35+ Minecraft Quotes From The Famous Video Game

Minecraft quotes are exciting.

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Minecraft is a sandbox video game developed by Markus Persson in the Java programming language.

Minecraft has different slogans for each individual payer that they may see or find once they log in and are ready to get to work! The craft of the game, Minecraft, is simple but will keep every player in the game world on their toes.

In the world of Minecraft, each player gets a 3D world with infinite terrain. They have to explore every block from one level to the next while they keep looking for tools which they have to get. Using each block and raw materials, players can work to build any structures or buildings - hence the name 'Minecraft'. Players can play differently in Minecraft - some players may like to compete in 'Survival Mode' while some like to compete with other players and get points. Depending on the storyline - Minecraft quotes can be hilarious, motivating or even romantic. This article has some of the best Minecraft quotes assembled for players who want to see if the video game would suit them or not.

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Inspirational 'Minecraft' Quotes

Minecraft quotes are motivating.

Minecraft allows players to build a world of their own out of imagination and creativity. Along the way, players find friends and foes as well. This subcategory has some of the most inspirational quotes from different Minecraft storyline characters.

1. "What you spend years building may be destroyed overnight. Build anyway."

- Arieken, 'Minecraft'.

2. "This isn't about the past! It's about the future!"

- Ivor, 'Minecraft'.

3. "I never wanted to be a hero... but I'm willing to do the heroic thing."

- Jesse, 'Minecraft'.

4. "If at first you don't succeed... succeed later than originally planned."

- Petra, 'Minecraft'.

5. "But if that's the case, it means we win at being losers."

- Jesse, 'Minecraft'.

6. "Nerds are awesome."

- Aureylian, 'Minecraft'.

7. "I would wish you good luck, but luck won't carry you through the Nether."

- Ivor, 'Minecraft'.

8. "This thing is doing everything it can to protect it, and that means that I have to do everything I can to destroy it!"

- Jesse, 'Minecraft'.

Funny 'Minecraft' Quotes

'Minecraft' quotes are hilarious.

This subcategory has some of the funniest 'Minecraft' quotes including 'Minecraft' creeper quotes that will  keep every player want to laugh while playing the game next time.

9. "Better is relative. If I just sit here and don't move... or breathe... it's almost bearable."

- Petra, 'Minecraft'.

10. "It's like if someone is dying and asks you 'Will you make me the nicest sandwich?' you will instantly promise it and the person will die. Then, you don't have to make the sandwich! Hahaha... I'm the worst person alive."

- Logdotzip, 'Minecraft'.

11. "Would you rather fight a hundred chicken-sized zombies or ten zombie-sized chickens?"

- Olivia, 'Minecraft'.

12. "Cats really give me the creeps. No offense, Stampy."

- Petra, 'Minecraft'.

13. "Who's Gabriel?"

- Gabriel, 'Minecraft'.

14. "Talking is what I do best!"

- Jesse, 'Minecraft'.

15. "Ah, never say the word poke to a swordsman, even in a jest."

- Gabriel, 'Minecraft'.

16. "That sure is a nice house you got there...It would be a shame if anything were to happen to it."

- Creeper, 'Minecraft'.

17. "No! No! Not a creeper!"

- Steve, 'Minecraft'.

18. "Oh, I don't run so good anymore. Bad, eh, bad knees."

- Ivor, 'Minecraft'.

19. "Sometimes I don't want to be Soren. Actually, most of the time I wanna be anything but me. Maybe a donkey?"

- Soren, 'Minecraft'.

20. "Never dig straight. Down. Or up."

- Steve, 'Minecraft'.

Famous Gaming Quotes From 'Minecraft'

Every player around the world who is new or old to the 'Minecraft' life cannot be tired of the game. Those who like the game will keep looking for new updates and as soon as they are made, will want to play it all day. This subcategory has some of the well-known 'Minecraft' quotes including 'Minecraft' love quotes.

21. "Having my memory restored has been both a blessing and a curse. Perhaps they deserve to know the truth about The Order. All those lies we told them, maybe I should finally come clean."

- Gabriel, 'Minecraft'.

22. "My love! We meet again! I knew as soon as I gazed down unto the Earth that I had to stop and behold the angel that fell from Heaven that is you."

- Laurence, 'Minecraft'.

23. "For the right price, I'll help anyone. If you need anything, you know where to find me."

- Petra, 'Minecraft'.

24. "Should you be nervous? Given your personality, life experience, and everything else you've done to make it to this moment? Yes."

- Petra, 'Minecraft'.

25. "I love you, I am a knight of Shadows and you are the light in my darkness. Please don't leave me."

- Laurence, 'Minecraft'.

26. "How about a lecture on the power of my fists? It's short. But deadly."

- Petra, 'Minecraft'.

27. "I don't know when; I don't know how; but someday, far in the future, when you're least expecting it... we will get our revenge."  

- Jesse, 'Minecraft'.

28. "The aim of the game is not to mine, or to craft, but to run from creepers."

- Arieken, 'Minecraft'.

29. "How are we the ones saving the world when even they don't have what it takes?"

- Olivia, 'Minecraft'.

30. "It's ever so rare I see a maiden as beautiful as you. You're like a pearl that has just fallen from the lost city of Atlantis."

- Laurence, 'Minecraft'.

31. "I wasn't complaining. I was stating a fact in a frustrated tone."

- Petra, 'Minecraft'.

'Minecraft' Diaries Quotes

'Minecraft Diaries' is a fantasy series which was the first roleplay series of the game channel. It also made a  number of new spin-offs for people to see and play. This subcategory has some quotes from 'Minecraft Diaries'.

32. "I don't remember anything! How can I be someone I don't know how to be!"

- Aphmau, 'Minecraft Diaries'.

33. "You still haven't earned my trust."

- Katelyn, 'Minecraft Diaries'.

34. "Good luck! Make sure to call me on my cellphone late night when you need my notes."

- Travis, 'Minecraft Diaries'.

35. "What is that sound? I sound like a fangirl dying of fangirlism."

- Werewolf Guy, 'Minecraft Diaries'.

36. "You are useless to me now."

- Zane, 'Minecraft Diaries'.

37. "I have so many emotions right now."

- Garroth, 'Minecraft Diaries'.

38. "The portal has somebody I care for inside."

- Aphmau, 'Minecraft Diaries'.

39. "But what I do know is there is more to Aphmau than I thought."

- Aaron, 'Minecraft Diaries'.

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