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30+ 'Metal Gear Solid' Quotes For All The Fans Of The 1998 Video Game

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'Metal Gear Solid' is an action-adventure stealth-based video game created by Hideo Kojima.

The video game series has been a huge hit ever since its creation the credit for which goes to its large character cast. The video games from the series have been critically acclaimed throughout their course of releases.

The 'Metal Gear' series has been widely regarded as one of the best video games ever created and a thing of inspiration for the gaming industry all over the world. It also paved the way for the stealth genre across the gaming industry.

Find some of the best 'Metal Gear Solid 2' Colonel quotes, 'Metal Gear Solid' Ocelot quotes, and 'Metal Gear Solid' guard quotes on this list.

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'Metal Gear Solid' Quotes

Some of the best 'Metal Gear Solid' quotes from the first game.

1. “Snake. We're not tools of the government, or anyone else. Fighting was the only thing... the only thing I was good at.”

— Gray Fox.

2. “Only a fool trusts his life to a weapon.”

— The Cyborg Ninja.

3. “This is the first time I’ve used my powers to help someone. It’s strange… It feels kind of … nice…”

— Psycho Mantis.

4. “Meryl Silverburgh: Is there anyone you like?

Solid Snake: I've never been interested in anyone else's life...

Meryl Silverburgh: So you are all alone. Just like Mantis said...

Solid Snake: Other people just complicate my life. I don't like to get involved.”

Meryl Silverburgh: ...You're a sad, lonely man.”

- 'Metal Gear Solid'.

5. “Each morning, I'd wake up... and find a few more of my family or friends dead beside me. I'd stare at the morning sun... and pray to make it through the day.”

— Sniper Wolf.

6. “Solid Snake: Naomi, why didn't you tell us about this sooner?

Naomi: Because it's confidential information.

Solid Snake: Is that the only reason?

- 'Metal Gear Solid'.

7. “There's no winning or losing for a mercenary.”

— Solid Snake.

8. “Unfortunately, killing is one of those things that gets easier the more you do it.”

— Solid Snake.

9. The whole reason I got into science in the first place was because I was no good with people. I was scared of them. I was scared of life.

— Otacon.

10. “A strong man doesn’t need to read the future. He makes his own.”

— Solid Snake.

11. “It’s easy to forget what a sin is in the middle of a battlefield.”

— Solid Snake.

Metal Gear Solid 2: ‘Sons Of Liberty’ Quotes

Male video games designer working in studio

Best 'Metal Gear Solid 2' quotes that are amazing!

12. “Put any misconceptions of Snake as some kind of hero behind you. He's a terrorist. And that's that.”

— Colonel.

13. “Snake, did you ever enjoy killing someone?”

— Raiden.

14. “Raiden: So you're the boss around here?

Solidus Snake: No, not just here. I'm the boss to surpass Big Boss himself.”

- 'Metal Gear Solid 2'.

15. “Human memories, ideas, culture, and history. Isn't it something that should be passed on?”

— Colonel.

16. “There's room for only one Snake, and one Big Boss!”

— Liquid Snake.

17. “Otacon: Snake, there's a time and place for conspiracy theories. Please, I'm trying to concentrate here.

Snake: Huh? Ah, sorry...?”

- 'Metal Gear Solid 2'.

18. “Otacon: You're a weak, simple-minded, stubborn fool.

Raiden: A-a weak, simple-minded...

Otacon: Ah, don't worry, he didn't mean anything bad by it.”

- 'Metal Gear Solid 2'.

19. “But we have no heirs, no legacy. Cloned from our father, with the ability to reproduce conveniently engineered out. What is our legacy if we cannot pass the torch?”

— Solidus Snake.

20. “Find something to believe in.”

— Solid Snake.

21. “No one quite knows who or what they are.”

— Solid Snake.

'Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater’ Quotes

Best of the best Metal Gear Solid 3 quotes that will make you think anything is possible!

22. “There's nothing more for me to give you. All that's left for you to take is my life.”

—The Boss.

23. “You’re not a snake and I’m not an ocelot. We’re men, with names.”

— Revolver Ocelot.

24. “The foibles of politics and the march of time can turn friends into enemies just as easily as the wind changes. Ridiculous, isn’t it?”

— The Boss.

25. “In the end, you have to choose whether you’re going to live as a soldier, or just another man with a gun.”

— The Boss.

26. “I tell you, American soldiers these days rely too much on ready-made equipment.”

— Major Zero.

27. “Shoot me! You want to finish your mission don't you? Then...you'll have to shoot me. The Spirit of the warrior...will always be with you. Don't be sad...we'll meet again someday.”

—The Sorrow.

28. “EVA: Is there something missing?

Naked Snake: Yeah, all of my food.”

-'Metal Gear Solid 3'.

Metal Gear Solid 4: ‘Guns Of The Patriots’ Quotes

Metal Gear Solid 4 quotes that will make you want to play the game again!

29. “Everything is monitored, and kept under control. War has changed. The age of deterrence has become the age of control.”

—Old Snake.

30. “I'm no hero... Never was. I'm just an old killer... Hired to do some wet work.”

— Solid snake.

31. “I’m a shadow, that no light will shine on. As long as you follow me, you will never see the day.”

— Old Snake.

32.  “What little time I have left will be spent living… as a beast. A shadow of the inside… of the old age.”

— Old Snake.

33. “War has changed. Our time has ended. Our war is over.”

— Old Snake.

'Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain’ Quotes

Best 'Metal Gear Solid 5' quotes from the latest game of the series.

34. “In his eyes, the greatest symbiotic parasite the world’s ever known isn’t microbial. It’s linguistic. Words are what keeps civilization, our world, alive. Free the world, not by taking men’s lives but by taking their tongues.”

— Revolver Ocelot.

35. “Let the world be. Sans lingua franca, the world will be torn asunder. And then, it shall be free. People will suffer, of course - a phantom pain.”

—Skull Face.

36. “There's only room for one Boss. His sons are fated to face each other someday too.”

— Revolver Ocelot.

37. “I won't scatter your sorrow to the heartless sea. I will always be with you.”

— Punished Snake.

38.  “All that's left is the future. And mine is revenge. On those who'd leech off the words of their fellow man.”

— Skull Face.

39. “In our struggle to survive the present, we push the future farther away.”

— Punished Snake.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly quotes for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for metal gear solid quotes then why not take a look at inspirational video game quotes, or 'Mass Effect' quotes.

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