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100+ Missing Brother Quotes

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Brothers are special in life because they often take up the role of a protector and a role model in ways we cannot explain.

They always stand and fight until the end. Brothers, whether younger or elder, are quite annoying but also caring.

We never want them to leave our side. Because of their impacts on our lives, it is hard for us to forget them and we will forever be missing them. One of the ways to show we miss them is to write to them from time to time. As you keep reading, you see some messages and quotes to use when you miss your brother.

Heart-Touching Quotes About Missing Your Brother

Losing your brother or best friend can make you feel emotional and sometimes sorrowful. Family is never forgotten, even after they are gone. You will always miss your brother the moment they depart; however, there are some heart-touching quotes that you can use when missing your brother.

"My brother was always my hero and remains so in his death."

"Sometimes, I don't feel like going home. I feel home will be boring without you in it. You didn't have to leave you know? But I love you and pray for you always."

"The love of a brother is a special one and there is nothing as sweet as it is. This is more reason why I miss you."

"My happy picture is incomplete without you in it, dear brother. Come back soon to complete my happy picture."

"I loved how I could be comfortable in your presence, brother. I could be vulnerable, sad, or happy without you being judgmental."

"I am short of words to describe what I feel since the day you left. Your absence has made me weak and I keep trying to pick myself up. I wish you're here, brother."

"The hardest thing about losing my brother is when I want to call him about something that happened to me."

"I feel like I'm nursing a terrible feeling and having you back here is the only cure. Please brother, remember that I miss you and find a time to make it home."

"Though it takes a while to see you again, brother, I won't stop missing you."

"I've tried to make new friends, maybe it will fill the void of not having you here, brother. But it's never the same. I miss having you here."

"My brother knew when I was upset and did everything he could to cheer me up."

"Since I knew you as my brother, you have been everything amazing. Now you're away and I feel like running away to meet you where you are."

"I hope when we see, we won't become a stranger to each other. I have missed you too much that I can't imagine you behaving like a stranger to me when you return, brother."

"I see my brother in my dreams and we have long talks about where he is and what he's doing."

"My brother taught me how to drive when I was nine years old and oh, so many other things that I do every day."

"I stand before the mirror and what I see is a sibling sick from missing a brother. You are loved, brother and I wish you well wherever you are."

"I miss your advice, companionship, and smile. A day with you is like a year without rain. Please come back soon, brother."

"My life would not be what it is if it were not for you, my brother. You made each birthday, festival, and achievement worth celebrating with your encouragement and enthusiasm."

"If missing you is a crime, I'll be gladly caught because of you. Maybe that will hasten your return. See, life is not the same without you in the home, brother."

"It saddens me that you are far away. Come home soon; your sister awaits your arrival."

"Remember all the moments we talked about everything late into the night? I always look forward to such moments again, but for now, I can only miss you more and more."

"My brother taught me how to climb trees, patiently showing me where to place each foot."

"Your absence really takes my heart to the point in which I can't explain why I always shed tears for not having you around me."

"I want you to know that I'm not idle since you left. Everything you have taught me as being of help and a great guide, but I miss you all the same, brother."

"I kept staring at your seat by the dining table last evening, and it made me realize that I miss you terribly. So I have prepared lots of hugs and kisses for the day I see you again."

"My brother's heart was so big he dedicated his life in service to others."

"In my mind, you are always here with me, brother. I wish I could make it real every day and bring you out of my thoughts to reality."

"Life is so unpredictable, and losing you has been the most significant loss I have ever faced in life. I miss you immensely, and the thought of not seeing you every day saddens me deeply."

"People do change, but please brother, don't change towards me when you return. Let us be best of siblings as always. I have missed you too much to accept your change."

"You are not just my elder brother; you are my everything. You played the role of a friend and parent too, and it is because of you, I live a good life today. Please be safe, big brother, and I miss you."

"I'm learning to continue with what you've taught me, but sometimes I wish you're here to put me through, brother. I miss you so much!"

"Our cherished moments together are all I have on my mind while I count the days left before I can see you again."

"I miss your company, dear brother. I never had a dull moment with you. I was happy and content with the simpler days of our togetherness."

"My heart will always carry your thoughts forever. I wish I can just stop thinking about you but it is impossible."

"No words could express how deeply I love you, dear brother. Your never-ending support towards my endeavors and constant encouragement pushes me to do great things in life. "

"Each moment I spent caring for you, guiding you, watching you grow, and loving you has been etched in my memory forever. While you are away, these memories would be my support to keep remembering the good days."

"You take along a piece of my heart when you go away. I miss our time together, our movie nights, deep heart-to-heart conversations, and our fun activities. I miss every bit of you when you are away."

"I did not realize how much I loved you until you left, and now there is a void only you could fill."

"Your absence feels like you've been away forever. I miss you, brother. You are my inspiration and I can't help myself from missing you."

"Every time I shed tears because I miss your smile and the advice you always render to me. I love you, my sweet brother."

"When it's time to part ways and say 'goodbye' it becomes a difficult moment and it even becomes more difficult when you don't get to see each other for a long time."

"You have been the reason behind my fantastic childhood. You are the light of my life, and it hurts me not to see you every day. I wish we get back together soon, brother, and reminisce our good old days of happiness and togetherness."

"Your absence makes me feel the house is empty. Maybe it truly is. Brother, I miss you too much to be calm. Come back quickly."

"I could embrace my flaws because you always encouraged me to be confident in who I am. My life would have been incomplete without you, dear brother, and while you are away, I can do nothing but miss you immensely."

"My brother was older than I and was a true big brother to me. I miss him dearly."

"We have been partners in crime, confidante for one another, and dependable support over the years. Your going away has affected me deeply, and each day, I miss you more, brother."

"Our brother-sister bond is like none other. My life is beautiful because you are in it, and I cannot imagine living without you around. Please come back soon. I miss you every day."

"We redefined sibling love when we were together. I know we had to part our ways and go on, but I look forward to seeing you again. Until then, I miss you, brother."

"Sometimes I feel life without a brother is meaningless. Maybe I'm overeating to your absence, but I know it's the truth. I really miss you."

"We shared the same womb, we have had childhood memories together, but distance has separated us now. Yet, I yearn for those old times because I miss you, my brother."

"You are one of the most important people in my life, and when you are not around, I miss you terribly."

"I am drowned in the pain of not seeing you every day, dear brother. Missing you has now become my habit, and I wish you meet me soon. Until then, your sister will miss you every second."

"I can't possibly tell why I quickly lost my weight as soon as you left but I believe that the love between two siblings is powerful."

Cute Quotes About Missing Your Brother

There is nothing as amazing as having a brother and nothing as painful as having to stay apart from them. With these missing brother quotes, you can still send your brother messages. Sending them messages will show how much you've missed them. You will find cute quotes to use when missing your brother as you keep reading. Here is a list of cute quotes about missing your brother.

"Your jokes made me laugh, your love for me made me cry, your protectiveness made me courageous, and with you, I grew stronger."

"Once a brother, always a brother, no matter the distance, no matter the difference, and no matter the issue." -Byron Pulsifer

"When you were away, I realized how important you have been to me. I know we fight and have our differences, but your presence in my life makes it beautiful. I miss you."

"I always want to hear your voice. You can call it selfishness, but I know you're unique and with you, brother, the world is beautiful. I miss you."

"Am pleased that I have you as my brother. I miss you so much my sweet lovely best friend and brother."

"When you were here, you gave me hope; it felt like heaven."

"When I hear a voice similar to yours, my face brightens with smile. You are precious to me, brother."

"There was no room for boredom when you were around. Brother, I miss your company and wish you were here to brighten the day with your jokes."

"My brother was known as a fair and just man and always treated me that way."

"Some say distance separates two hearts. I don't believe that brother. If distance tries to separate us, blood will bring us closer together again."

"My brother was older, often wiser, but most of all, he was my brother!"

"I am lucky to have a brother like you. Your presence in my life gives me the strength to fight every battle and the courage to leap with confidence. You are my lifeline, and I miss you."

"My brother could be a prankster, and it was his little devilish laughter that always made me giggle."

"A sibling is the lens through which you see your childhood." -Ann Hood

"Being your sister is my privilege. I feel blessed to have a smart, handsome, caring, and protective brother like you. Love you, dear brother, and miss you."

"Waiting for you every day, I imagine what it would be like to reunite and have you back in my life. I miss you, brother."

"You are my protective angel, and I miss talking to you, hugging you, and being around you. I miss our long discussions and sweet fights over the last bagel. Brother, come soon because I miss you."

"I may not be the best sister in the world, but you are the best brother. I could not ask for a better companion to grow up with, and I would continue thanking my stars for gifting you to me."

"It feels so different because my favourite sibling is not here. I guess he'll smile when he sees this message and plan to come home soon."

"Missing you has been a great struggle. I know you feel the same way too. I love you, brother and I know our meeting together again will be beautiful."

"Though we disagree a lot when you're here, but my heart misses you completely when you're away. That's what I feel like right now."

"Dear brother, you are my guiding light, my protective armor, my source of happiness, and a friend I can always count on. When you are with me, I love every second of our time spent together."

"It takes a special person to place everyone before themselves and lay down their life; that was my brother."

"My brother was of service to his own family all his life."

"You have consoled me in times when I needed the right words to keep living. You are special bro."

"The beauty of genuine brotherhood and peace is more precious than diamonds or silver or gold." -Martin Luther King, Jr.

"You have been my shelter and the protective shield of my life, big brother. I cannot wait to see you soon, and I miss you."

"Half the time when brothers wrestle, it's just an excuse to hug each other." -James Patterson

"When you are not around, I feel lonely and crave your presence in my life. I am waiting for you to come back soon and till then, I will miss you."

"You are my shining star, and while you are away at work, I miss our little moments and fights. Come back soon so that we can create those memories again."

"I love you, and I miss you immensely. Sending infinite virtual kisses and hugs while you are away. I cannot wait to meet you. Please come back soon."

"Nothing can feel the same until we meet and share the hugs and make plans to create more memories that will last me even when you're gone for a long time."

"I honor my brother's sacrifice, the same way I honored him when he was alive."

"If there is the possibility to always be together in this life; I will have grabbed the opportunity to live with you forever."

"I know we have all grown up and gone our different ways, but to me, I wish I could keep you close forever. I miss you, brother."

"There is no love like the love for a brother. There is no love like the love from a brother." -Astrid Alauda

Quotes About Missing Your Younger Brother

It is not always a good feeling to lose your younger brother. It is heartbreaking, and it could have a severe effect on your life. Some quotes can help communicate your grief and affection to your younger brother even after they are gone. Sending these messages because you are missing them due to having to stay apart is also a good idea. Here is a list of quotes to express how much you've missed your younger brother.

"You are and will always be my baby brother. Even though we have had our differences, I know in my heart that you would always be there for me. I miss you, my little brother, come back soon."

"It feels like a million years already. I just want to have you back here and we continue as siblings without distance creating a margin between us. I miss you, brother."

"God knew that I would need a guiding light throughout my life, so he gave me you. Your presence in my life has made every bit of it beautiful. Your advice, care, encouragement, and love have kept me going through thick and thin."

"You have always been there for me as an elder brother and friend. Being away from you only makes me sad. Please come back."

"I keep praying to God that our distance ends soon. I cannot do without you, little brother, and I miss you immensely."

"You were so cute as a baby. I cannot express how much I miss not seeing you around and caring for you every day."

"Your pranks and naughty limericks linger in my mind all day. Life is very dull without you, and I miss all your silly gestures. Come to me soon, brother."

"I'm so glad to have the best brother in the whole world. Even though you're faraway, we still miss each other deeply. That's a beautiful sign."

"Your absence, dear brother, has left me lonely. I keep staring at our room's walls to find your pictures and remember you. I will wait for you; please come back soon."

"I miss you and keep thinking about you all day. Not seeing you every day makes me feel lonely. Although I want you to work harder and achieve great things in life, little brother, I hope we meet soon."

"I have seen you blossom into the man you are today, and I cannot say enough how proud I am of you. While you are away, paving your career path, I will pray for your success and miss you."

"I wish I could ease my pain of staying away from you, brother. I miss you terribly."

"I hope to make you proud one day. I miss you, brother, and I hope that you rest well in heaven."

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