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30 Mitch Lucker Quotes From The Deathcore Singer

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Mitch Lucker was the lead vocalist of the famous death metal band Suicide Silence.

Not just an accomplished singer, Lucker was also a brilliant songwriter and a number of songs are attributed to him. Lucker's musical influence ranged from the likes of Dio and Nirvana to Pantera and Death.

As the frontman of his band, Suicide Silence gained a large fan following. However, the glory was ultimately short lived. Lucker, unfortunately, died in 2012 at the tender age of 28 in a motorcycle accident. Though his music journey has been relatively short, his songs have influenced many metal fans and will continue to do so.

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Best Mitch Lucker Quotes

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Enlisted below are some of the finest Mitch Lucker quotes about life, Mitch Lucker quotes about success along with some of the very best quotes from the cool songwriter.

1. "I think being a frontman is the greatest job and I get to do this every day."

- Mitch Lucker.

2. “Keep listening to music, it gets you through everything. I promise."

- Mitch Lucker.

3. "I think the general population of people just don't think. It's actually proven that people just use the part of the brain they have to, to get through the day. They don't sit there and ponder over the big picture stuff."

- Mitch Lucker.

4. “I think with a lot of producers, they think computers can create the best drum track, or guitar track and it comes off as too artificial.”

- Mitch Lucker.

5. "The danger in it. Being a frontman in a band, you get addicted to adrenaline rushes."

- Mitch Lucker.

6. "Jon Davis of Korn and Frank Mullen of Suffocation are some of my favorite bands and from that moment, we started a conversation and that lead to the song."

- Mitch Lucker.

7. "My brother knew I knew the words, so he came inside the house and he's like 'Hey Mitch, come out here and sing'. I did it and after that I started a band with my older brother. That's how I got started."

- Mitch Lucker.

Famous Mitch Lucker Quotes

In this category, you will find Mitch Lucker fear quotes, inspirational metal quotes, Mitch Lucker songs and some of the most famous Mitch Lucker quotes.

8. "You only live once, for a very short time. So make every second divine."

- Mitch Lucker.

9. "When I get home from touring, I need to find something to match that so I don't get my adrenaline withdrawals. Being exposed to every element of danger while you're sitting on a motor - that, to me, is freedom."

- Mitch Lucker.

10. "In 2008, we had barely put our first album out and a lot of people were unsure about us on that tour. But the crowds were insane to say the least."

- Mitch Lucker.

11. "I just want to be considered a heavy metal band, because metal has always been around and will always be around. We're just a heavier version of metal. Heavy metal will never go away. It's like a cockroach. It's the best title, because we play metal that's heavy."

- Mitch Lucker.

12. "This time, we went up to Big Bear for 3-4 weeks and sequestered ourselves writing this album ‘The Black Crown’".

- Mitch Lucker.

13. "Everything's filthy. But you know what? One day it's not gonna be here. So just be glad you know what life is. You're alive. Live."

- Mitch Lucker.

Quotes From Suicide Silence

Here, you will find some of the very best Suicide Silence lyrics.

14. "War berates us

The simplest heartbeat connects us

Rivers all flow into the ocean

I will meet you at the bottom."

- Suicide Silence, ‘Silence’.

15. "In your own head, haunted still by me

Still depicted so violently, so burn them down

Inhale this lung full, of pure inspiration

And I promise that all your burden and worry will disappear."

- Suicide Silence, ‘Smoke’.

16. "I'm two steps away

So why don't you kill me?"

- Suicide Silence, ‘Two Steps’.

17. "With every breath you take you're dying

With every step we take we're falling apart

If we only had one chance we'd breathe."

- Suicide Silence, ‘You Only Live Once’.

18. "You're worthless; you plague humanity

Be nothing without me."

- Suicide Silence, ‘Bludgeoned To Death’.

19. "Lifting the weight of the world

So take this lung full of pure inspiration

Inhale this lung full to make me smile

And then we'll talk up a real conversation."

- Suicide Silence, ‘Smoke’.

20. "This is no hallucination

This is what we have become

This is what dreams are made of

Go look in the mirror."

- Suicide Silence, ‘Wake Up’.

21. "I will break you before I break myself

Such a waste of time, of space, of life

And I will destroy you before I destroy myself

Instinctively you'll learn to love yourself."

- Suicide Silence, ‘Listen’.

22. "For all the prayers that go


Why do you think that is?"

- Suicide Silence, ‘Unanswered’.

23. "I'm gonna sit back with my shades on

Watching you make all the same mistakes we all went through."

- Suicide Silence, ‘Slaves To Substance’.

24. "All these years of torment

You were supposed to guide me

You were supposed to guard me

Instead you make me sick."

- Suicide Silence, ‘Love Me To Death’.

25. "A public without their lungs

Your relentless prowess helped so many."

- Suicide Silence, ‘Inherit The Crown’.

26. "My mind is not mine, it belongs to dark divine

Relax into the pain, self-inflicting medicine

I drive myself insane, with thoughts I can't explain

I will become your pain, close your eyes and go away."

- Suicide Silence, ‘Feel Alive’.

27. "Like a kite, my mind is soaring high

Through the sky every day and night

And way up high, I can still see just fine

Don't worry, everything will be all right."

- Suicide Silence, ‘O.C.D’.

28. "I would drag myself through a mile of broken glass

Just to watch you cease to exist

Lights out, go to sleep, I hope you never wake up

I want nothing more than to."

- Suicide Silence, ‘Cease To Exist’.

29. "One day there will be no more pain like an opiate wonderland

No more worry, it will all just end

And all our forward movement will finally cease."

- Suicide Silence, ‘Disengage’.

30. "Inside, inside your head you're wasting away,

Away right in front of my eyes,

So get lifted. Dependent on this artificial, feeling.


- Suicide Silence, ‘Lifted’.

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