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40+ Josh Dun And Tyler Joseph Quotes For All 21 Pilots Fans

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Josh Dun and Tyler Joseph are a part of the alternative music-duo Twenty One Pilots (aka TØP or TWENTY ØNE PILØTS).

The duo was originally part of a band in the year 2009. The versatile artists have experimented with genres like rap-rock, alternative pop, and even screamo.

We have compiled some Josh Dun and Tyler Joseph inspirational quotes for your reference. The Twenty One Pilots have a really dedicated fan-base known as both the ‘Skeleton Clique’ and ‘Bandito’. The Grammy-award winning duo are known mostly for their raw and relatable lyrics that have amassed a lot of love from people. Josh Dun and Tyler Joseph write and produce their own music. Initially, they self-released their albums and later got signed to a record label. TØP are also well-known for their energetic live performances that will blow you away. Josh and Tyler keep innovating in their songs by creating conceptual albums. If you’d like, you find more musical quotes with these Twenty One Pilots quotes and funny music quotes.

Quotes From Tyler Joseph

Tyler Joseph's birthday is on 1 December. Born in 1988, Tyler Joseph is a self-taught pianist and excels in musical storytelling. He is really transparent about his mental health and always incorporates his struggles in the lyrics. Joseph initially started writing songs with a friend from school. He founded Twenty One Pilots with two of his school friends who are no longer a part of the project. Joseph can play multiple instruments and usually comes up with the album concepts. Here are some inspiring and funny Tyler Joseph quotes.

Quotes by Tyler Joseph will make you think.

1. “Music can connect people on an intimate level. What Josh and I are trying to do is represent anyone who has some of the questions that we have.”

- Tyler Joseph, 6 November 2015, in an interview from 'The Evening Standard'.

2. “Keep your friends close, and your enemies on the guest list.”

- Tyler Joseph.

3. “We do things differently. You don't have to worry about being part of a particular genre. You just go for it.”

- Tyler Joseph.

4. “There was a lot of pressure to find a genre and stick to it. People would tell me all the time, 'You can't be all things to everyone.' I would say, 'I'm not trying to be! I'm being what I want to be for myself'.”

- Tyler Joseph, 14 January 2016, in an interview from 'Rolling Stone Magazine'.

5. “Don’t let the fear of unhappiness cripple your pursuit of finding what you believe.”

- Tyler Joseph.

6. “Music seems to hold everything together. It seems to make things not so chaotic sometimes. It seems to make things make more sense sometimes.”

- Tyler Joseph.

7. “By the time you do what somebody else is doing, everybody has moved on to something else.”

- Tyler Joseph.

8. “I didn't know that there were many rules in music when I first started writing.”

- Tyler Joseph.

9. “The beginning of purpose is found in creating something that only you understand.”

- Tyler Joseph.

10. “Anyone, from anywhere, can do anything.”

- Tyler Joseph, speech from the 2017 Grammy Awards.

11. “A lot of things you do to cover up insecurities can be just as harmful to you as anything else.”

- Tyler Joseph, 20 January 2016, in an interview from 'Rolling Stone Magazine'.

Quotes From Some Twenty One Pilots' Songs That Are Thought-Provoking

Twenty One Pilots' lyrics have had a great impact on their listeners. Some of their fans even have tattoos of their favorite TØP quotes. One of the biggest reasons why they are popular is that they keep it real. Their honesty is a part of their charm and this honesty shines through in the lyrics of all of their songs. These are some of the best Twenty One Pilots quotes from their songs to get you thinking. Which one is your favorite?

12. “I know this one's a contradiction because of how happy it sounds, But the lyrics are so down.”

- Twenty One Pilots, ‘Not Today’ (2011).

13. “Does it bother anyone else when someone else has your name?”

- Twenty One Pilots, ‘Forest’ (2011).

14. “We all are stranger creatures than when we all started out as kids."

- Twenty One Pilots, ‘Glowing Eyes’ (2011).

15. “I am not as fine as I seem, pardon me for yelling. I'm telling you green gardens are not what's growing in my psyche. It's a different me.”

- Twenty One Pilots, ‘Migraine’ (2013).

16. “Release me from the present, I'm obsessing, all these questions.”

- Twenty One Pilots, ‘Message Man’ (2015).

17. “While you’re doing fine, there’s some people and I; who have a really tough time getting through this life. So excuse us while we sing to the sky.”

- Twenty One Pilots, ‘Screen’ (2013).

18. “We get colder as we grow older. We will walk so much slower.”

- Twenty One Pilots, ‘Oh, Ms. Believer’ (2009).

19. “I've been thinking too much, help me.”

- Twenty One Pilots, ‘Ride’ (2015).

20. “My heart is my armor. She's the tear in my heart."

- Twenty One Pilots, ‘Tear In My Heart’ (2015).

21. “I'm forced to deal with what I feel. There is no distraction to mask what is real.”

- Twenty One Pilots, ‘Car Radio’ (2011).

22. “I was told when I get older all my fears would shrink. But now I'm insecure and I care what people think.”

- Twenty One Pilots, ‘Stressed Out’ (2015).

23. "As I start the car, and then I begin. To add the miles piled up behind me. I barely feel a smile deep inside me."

- Twenty One Pilots, ‘A Car, A Torch, A Death’ (2009).

24. "You don't know what that means, because a kitchen sink to you is not a kitchen sink to me, okay friend?"

- Twenty One Pilots, ‘Kitchen Sink’ (2011).

25. “I don’t wanna be heard. I want to be listened to.”

- Twenty One Pilots, ‘Forest’ (2011).

Twenty One Pilots Quotes Related to Love

Music and lyrics have the power to invoke feelings and make a person think differently. This is why love songs are universally popular. Twenty One Pilots thrive on songs about life and emotional struggles. It is very rare to find a Twenty One Pilots song that is romantic in nature. However, the few that are related to love are true gems. These are the most romantic quotes from their songs.

26. “You fell asleep in my car I drove the whole time. But that’s okay I’ll just avoid the holes so you sleep fine."

- Twenty One Pilots, ‘Tear In My Heart’ (2015).

27. “The songs on the radio are okay. But my taste in music is your face.”

- Twenty One Pilots, ‘Tear In My Heart’ (2015).

28. “Friend, please remove your hands from over your eyes for me. I know you want to leave but Friend, please don't take your life away from me.”

- Twenty One Pilots, ‘Friend, Please’ (2009).

29. “I think you would beat the moon in a pretty contest.”

- Twenty One Pilots, ‘Air Catcher’ (2009).

30. “Don’t forget about me even when I doubt you, I’m no good without you.”

- Twenty One Pilots, ‘Doubt’ (2015).

Quotes From Josh Dun

Twenty One Pilots’ drummer Josh Dun was born on 18 June, 1988. Due to a strict religious upbringing, Josh did not have permission to listen to music growing up, so he was first exposed to music when he started working in a music store. He is a self-taught drummer and is known for performing stunts during live concerts. Before meeting Tyler Joseph and joining Twenty One Pilots, Josh was a drummer for another band. These are some interesting and astonishing Josh Dun quotes.

Quotes by Josh Dun might make you laugh.

31. “I'm thinking about starting a solo project. But it will feature Tyler on all the songs. We'll call it something like - ‘Two Music Boys’.”

- Josh Dun, 20 January 2016, in an interview from 'Rolling Stone Magazine'.

32. “That’s the philosophy that we have always had. Going and playing in front of people and leaving an impressive from that standpoint.”

- Josh Dun.

33. “We’ll always stick to what we feel is right for us to do, and I don’t think either of us have had a hard time saying, ‘This is who I am, and I’m fine with it.’”

- Josh Dun, 6 November 2015, in an interview from 'The Evening Standard'.

34. “Somebody once told me they liked my outfit, so I haven’t changed my outfit in two years.”

- Josh Dun.

35. “We’re always trying to outdo ourselves, trying to do better, trying to write better songs. I think we want to inspire other people as well, so that’s what we’ll try to do through future songs.”

- Josh Dun, 2 July 2015, in an interview with 'Time Out'.

Inspirational Quotes From Twenty One Pilots Songs

Though Twenty One Pilots’ songs are often dark in nature, they do try to give you a sense of hope. Josh and Tyler talk about overthinking, trying to find their true selves, struggling in life, and growing up. These scenarios from their realities are what makes them relatable. A good song has the power to inspire you. Here are some Josh Dun and Tyler Joseph quotes and lyrics that are motivational and inspiring.

36. “Don’t trust a perfect person and don’t trust a song that’s flawless.”

- Twenty One Pilots, ‘Lane Boy’ (2015).

37. “It ain't the speakers that bump hearts. It's our hearts that make the beat.”

- Twenty One Pilots, ‘Holding On To You’ (2011).

38. “Now the night is coming to an end. The sun will rise and we will try again.”

- Twenty One Pilots, ‘Truce’ (2013).

39. “No one looks up anymore because you might get a raindrop in your eye. And heaven forbid, they see you cry as we fall in line.”

- Twenty One Pilots, ‘March To The Sea’ (2009).

40. “The only difference between life and dying. Is one is trying, that’s all we’re going to do. So try to love me and I’ll try to save you.”

- Twenty One Pilots, ‘Lovely’ (2011).

41. “I just wanna stay in the sun where I find pieces of peace in the sun’s peace of mind.”

- Twenty One Pilots, ‘Ride’ (2015).

42. “I find over the course of our human existence. One thing consists of consistence; and it's that we're all battling fear. Oh dear, I don't know if we know why we're here.”

- Twenty One Pilots, ‘Car Radio’ (2011).

43. “If it wasn’t for this music, I don’t know how I would have fought this.”

- Twenty One Pilots, ‘Lane Boy’ (2015).

44. “Peace will win and fear will lose.”

- Twenty One Pilots, ‘Car Radio’ (2011).

45. “We should take a moment and hold it and know that life has a hopeful undertone.”

- Twenty One Pilots, ‘Migraine’ (2013).

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created a list of fantastic quote articles for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for Josh Dun and Tyler Joseph quotes for all 21 Pilots fans, why not take a look at these "you are amazing" quotes or these "you are enough" quotes for more inspiring sayings.

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