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26 Quotes About Gems That Everyone Must Know

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The origin of gems can be traced back to 1600 BC, during the time of the Greeks.

Gems, also known as gemstones or precious stones, were believed to be powerful metaphysical objects capable of granting immense power to those who manipulated them. Gemstones appeared in the form of sapphires, diamonds, garnets, and pearls.

Gems were known for their luster and hardness, and as such, the best gem quote is, "A gem cannot be polished without friction, nor a person perfected without trials," by Lucius Annaeus Seneca. Do you love gems quotes? Let's go through these lists together, where you'll find funny gem quotes, thought-provoking gem quotes, and fascinating gem quotes from all over the world that you should know.

Funny Gems Quotes

Here are some funny gem quotes that will bring smiles to your face.

These quotes about gems will make you laugh.

"I think men who have a pierced ear are better prepared for marriage. They've experienced pain and bought jewelry."

- Rita Rudner.

"Jewelry takes people’s minds off your wrinkles!"

- Mae West.

"Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and dogs are a man’s best friend. Now you know which sex has more sense."

- Zsa Zsa Gabor.

"I never hated a man enough to give him his diamonds back."

- Anita Loos.

"Big girls need big diamonds."

- Elizabeth Taylor.

"I ain’t no charity, I’m a commodity."

- Baby Billy Freeman, 'They Are Weak, But He Is Strong.'

"Do gems burn, I wonder? 'This said they’re kin to coal."

- Terry Pratchett, 'The Color Of Magic.'

Thought-Provoking Gems Quotes

These thought-provoking quotes about gems will shine light through your soul and inspire you.

"Nobility, without virtue, is a fine setting without a gem."

- Jane Porter.

"Precious gems are profoundly buried in the earth and can only be extracted at the expense of great labor."

- Anandamayi Ma.

"The cutting of the gem has to be finished before you can see whether it shines."

- Leonard Cohen.

"Gems, in fact, are a species of mineral flower; they are the blossoms of the dark, hard mine; and what they want in perfume, they make up in durability."

- Harriet Beecher Stowe.

"Let us carve gems out of our stony hearts and let them light our path to love."

- Rumi.

"Rich and various gems inlay the unadorned bosom of the deep."

- John Milton.

Fascinating Gems Quotes

Gems are fascinating objects in themselves. Here are some fascinating quotes about them.

"The pearl is the queen of gems and the gem of queens."

- Grace Kelly.

"Dive and dive again, you will never come to the bottom of these depths. How many millions of dazzling pearls and gems are at this moment hidden in the deep recesses of the ocean caves."

- Robert Murray M'Cheyne.

"In the bowels of the earth, in the deserted channels of exhausted torrents, in the gloomy depths of the mineral world, stars are concealed that rival in their beauty those of the firmament."

- Shakespeare.

"And these gems of Heav'n, her starry train."

- John Milton.

"Dwell on the beauty of life. Watch the stars, and see yourself running with them."

- Marcus Aurelius, 'Meditations.'

"As the flint contains the spark, unknown to itself, which the steel alone can awaken to life, so adversity often reveals to us hidden gems, which prosperity or negligence would forever have hidden."

- Josh Billings.

"For those who live by faith, the cross is a treasure more valuable than gold and precious stones."

- Basil Moreau.

Gems Quotes You Should Know

Here are the gems quotes that you should get acquainted with.

"Shed not for her a bitter tear, nor give the heart to vain regret. 'Tis but the casket that lies here; the gem that fills it sparkles yet."

- Belle Starr.

"Guard well your spare moments. They are like uncut diamonds. Discard them and their value will never be known. Improve them and they will become the brightest gems in a useful life."

- Ralph Waldo Emerson.

"If a gem falls into mud, it is still valuable. If dust ascends to heaven, it remains valueless."

- Saadi.

"Don't be a hard rock when you really are a gem!"

- Lauryn Hill.

"The only real treasure is in your head. Memories are better than diamonds, and nobody can steal them from you."

- Rodman Philbrick.

"Quartz crystals, tiger eye, amethyst, tourmaline, obsidian, and onyx are all used to protect against emotional distress, danger, psychic attack, empathy, and oversensitivity."

- Judy Dyer.

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