25 Hummingbird Quotes For Your Friends Who Just Never Stop

These quotes about the humming bird and its quick wings are beautiful.

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With close to 300 species only in America, Hummingbirds are unique and special birds.

They are the smallest of birds and may look different compared to other species. Their needle-like bill is the most unique trait they possess apart from the humming sound they are well known for.

Hummingbirds' wings are long and narrow. A hummingbird's wings can move 10-15 times per second. Due to their continuous humming like the buzzing of a bee the two are often associated with people who are talkative in nature. A hummingbird can take around 250 breaths per minute when resting. Their average lifespan is from three to five years. On average, a hummingbird eats half its weight in nectar and insects each day to prevent it starving. There are majorly four types of hummingbirds which include, Black-chinned Hummingbird, Rufous Hummingbird, Broad-tailed hummingbird, and Anna's hummingbird.  The Black-chinned Hummingbird is the most commonly found species in Texas, The Rufous species is found in Alaska, Broad-tailed are found in Western Mountain ranges and finally, Anna's hummingbird species is native to Southern California and also occasionally seen in El Paso.  

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Funny Hummingbird Quotes

It has been known that hummingbirds, although beautiful, can be aggressive and antagonise much larger birds like jays, crows, and other birds like hawks. Did you know that hummingbirds can fly forwards, backward, and even upside down? They have been iconic in the written works of many writers, authors, and stars due to their characteristics. Here are some funny and short hummingbird quotes.

1."He wasn't that good looking, he had the social skills of a wet cat and the patience of a caffeinated hummingbird."

-Karen Chance  

2."I would say the Hummingbird really deserves the royalties on some of my songs."

-Leonard Cohen

3."There is no easy way to bathe a hummingbird."

-Kehlog Albran

4."I'm more of a culture hummingbird."

-Jai Rodriquez

5."Furious flutter awakened hummingbird heart hello hello love."

-Meghan McCafferty

6."I love devastating movies, documentaries, and hummingbirds (yes in that order)."

-Tig Notaro

Famous Hummingbird Quotes

The humming bird has a beautiful way of living, going through life in song.

Hummingbirds explore all flowers but are specifically attracted to trumpet-shaped flowers such as columbines, honeysuckle, penstemons, paintbrushes, and trumpet vines. If you plant any of these by your window, you may have a singing guest fly by! Here are some famous, inspirational hummingbird quotes, and spiritual hummingbird quotes too.

7."Quick as a hummingbird...she darts so eagerly, swiftly, sweetly dipping into the flowers of my heart."

-James Oppenheim

8."I'd like to be like a hummingbird. You see them every now and then. You don't see them everywhere."

-Shailene Woodley

9."As long as the hummingbird had not abandoned the land, somewhere there were still flowers, and they still go on."

-Leslie Marmon Silko

10."May my faith always be

       at the end of the day

       like a hummingbird...

      returning to its favorite flower."

-Sanober Khan, 'Turquoise Silence'

11."either you take in believing in miracles or you stand still the hummingbird."

-Henry Miller

12."But we should always feel like the hummingbird. I may feel insignificant, but I don't want to be like the other animals watching the planet go down the drain. I'll be a hummingbird, I'll do the best I can."

-Wangari Maathai

13."I hear like you see - like that hummingbird outside that window for instance."

-Ray Charles

14."Hummingbirds that defend territories of many flowers remember which flowers they have recently emptied."

-Susan Healy

15."Fashion is so rich and it is an amazing occupation because we can draw on so many different sources of inspiration- just as a hummingbird feeds on a multitude of flowers."

-Dries Van Noten  

16."the daily hummingbird assaults existence with improbability."

-Ursula K. Le Guin, 'No Time to Spare: Thinking About What Matters'

Beautiful Hummingbird Quotes

People often want to know how quickly the hummingbird's wings flutter.

An adult female Broad-tailed Hummingbird is a current record holder for having the longest lifespan. This bird was first tracked in Colorado in 1976. She was then recorded years later in 1987 in the same place, making her 12 years old. Here are quotes and sayings about the beautiful bird to cherish.

17."Like the hummingbird sipping nectar from every flower, I fly joyfully through my days, seeing beauty in everything."

-Amethyst Wyldfyre

18."If I were a flower,

       the hummingbird would be my favorite bee

      And if I were blind,

     the light of darkness I'd love to see."

-Munia Khan

19."A flash of harmless lightning, a mist of rainbow dyes, The burnished sunbeams brightening From flower to flower he flies."

-John B. Tabb

20."Gentle day's flower- The hummingbird competes with the stillness of the air."

-Chogyam Trungpa

21.“You are Mr. Owl. I am Ms. Hummingbird. We may be came from different species but as long as you're a bird, I'm a bird too.”

― Glad Munaiseche  

22."Some people never find the right kind of love. You know, the kind that steals your breath away, like diving into snowmelt. The kind that jolts your heart, sets it beating apace, an anxious hiccuping of hummingbird wings."

-Ellen Hopkins

23."Coming eyeball to eyeball with a hummingbird on my terrace is as exciting to me as any celebrity I've met as a result of Downtown Abbey."

-Lesley Nicol

24."You tormented a hummingbird of love between your teeth."

-Federico Gracia Lorca  

25."Some of my old memories feel trapped in amber in my brain, lucid and burning, while others are like the wing beat of a hummingbird, an intangible, ephemeral blur."

-Mira Bartok, 'The Memory Palace'

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