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21 Snakes On A Plane Quotes From The Infamous Samuel L. Jackson Movie

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'Snakes On A Plane' is a Golden Schmoes award-winning American movie, which was released on 18 August 2006 by New Line Cinema.

It is basically an action thriller film directed by David. R. Ellis. If you're expecting an absolute action movie, then this has to be the perfect choice with Samuel L. Jackson portraying the protagonist in the movie.

This outstanding movie, 'Snakes On A Plane', is all about how the crew survived in a plane that was filled with 100 venomous snakes. These snakes were released in the passenger plane in order to kill a trial witness on the flight, but Neville Flynn, an FBI agent, also takes the same flight. That's where the film takes a different twist.

Even before the movie was first released, it had built up a huge fanbase, and people were excited about this film. And so, just after the release, many movie fanatics made parodies and videos based on it, and several novels, comic books, and video games were also published based on this New Line Cinema production. It is one of the landmark movies for David. R. Ellis.

This cinematic masterpiece stands out of the crowd as it is successful beyond the plot, for example 'Snakes On A Plane' has the perfect choice of stars, starring Samuel L. Jackson who steals the show and makes his way into the hearts of many viewers.

For such a great action movie, we need to know more about it! For this reason, we have provided some of the best movie quotes from this film right here. If you like what you read, check out these [Samuel L Jackson quotes] and Jaws quotes for more.

'Snakes On A Plane' Famous Quotes

Airplane Boeing 747

MAny of us love snakes, but in this film they are truly terrifying. These 'Snakes On A Plane' quotes are all gathered from our favorite movie, including Samuel L. Jackson's famous catchphrase from the film: "Enough is enough!".

1. "Sean Jones: Flynn, it's too hot.

Neville Flynn: I'm from Tennessee. I hadn't noticed."

- 'Snakes On A Plane'.

2. "Enough is enough. I have had it with these monkey fighting snakes on this Monday through Friday plane."

- Neville Flynn.

3. "Neville: So, ugh, you're pretty good at this game, right?

Troy: Yes, man. No problem. Well, I mean, my old brother Randy has got a high score, but I'm good."

- 'Snakes On A Plane'.

4. "Neville: Brakes, Troy!

Troy: Uh, this part ain't in the game!"

- 'Snakes On A Plane'.

5. "Troy: Jesus Christ. We're all dead!

Neville: Not me.

Troy: It's not a video game. It's a flight simulator."

- 'Snakes On A Plane'.

6. "Jones: What was the first thing you ever told me?

Neville: Do as I say, and you live.

Jones: Exactly. Now it's your turn. Do as I say, and you will live."

- 'Snakes On A Plane'.

7 ."Emmett Bradley: You try to land west to east you'll come in too fast to control.

Troy: Well, I suggest you speed up clearing the rest of the runways..."

- 'Snakes On A Plane'.

8 ."They say that the higher you aim, the farther you fall."

- Eddie Kim.

9. "Sean Jones: Never flown first class before.

Neville Flynn: See, things are looking up already."

- 'Snakes On A Plane'.

10. "Time is tissue. Make it fast; time is tissue."

- Dr. Steven Price.

Great Quotes From Snakes On A Plane

'Snakes On A Plane' is one of the movies with the best sense of thrill for viewers. Here are some more movie quotes that are full of all the fun elements of the film. Some of these Samuel L Jackson 'Snakes On A Plane' quotes are way too funny.

11. "Claire: I went through a pyromaniac phase when I was younger.

Neville: You too, huh?"

- 'Snakes On A Plane'.

12. "Troy: This Troy, wait here! Next to me is my man

Neville. He's my brother from another mother."

- 'Snakes On A Plane'.

13. " Leroy: That's what I'm talking about.

Troy: I got bit, too."

- 'Snakes On A Plane'.

14 ."Mercedes Harbont: Why don't we just take a picture?

Paul: Oh, sure, let's drop it off at Jiffy Photo when we land, Einstein.

Mercedes Harbont: Ever heard of e-mail?"

- 'Snakes On A Plane'.

15 ."You think I didn't exhaust every other option? He saw me!"

- Eddie Kim.

16. "Everybody listen up! We have to put a barrier between us and the snakes!"

- Neville Flynn.

17. "Neville Flynn: I need you to stay up here.

Sean Jones: Why?

Neville Flynn: Because if you die, then all of this was for nothing."

- 'Snakes On A Plane'.

18. "You don't think I know it's hotter than hell in here? We also have abnormal vibrations in engines one and two. I had no choice but to throttle back."


19. "Rick: Oh, my. I was hoping you'd be the sky-candy on this flight. You're looking especially delicious this evening.

Claire Miller: I love it when you demean me, Rick."

- 'Snakes On A Plane'.

20. "Neville Flynn: Hey, hey, hey, we have to figure something out.

Rick: All right. Well, I know what I gotta do. We're in a 200-foot aluminum tube, and we're 30,000 feet in the air... Figure that out."

- 'Snakes On A Plane'.

21. "Neville: We need weapons. Do you have any silverware or cutlery?

Claire: We don't have any silverware. All we have are these-

Neville: Sporks?"

- 'Snakes On A Plane'.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly quotes for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for 'Snakes On A Plane' quotes, then why not take a look at these ['Jurassic Park' quotes], or airplane movie quotes to open up a whole new world of movie quotes?

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