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30 Lotus Quotes To Bring You Inner Peace

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Lotus is a sacred flower that symbolizes spirituality, purity, self-regeneration, and rebirth.

The cultural history and its symbol are more than a thousand years old. It has a wealth of spiritual meaning in many different cultures such as Buddhism, Hinduism, and Egyptology.

Each culture has a different take, though they share similarities. In Buddhism, it represents spiritual enlightenment, purity, self-regeneration, and reincarnation. The Buddhist lotus quotes inspire us to rise and thrive stronger.

As per Buddhism, everyone is capable of achieving spiritual enlightenment. The journey of a lotus is depicted to be our own spiritual journey. Unlike any other flowers, when it first starts to sprout, it is underwater surrounded by dirt. Despite the harsh conditions, the lotus in mud doesn't allow the dirt that surrounds it to affect its growth or beauty. Even when the roots are in the dirty pond, far away from the sun rays, it rises above the surface and blooms to become a most beautiful flower.

Sometimes we might be buried in conflicts.  The best remedy for our troubled thoughts is to read something that inspires us to grow. One must know the worth of everything.

Here you get a chance to read inspirational quotes and lotus flower quotes that inspire us. If you are looking for more quotes, do check breathe quotes and tranquility quotes.

Buddha Lotus Quotes

Pink Lotus flower blooming in summer pond with green leaves.

Like the lotus flower, even though it starts life from beneath the mud, it pushes away the dirty obstacles and makes its way to the surface, and plunges to life. Get a chance to let the light guide you. Read below the short lotus flower quotes and Buddha spiritual quotes to gain enlightenment.

1. “As a lotus flower is born in water, grows in water and rises out of water to stand above it unsoiled, so I, born in the world, raised in the world having overcome the world, live unsoiled by the world.”

- Buddha.

2. “As the lotus rises on its stalk unsoiled by the mud and water, so the wise one speaks of peace and is unstained by the opinions of the world.”

– Buddha.

3. “Water surrounds the lotus flowers, but does not wet its petals.”

– Buddha.

4. “From life to life, never finding peace. If you are filled with desire your sorrows swell like the grass after the rain. But if you subdue desire your sorrows shall fall from you like drops of water from a lotus flower.”

- Buddha.

5. “The lotus flower blooms most beautifully from the deepest and thickest mud.”

– Buddha.

Inspirational Quotations For New Beginnings

Though the lotus plunges in dirty mud that surrounds it, it rises to grow and becomes the most stunning flower. Here are lotus flower quotes to inspire growth and bloom with new beginnings.

6. “The lotus flower is a reminder of the beauty that comes from change, the magic that a new beginning brings, and the seed of potential that’s buried in the most unlikely places.”

– Jennifer Williamson.

7. “No mud, no lotus.”

– Thich Nhat Hanh.

8. “By means of microscopic observation and astronomical projection the lotus flower can become the foundation for an entire theory of the universe and an agent whereby we may perceive Truth.”

- Yukio Mishima.

9. “From the mud of adversity grows the lotus of joy.”

– Carolyn Marsden.

10. “Remain in the world, act in the world, do whatsoever is needful, and yet remain transcendental, aloof, detached, a lotus flower in the pond.”

- Osho.

11. “May we exist like a lotus,  

At home in the muddy water

Thus we bow to life as it is.”

- Zen.

12. “One must be a lotus to emerge from mucky waters clean.”

- Will Advise.

13. “Every day, let our words blossom lotus in some one's heart.”

- Amit Ray.

14. “Your heart is full of fertile seeds, waiting to sprout. Just as a lotus flower springs from the mire to bloom splendidly.”

Morihei Ueshiba.

15. “Like the lotus flower that is born out of mud, we must honor the darkest parts of ourselves and the most painful of our life’s experiences, because they are what allow us to birth our most beautiful self.”

– Debbie Ford.

16. “The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all.”

- Mulan.

17. “Out of the mud of your fears, struggles, pain, and confusion, the lotus flower of your inner heart will spontaneously grow.”

- Buddha.

18. “Every struggle is like mud – there are always some lotus seeds waiting to sprout.”

– Amit Ray.

19. “Seeing the mud around a lotus is pessimism, seeing a lotus in the mud is optimism.”

– Amit Kalantri.

20. “The lotus comes from the murkiest water but grows into the purest thing.”

– Nita Ambani.

21. “The lotus flower sees only filth all its life yet turns beautiful.”

– Rajesh.

22. “When the mind is silent like a lake the lotus blossoms.”

- Amit Ray.

23. “Just as the pure white lotus flower blooms unsoiled in muddy water, our lives, which are supremely noble, can continue to shine even amid life’s harshest realities.”

Daisaku Ikeda.

24. “Enlightenment is blossoming the thousand petaled lotus flower on the top of the head.”

– Amit Ray.

25. “If you know how to make good use of the mud, you can grow beautiful lotuses.”

– Thich Nhat Hanh.

Suzy Kassem Lotus Quotes Sayings

Suzy Kassem is an American writer. She is renowned as an evolutionary thinker to build the gap between the eastern and western cultures. Read the famous growth or beauty Suzy Kassem lotus flower meaning quotes.

26. “Whenever you should doubt your self-worth, remember the lotus flower. Even though it plunges to life from beneath the mud, it does not allow the dirt that surrounds it to affect its growth or beauty.”

- Suzy Kassem.

27. “Like a lotus plunging to the surface of a pond to embrace the light from its muddy darkness, truth always rises with time.”

- Suzy Kassem.

Masaru Emoto Like A Lotus Flower Quotes

Born on 22 July 1943, he was a Japanese pseudo-scientist, businessman, and author. Let one of his bloom quotes about lotus flowers inspire you.

28. “If you feel lost, disappointed, hesitant, or weak, return to yourself, to who you are, here and now and when you get there, you will discover yourself, like a lotus flower in full bloom, even in a muddy pond, beautiful and strong.”

- Masaru Emoto.

29. “Radiant energy is born when different vibrations are in harmony.”

-  Masaru Emoto.

30. "It's likely that only vibrations of love and gratitude appear in nature, and observations of nature shows this to be true."

-  Masaru Emoto.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly quotes for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for Lotus quotes then why not take a look at Yin Yang quotes, or calm quotes.

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