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50 Megan Rapinoe Quotes

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Megan Rapinoe has not only been a fierce team leader in female sports, but she is also an avid supporter of equality.

The co-captain of the US Women’s National Team has talked about issues related to equal pay and the same rights for both men's and women's teams, racial inequality, the police community, self-serving, and many more. The two-time gold winner, one in the 2015 Fifa Women's World Cup and another in the 2019 Fifa Women's World Cup, is a risk-taker who constantly sees things from a different perspective.

Her unabashed outspokenness about the issues she cares about inspires people worldwide. She believes that no matter who you are or where you come from, you have the right to pursue your goals and strive for what you deserve. Keep reading for some of Megan Rapinoe's best quotes about equality, soccer, and success.

Megan Rapinoe Quotes About Equality

Womens rights are human rights

Every individual has rights and liberties. Megan Rapinoe, an avid supporter of the notion, has often talked about equality. Read out these quotes from her!

“Being female and an advocate for equal opportunities, I want to see an equal representation in people applying for the head coach job for the women’s team.”

“Being a woman, we talk about equal pay all the time. We’re not talking about if you’re black or if you are Latina. I would like to get back to that and improving the relationship between the police community and the community of color.”

“The more I’ve been able to learn about gay rights and equal pay and gender equity and racial inequality, the more that it all intersects. You can’t really pick it apart. It’s all intertwined.”

“I think our existence in professional sports is almost a protest in and of itself in sometimes the very sexist society that we live in. For us, it’s just kind of right in line with what we always do.”

“You can’t win a championship without gays on your team – it’s never been done before, ever. That’s science, right there!”

“You are not lesser just because you are a girl.”

“The kneeling and everything, I think it really only sort of solidifies who I am as a person and the things that I stand for.”

“Honestly, I feel like we are a walking protest. The fact that we’re women professional athletes says that in and of itself. We’ve been feeling the inequality; we’ve been struggling with pay equality or whatever it is, or sexism in sports.”

“I’m motivated by people who like me, who are fighting for the same things. I take more energy from that than from trying to prove anyone wrong. That’s draining on yourself. But for me, to be gay and fabulous, during pride month at the World Cup, is nice.”

“Your message is excluding people. You’re excluding me, you’re excluding people that look like me, you’re excluding people of color, you’re excluding Americans that maybe support you.”

“[It’s about] so much more than the money. It’s really more about the investment in the game. Is the investment equal? We’re talking marketing dollars and branding, investment in the youth, investment in the players, investment in the coaching staff. I don’t think that that’s there.”

“You know what? We deserve this. We deserve everything. We deserve this parade, we deserve all the champagne that people are giving us. We deserve all this shine. We’ve worked very hard for it.”

“I don’t think there’s any perfect way to protest.”

"We have pink hair and purple hair. We have tattoos and dreadlocks. We've got white girls and black girls, and everything in between. Straight girls and gay girls."

“Being a gay American, I know what it means to look at the flag and not have it protect all of your liberties.”

“I kind of want to stop just talking about things and [ask], How do we put things in action? How do we help? What do we do? I think I’m ready for that next thing. I want to be more impactful—the money where the mouth is.”

“There are plenty of sports teams that say they’re very open and super accepting in the locker room. But are they really? Is it really safe environment? Have they preset that environment to make these players feel comfortable for coming out? I don’t think so because there’s none out.”

“I have chosen to kneel because I simply cannot stand for the kind of oppression this country is allowing against its own people.”

Megan Rapinoe Quotes About Soccer

Read these interesting quotes on soccer from Megan Rapinoe, co-captain of the US Women’s National Team.

“I couldn’t be more proud to be a co-captain with Carli and Alex on this team. It’s my absolute honor to lead this team out on the field. There’s no place I’d rather be, even in the presidential race. I’m busy, I’m sorry.”

“I take playing for my country very seriously. It’s a huge honor.”

“We’re gracious and we’re humble, and we play the game a certain way, whether we win or lose.”

“I think I have unique qualities that other people don’t have that can contribute to the team.”

“I play a certain style. I’m not willing to compromise that part of me.”

“Some people play best when they’re frustrated and mad. I play my best when I’m happy. I really, truly do.”

“I think our team kind of strives on weirdness sometimes. We have that ‘rah-rah, rally’ sort of American mentality that we can all kind of get around.”

Megan Rapinoe Quotes About Success

Without success, civilization would cease to survive. Check out these amazing quotes from Megan Rapinoe on success!

“Be honest about how you approach failure. Don’t just be critical of yourself, because that can be self-serving. Approach it honestly, assess your performance, and assess the areas where you have fallen short. Correct them and move on. Don’t dwell on it. Don’t hold on to it.”

“I feel like it’s actually everybody’s responsibility to use whatever platform they have to do good in the world, and to try make our society better, whether you’re an accountant or an activist or an athlete or whatever it is. I think it’s everybody’s responsibility.”

“And life will throw you some curveballs. Failure will happen, and how you handle it will help shape you into the person you are going to become.”

“Sometimes it’s worth risking it all for a dream only you can see.”

“I’m not sure exactly where I get it from. I think I’m born with it a little bit. I think I’ve been very successful in my career, so I get a lot of positive feedback in that way…”

“Growing up, I was never the best athlete or the fastest or the strongest—so I had to affect the game in a different way. Even if you’re extremely athletic and fast, if you’re doing the same thing over and over, the defense is going to figure it out.”

“I’ve always been a risk-taker. Growing up, I had a lot of freedom and room to roam and do what I wanted, and I think that’s a huge part of my game.”

“My mom, whether it’s right or wrong, she had dreams for me to have a certain life. It takes time to get used to that. But they’ve been really supportive, and they love me for exactly who I am.”

“Over the years, I have really figured out what works for me. It’s not about what anyone else is doing. I can’t worry about whether I am doing everything that another player is doing, which can be hard sometimes.”

“I need to feel like I have that freedom to make mistakes and to just try things.”

Motivational Quotes By Megan Rapinoe

Motivation is the driving force behind attaining and fulfilling a goal in our lives. Read these awesome quotes from Megan Rapinoe and find your motivation right away!

“Putting yourself out there is hard, but it’s so worth it. I don’t think anyone who has ever spoken out, or stood up or had a brave moment, has regretted it. It’s empowering and confidence-building and inspiring. Not only to other people but to yourself.”

“This is my charge to everybody, Do what you can. Do what you have to do. Step outside of yourself. Be more. Be better. Be bigger than you’ve ever been before.”

“Do what you love and love what you do. I just try to have a smile and love what I do every day.”

“Get me on the bus, get me on one of those planes; I want to rile people up! Something about me is motivating people to do something, or people are interested.”

“As I’ve grown older I’ve really got to understand how powerful one voice can be, my voice can be, or the team’s voice can be. So to hold that back or not to use that just seems selfish in a way.”

“I was made exactly the way I was meant to be made in who I am and my personality and the way I was born.”

“It’s OK to feel different right now. You are supposed to be feeling weird a lot of the time. You have a lot going on. And you are supposed to feel uncomfortable and awkward because it’s a good thing, and it helps you grow.”

“When you know yourself and your strengths, there is always something you can do to raise the standard for everyone.”

“I’ve had to learn how to listen to my body over the years and figure out how it all works together. I’m not invincible, so focusing on training my whole body and injury prevention have been extremely important.”

“Some guy in Germany has my face tattooed on the back of his calf. That was wild. It was a decent tattoo job, but that’s kind of weird for me.”

“When we, as a nation, put our minds to something, when we truly choose to care about something, change always happens.”

“It’s often hard to just throw money at a problem when you don’t really know what the problem is.”

“If you can’t take criticism, you can’t reach your potential.”

“When I take a knee, I am facing the flag with my full body, staring straight into the heart of our country's ultimate symbol of freedom – because I believe it is my responsibility.”

“Hang on to your friends, and be prepared to make new ones.”

“To say I am not mentally tired in ways and exhausted in ways would be a lie.”

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