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30 Lex Luthor Quotes

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Alexander Joseph Luthor, popularly known as Lex Luthor, is one of the main antagonists in the DC universe.

Lex Luthor is an ego-centric and power-hungry mad scientist. He is the CEO of Lexcorp and possesses a scientifically advanced war suit.

He is regarded as the arch-enemy of Superman. He envies Superman's popularity and powers and considers him a threat to humanity. In his pursuit of freeing the world from Superman, he comes in contact with Batman and other Justice League superheroes. His intellect, combat prowess, and knowledge of science and technology make him one of the most fearsome villains of the DC comics. Read this article to discover some of the best quotes by this sinister scientist.

Psychic Lex Luthor Quotes

Lex Luthor's best psychic dialogues in the series are compiled in this list.

"Must I remind you of my superiority?"

"But if you look at history, the great men and women of the world have always been defined by their enemies." -'Smallville'

"Clark, love isn't about playing it safe, it's about risks. Unless you're willing to put yourself out there, you'll never know." -'Smallville'

"I'm not eager to hand tomorrow over to an interplanetary extremist with laser eyes. There's only room on this world for one leader, Superman. When I'm finished with you, every last gibbon out there will know you for the menace you are… and they'll realize that Lex Luthor is their savior." -'Superman: Birthright'

"The two theories seem to be I either ran the plant into the ground through incompetence or did it deliberately so that I can go back to Metropolis." -'Smallville', Season 1, Episode 21

"You want to ask an accounting question, Dad? Call me. And the next time one of your drones bothers the Kents, he'll be lucky to ride home with the spare." -'Smallville'

"Clark: My father says you learn more about yourself when you lose.
Lex: What'd you learn?
Clark: That I'm not destined to be a politician. You need two different personalities.
Lex: You don't need to be an elected official to change the world, Clark.
Clark: Have you ever thought about getting into politics?
Lex: Someday I'd like to be president."

"To quote The Godfather, 'It's time to go to the mattresses.'" -'Smallville'

"I've learned that Ferris Industries has prototype technology that may allow me to re-weaponize Batman's Kryptonite. I need you to bring it to me." -'Injustice: Gods Among Us'

"Batman is the face of the Insurgency. If he dies, it dies with him." -'Injustice: Gods Among Us'

"Do yourself a favor, Harleen...Stay away from him." -'Injustice: Gods Among Us'

Sarcastic Lex Luthor Quotes

Lex Luthor is famous for his comic timing and these quotes will tell you why.

"Any relationship founded on lies is destined to fail. It's a good thing we don't have that problem." - 'Smallville'

"We've been monitoring your world for some time. You four specifically." -'Injustice: Gods Among Us'

"Clark: Your dad already offered you a job in Metropolis - just tell people the truth.

Lex: Then they get stuck with the incompetence rap. Being reviled is the lesser evil."

"Let's be frank, Dominic. My father sent you here to spy on me because he's afraid of how well I'm doing. This was my last chance to prove myself and he just assumed I'd fail. Now he has to revise his definition of me… Now I'm competition. And my father only knows one way of dealing with competition." -'Smallville'

"Jonathan: Who was the maniac who was driving that car?
Lex: That would be me - Lex Luthor." -'Smallville'

Lex Luthor Quotes By Gene Hackman

Some of the best portrayals of Lex Luthor were done by Gene Hackman in the Superman movies of the '70s and '80s. These are our favorite quotes from those movies.

"Some people can read War and Peace and come away thinking it's a simple adventure story. Others can read the ingredients on a chewing gum wrapper and unlock the secrets of the universe."

"It's amazing that brain can generate enough power to keep those legs moving." -'Superman', 1978

"You were great in your day, Superman. But it just stands to reason, when it came to cash in your chips, this old, diseased maniac would be your banker." -'Superman', 1978

"There's a strong steak of good in you, Superman. But then nobody's perfect..almost nobody." -'Superman', 1978

"Do you know why the number two hundred is so vitally descriptive to both you and me?" -'Superman', 1978

"Superman: Is that how a warped brain like yours gets its kicks? By planning the death of innocent people?

Lex Luthor: No, by causing the death of innocent people." -'Superman', 1978

"This is how it ends for the greatest criminal mind of our time. Not with a whimper... How do they choose to reward Lex Luthor..the greatest genius in this world? Do they give him glory or treasure? What, matter of fact, do they give him?" -'Superman', 1978

"My father sent me to Smallville because he'd rather surround himself with drones than people who challenge his archaic business practices." -'Smallville'

Lex Luthor Quotes On God

Read these quotes to learn about Lex Luthor's idea of the Almighty.

"I get that now which is why I've finally embraced my own. You and I, we will both be great men because of each other. We have a destiny together Clark, only on different sides." -'Smallville'

"All my father ever told me was 'don't get caught' and 'don't cause a scandal.' That's not love, it's public relations. You have no idea how lucky you are. When my father dies, kings will come to his funeral but when yours does, his friends will come." -'Smallville'

"That sanctimonious image of yours fooled everyone – except me! Because I! KNOW! EVIL!" -'Public Enemies'

"No, I just want you to understand that if I'm guilty of anything regarding your family, it's envy." -'Smallville'

"The chaos they create is useful." -'Smallville'

"Save any lives on your way over? You keep it up and you can make a career out of it." -'Smallville'

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