m down and still, I get up.” - 'To Feel Alive', 2020.

“I’m the one they love to hate, I’m the one who will survive.” - 'Just A Stranger', 2018.

“No matter where you are, what point in your life you're at, it's not the end.” - June 15, 2018, Ryan Reed.

"Not everything happens when you expect it; it is what it is. The people who ride with you, ride with you."

“No one’s gonna save you now, so you better save yourself.” - 'After The Storm', 2018.

"I’ve never been pressed to be friends with everyone or be popular, even in school – I’ve always done my own thing."

"If my life is a movie - in the movie, there's always the bad part. There's also the parts where you're down and out, and there are parts where everything's amazing."

"You're taught that it's not very likely for you to become successful... that odds are you're going to be a struggling artist for the rest of your life."

“I can only be inspired if I'm working with people that I really respect.” - April 11, 2018, Claire Lobenfeld.

"When I start something, I have to finish it, and I’m a super perfectionist, too."

"I never really wanted to be a singer. I always preferred to be behind the camera."

"I think everybody needs to be more empathetic."

"I just know what I want for myself."

“I am very much an artist. I like painting and collating.” - April 22, 2014, Briana Younger.

“Live fast and never die, I’m moving at the speed of light.” - 'Miami', 2018.

“While you stalling, I’m evolving.” - 'Call Me', 2015

“I’m the one they love to hate, I’m the one who will survive.” - 'Just A Stranger', 2018.

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