25+ La Bamba Quotes From The 1987 Iconic Movie

'La Bamba' quotes do justice to the characters.

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The 'La Bamba' quote 'To live is to sleep, and to die is to awaken' instantly brings the movie 'La Bamba' to mind.

'La Bamba' is a Mexican folk song from the state of Veracruz. It is best known for its adaptation by American songwriter Ritchie Valens in 1958.

The movie 'La Bamba' was released in the year 1987. It is based on the life of singer, musician and songwriter Ritchie Valens. Ritchie is considered to be the pioneer of rock and roll as well the as the father of Chicano rock movement. Ritchie Valens was a rising star but his glory was short lived. A plane crashed on 3 February, 1959, resulting in the death of Ritchie Valens, along with his fellow musicians Buddy Holly and J.P. Richardson. The date was termed as the day that music died. After this, people wanted to know more about the life of this budding musician. This led to the making of a movie based on his life and it turned out to be a great one. In this article you can find the best 'La Bamba' quotes that you can read and enjoy with your family.

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Top Quotes From 'La Bamba'

'La Bamba' quotes are witty and meaningful.

'La Bamba' became a massive hit because it was based on a famous true story. People were already familiar with the legendary singer Ritchie Valens which helped the success of the film. The movie went on to shed more light into the life of the beloved singer. Here you can find the top quotes from 'La Bamba' cast that people fondly recall till date.

1. "Wait Ritchie, look I'm being honest here. Not everyone in the world gets a shot at the brass ring."

- Bob Keene, 'La Bamba'.

2. "My dreams are pure rock and roll."

- Ritchie Valens, 'La Bamba'.

3. "My mom reckons I'm going to be a star. And stars don't fall from the sky."

- Ritchie Valens, 'La Bamba'.

4. "Old Steve. He always said you would be somebody and I bought it, too."

- Bob Morales, 'La Bamba'.

5. "You're gonna have to ask yourself what's more important, your friends...or your music."

- Bob Keene, 'La Bamba'.

6. " Listen to you, coming in here like you own the whole goddamn country."

- Bob Morales, 'La Bamba'.

Famous 'La Bamba' Quotes

'La Bamba' quotes became extremely popular.

A movie becomes a success because of several reasons. The popularity of Ritchie Valens was a prominent reason for 'La Bamba' to receive such a great response. Even after so many years, people have certain dialogues still on the tip of their tongue. The movie gets its recognition through lines like these. Find the most popular 'La Bamba' movie quotes here.

7. "I will never let anyone get in the way of my feelings for you, ever again."

- Donna Ludwig, 'La Bamba'.

8. "Ritchie, you don't understand a goddamn thing!"

- Bob Morales, 'La Bamba'.

9. “You know, my old man wasn't around when I was born. Why should I be?”

- Bob Morales, 'La Bamba'.

10. "Ritchie Valens: This is like my high school prom.

Bob Morales: Yeah. Except this prom puts out."

- 'La Bamba'.

11. "If that's the way Steve wanted it that's the way it was going to be."

- Bob Morales, 'La Bamba'.

12. "Nobody told you to throw your life away man! I'm only sorry I didn not say something."

- Ritchie Valens, 'La Bamba'.

13. "Look Rosie, you're not my wife. Quit being such a drag."

- Bob Morales.

14. "Look it's Woody Woodpecker and Buzz Buzzard, Man they make cartoons here."

- Bob Morales, 'La Bamba'.

15. "Hey, Ritchie, relax, man. Everything's cool. Besides, the sky belongs to the stars, right?"

- Buddy Holly, 'La Bamba'.

16. "Bob Morales: Hey,  I was watching that! Put that back on!

Bartender: You've had enough for one afternoon, brother."

- 'La Bamba'.

17. "Yeah, I followed you around man. I followed you around because I thought you were somebody... then!"

- Ritchie Valens, 'La Bamba'.

18. "That's my Bob, always thinking of others first."

- Rosie Morales, 'La Bamba'.

Funny 'La Bamba' quotes

'La Bamba' is an ensemble of several different characters apart from Ritchie Valens and Bob Morales. These characters not only support the narrative but also add their own flavor to the movie. The strong cast makes the movie what it is today. Humor is an essential part of the movie despite the story line having it's own ups and downs. Here you can read Bob 'La Bamba' quotes and other hilarious quotes from this movie that keeps the audiences invested into the story and gives them a breathing space between intense scenes.

19. "Rosie Morales: I am pregnant.

Bob Morales: What's there to say? It's not my first. Or my last.”

- 'La Bamba'.

20. “Look... it could be worse, you could have been Riki Zuela.”

- Bob Keene, 'La Bamba'.

21. "Ritchie Valens: Bob! Watch it! My guitar, man!

Bob Morales: Sorry. I didnt' know that piece of junk was so important to you."

- 'La Bamba'.

22. "Even a monkey can do better than this."

- Bob Morales, 'La Bamba'.

23. "Bob Morales: Put it back on! That dude is my brother!

Bartender: Yeah and I'm your Irish uncle."

- 'La Bamba'.

24. "Come on Rosie, take a hit man! Put a little mota in our love life!"

- Bob Morales, 'La Bamba'.

25. "I'll just hang around for the leftovers, like a dog. That's how much I loved him. Like a goddamn dog."

- Bob Morales, 'La Bamba'.

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