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15+ Persona 5 Quotes From The Megami Tensei Franchise

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Persona 5 is a video game series that involves role-playing, and this is the fifth game of the series.

Persona 5 is developed by Atlus, P-Studio, and is a part of the Megami Tensei Franchise. It involves a fantasy that follows reality, where a group of teenagers is troubled.

The protagonist, Joker, and other high school students form a group called 'Phantom Thieves Of Hearts' where all these students are awakened with a special power to seek freedom from the malevolent adults who have doomed the lives of these teenagers into lives of slavery. Joker is the protagonist character of the series and has gained the love of folks from various places throughout the globe. Here are some quotes when ambushing Persona 5, Persona 5 protagonist quotes, Persona 5 Futaba quotes, Persona 5 awakening quotes, Morgana quotes Persona 5, Persona 5  Joker quotes, and many more to add a touch of joy to your lives.

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Persona 5 Inspirational Quotes

Here is an ultimate collection of Persona 5 battle quotes, Persona 5 all-out attack quotes, Persona 5 Yusuke quotes, Persona 5 Arsene quotes, Persona 5 Iwai quotes, and Persona 5 funny quotes to help you find inspiration.

1. "None of these people know that I was an undesirable child. I wanted people to rely on me... I wanted to be needed... I devoted myself to my studies, acted as an honor student, and made my name as an ace detective And thanks to the nav app and the persona bestowed upon me by the Gods I manage to dispose of any who got in my way Though it took me some time to finally do so... ...all it remains is to tell him."

- Goro Akechi

2. "Who's the high lord?

Who thinks he's better than us?

Ain't it a crime, that?

Is there a mission for us?"

- Lyn Imaizumi.

3. "I realized that personal relationships are something to be treasured. That's why I'm not going to run away anymore. I'll face myself head-on."

- Ann Takamaki.

4. "The phantom thieves are the best thieves in the job."

- Joker.

5. "This is the only place I wanna stay! Don't leave me behind!"

- Morgana.

6. "I doubt something as dangerous as your group could've been pulled off with orthodox methods. It wouldn't be odd if you had someone that was proficient in deceiving the eyes of others... ...If you're listening, then answer me!"

- Sae Niijima.

7. "We have decided to steal away those desires and make you confess your sins. This will be done tomorrow, so we hope you will be ready ."

- Suguru Kamoshida.

8. "People around me were the ones who kept it secret. Adults who want to share in my accomplishments, students who have the drive to become winners...They willingly protect it so we all may profit from it."

- Suguru Kamoshida.

9. "So adamant... Rather than accept life in cinders... You'd strive towards splendor-- you know the risk... Well, if those really are the shoes, you've chosen... Then we'll dance to the end. I am thou, thou art I... Accept this contract... The spell cast upon you."

- Cendrillon.

Best Persona 5 Quotes

Person playing on the video game console on TV by holding hands game pad.

Iwai quotes Persona 5 "what are ya selling" is very prominent among all the Persona 5 players across the world, and so here are some quotes that you will definitely love to read.

10. "You help me out with my 'business'... Smugglin' goods, destroyin' evidence... And as a reward, I'll introduce you to the 'special menu,' with good prices for a punk like you. ...Whaddaya say? Not bad, huh?"

- Munehisa Iwai.

11. "Don't take me too lightly! I can ruin your day in an instant."

- Haru Okumura.

12. "It's a little too late to give up now!"

- Futaba Sakura.

13. "Stop lookin' down on me with that stupid smile on your face! "

- Ryuji Sakamoto.

14. "Take your Heart"

- Phantom Thieves.

15. "My mom was very nice and cheerful. I wish she was still there..."

- Futaba Sakura.

16. "How can you say people are free when they're chained up in prisons in this broken world!?"

- Morgana.

17. "Your dreams are much more complex than you think."

- Joker.

18. "...The time has come.

The time is finally at hand... I am the other you, dwelling in the realm of mankind's hearts."

- Azathoth.

19. "Don't get all cocky because I normally behave myself. I am done playing nice!"

- Makoto.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly quotes for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for Persona 5 quotes then why not take a look at Max Payne quotes, or video games quotes.

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