20+ 'Shaun Of The Dead' Quotes From The Hilarious Teen Horror

Quotes from 'Shaun Of The Dead' are absolutely hilarious.

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'Shaun Of The Dead' is a horror-comedy directed by Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost star in it as the main characters Shaun and Ed.

Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright came up with the idea for the film from their television series 'Spaced', mainly from an episode where Simon Pegg's character hallucinates a zombie outbreak. It is a fun play of the film 'Dawn Of The Dead'.

The horror-comedy movie was a success and led to Edgar Wright receiving critical acclaim for the movie along with its cast and crew. The story follows Shaun, who lives with his best friend Ed (Nick Frost) who has a tendency to leave the front door always open. Shaun is seen to be an easy-going character who lives a rather predictable life. The only unpredictable part of his life is his love interest Liz (Kate Ashfield) who wants Shaun to turn his life around. After the town is overrun with horror when a zombie apocalypse begins, Shaun paints his hands red in blood and takes it upon himself to save his close ones and shows bravado.

With all that said, here are some of the funniest quotes from the movie including the recurring “you have got red on you” quote!

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'Shaun Of The Dead' Quotes From Shaun

Quotes from 'Shaun Of The Dead' are incredible!

Here are some of the funniest quotes from Shaun who's played by Simon Pegg that you can quote which people will love!

1. “Shaun: Listen, Mum, what sort of state is Philip in?

Barbara: Oh, he's fine. Bit under the weather.

Shaun: We may have to kill my step-dad.”

- 'Shaun Of The Dead'.

2. “Shaun: Christ! What the hell do you think you're doing?

Ed: Chill out. Everyone's all right.

Shaun: Stop telling me to chill out!”

- 'Shaun Of The Dead'.

3. “Shaun: All right, I've got a car outside, but it's going to be a bit cramped, so has anyone got transport?

Dianne: Yes, yes!

Shaun: Great, where?

Dianne: Oh? No, well I passed my test.”

- 'Shaun Of The Dead'.

4. “Dogs can look up!”

― Shaun.

5. “David: Well, I wasn't the one who was blowing our cover by having a tiff with my boyfriend.

Shaun: He's not my boyfriend!

Ed: Might be a bit warm, the cooler's off

Shaun: Thanks, babe.”

- 'Shaun Of The Dead'.

6. “Shaun: Pete? Pete!?

Ed: Why don't we just go up there?

Shaun: Don't go up there!

Ed: Why?

Shaun: A, He might be one of them or B, He might still be annoyed at you.”

- 'Shaun Of The Dead'.

7. “Shaun: Look I've known Ed since primary school, you know. I like having him around, he's a laugh.

Pete: What, because he can impersonate an orangutan?”

- 'Shaun Of The Dead'.

8. “Things will change, I promise.”

― Shaun.

9. “What’s the matter, David? Never taken a shortcut before?”

― Shaun.

10. “How’s that for a slice of fried gold?”

― Shaun.

11. “You know, I don't think I've got it in me to shoot my flatmate, my mum, and my girlfriend all in the same night.”

― Shaun.

12. “Follow me! Come on! Come and get it! It's a running buffet! All you can eat!”

― Shaun.

13. “Ed: Any zombies out there?

Shaun: Don't say that!

Ed: What?

Shaun: That!

Ed: What?

Shaun: The zed-word. Don't say it!

Ed: Why not?

Shaun: Because it's ridiculous!”

- 'Shaun Of The Dead'.

14. “Liz: It's just that with Ed here, it's no wonder I always bring my flatmates out, and then that only exacerbates things.

Shaun: What you mean?

Well, you guys hardly get on, do you?

Shaun: No, I mean, what does 'exacerbates' mean?”

- 'Shaun Of The Dead'.

'Shaun Of The Dead' Ed Quotes

Quotes from Shaun Of The Dead are funny.

Some of the funniest quotes from Ed played by Nick Frost, who likes to take things easy in life and kill time by playing games!

15. “I'm not going to bombard you with clichés. But what I will say is this - It's not the end of the world.”

― Ed.

16. “Ed: You gonna thank me then?

Shaun: For what?

Ed: Tidying up!

Shaun: Doesn't look that tidy.

Ed: Well, I had a few beers when I finished.”

- 'Shaun Of The Dead'.

17. “Ed: There's a girl in the garden.

Shaun: What?

Ed: In the garden, there is a girl.”

- 'Shaun Of The Dead'.

18. “Ed: You didn't tell me Barbara had a Jaguar. I've always wanted to drive one of those.

Shaun: Yeah, well, it's Philip's, okay? He won't let anybody near it.”

- 'Shaun Of The Dead'.

19. “Video game: Player 2 has entered the game.

Ed: Don't you have work?

Video game: Player 2 has left the game.”

- 'Shaun Of The Dead'.

20. “Ed: The 'Batman' soundtrack?"

Shaun: Throw it.”

- 'Shaun Of The Dead'.

21. “Who died and made you king of the zombies?”

― Ed.

22. “You got your pint. You got your pig snack. What more do you want?”

― Ed.

23. “Ed: What's up with your hand, man?

Pete: I got mugged on the way home from work.

Ed: By who?

Pete: I don't know. One of them bit me.”

- 'Shaun Of The Dead'.

24. “Shaun: Oh my God! She's so drunk!

Ed: How much did you have, love? Oh, think she likes you, think she wants a cuddle.”

- 'Shaun Of The Dead'.

Quotes From Other Characters

'Shaun Of The Dead' funny quotes coming from the secondary characters of the movie which are some of the funniest quotes in the movie that shows how ridiculous the is situation!

25. “I'm perfectly alright, Barbara. I ran it under a cold tap.”

― Philip.

26. “Diane: You promised you'd get us free cable.

Shaun: I'm working on that!

Diane: Okay.”

- 'Shaun Of The Dead'.

27. “Dianne: I don't think he'd leave us, Davs.

David: Wouldn't he? Liz, how can you put your faith in a man you spectacularly binned for being unreliable?”

- 'Shaun Of The Dead'.

28. “All Ed ever does is hold you back! Or does it make your life easier having someone around who's more of a loser than you?”

― Pete.

29. “Just look at the face: it's vacant, with a hint of sadness. Like a drunk who's lost a bet.”

― Dianne.

30. “Pete: All right, I admit, he can pretty funny on occasion. Like that time we stayed up all night drinking apple Schnapps and playing 'Tekken 2'.

Shaun: Oh yeah. When was that?

Pete: That was five years ago. When's he going home?”

- 'Shaun Of The Dead'.

31. “Basically, I'd say your nine lives are up, Shaun.”

― David.

32. “You were 12 when I met you. You'd already grown up so much. I just wanted you to be strong and not give up because you lost your dad.”

― Philip.

33. “To recap, it is vital that you stay in your homes.”

― News Reader.

34. “Liz: How many shells have we got left?

Shaun: Um...two. I suppose we could, you know, take a few of them out if they stand in a line.”

- 'Shaun Of The Dead'.

35. “The assailants can be stopped by removing the head or destroying the brain.”

― News Reader.

36. “You've got red on you.”

- 'Shaun Of The Dead'.

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