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'Stand and Deliver' (1988) is an American movie based on the true story of Jaime Escalante, who was a mathematics teacher at the inner-city school of Garfield High in East Los Angeles.

Edward James Olmos, who played the role of Escalante, was nominated for the Best Actor at the 61st Academy Awards. The movie bagged the Independent Spirit Award for Best Feature.

'Stand and Deliver' written by Murray Chapman, portrays how a teacher inspires his drop-out students to learn calculus. He encourages them and prepares them to write the final exam where the students were suspected of cheating. Through hard work and dedication, they proved to Americans that they can do it. The message behind 'Stand and Deliver' is to be positive, aim high and achieve your goals.

The main cast of this film are Edward James Olmos (Jaime Escalante), Estelle Harris (Secretary), Rosanna DeSoto (Fabiola Escalante), Virginia Paris (Raquel Ortega), Will Gotay (Pancho), Lou Diamond Phillips (Angel Guzman), and Vanessa Marquez (Ana Delgado).

Here are a few Edward James Olmos 'Stand And Deliver' quotes to motivate every student. Also, check out our other articles 'A Beautiful Mind' quotes and Coach Carter quotes.

'Stand And Deliver' Movie Quotes

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The main idea behind this movie 'Stand and Deliver' is that encouragement and hard work can rewrite the fate of the students. 'Stand and deliver' means every person can achieve the goals if they work hard and aim positively. Here are a few famous dialogues from the movie that would inspire and motivate you.

1. "There will be no free rides, no excuses. You already have two strikes against you: your name and your complexion. Because of those two strikes, there are some people in this world who will assume that you know less than you do. *Math* is the great equalizer... When you go for a job, the person giving you that job will not want to hear your problems; ergo, neither do I. You're going to work harder here than you've ever worked anywhere else. And the only thing I ask."

-Jaime Escalante.

2." I am *El Cyclone,* from... Bolivia. One-man gang. This classroom is *my* domain. Don't give me no gas, or I'll jump on your face and tattoo your chromosomes... If the only thing you know how to do is add and subtract, you will only be prepared to do one thing: Pump gas."

-Jaime Escalante.

3. "This girl's gotta do some work from the neck up. We're going to have to stay late again. Of course you know, we have pizza because they deliver. We can get fried chicken, hamburgers with cheese. We'll need donations. No, really, you owe me money anyway. You don't deserve the grades you're getting."

-Jaime Escalante.

4. "I don't appreciate you using my personal life to entertain this class."


5. "I started washing dishes for a nickel an hour. Now I own this place. Did *I* waste *my* life?"

-Mr. Delgado.

6. "Good! Why don't you put on an apron and give us a hand?"

-Mr. Delgado.

7. "Mr. Escalante, you put these kids under an awful lot of pressure. They would have gone to any lengths to please you."


8. "Well... every night when I go to bed, I watch the television news. I see a lot of people go on trial. They always deny everything, or their lawyers say they were insane at the time. A lot of them get off. But I believe that most people who get caught today are guilty. Don't you?"


9. "You the man, you know? Why don't you put them in college, huh? So dumb taco benders like me can pick their vegetables for them, collect their garbage, clip their poodles' toenails. I may be a sinner, but I'm willing to pay for my sins."


10."I got more bad news for you, *profe.* I know this is really gonna trip you out, but... I forgot my pencil."


Best Quotes From 'Stand And Deliver'

"Life is not about how many times you fall down. It’s about how many times you get back up." This is one of the best quotes by Jaime Escalante. Though the story is considered a real version of the story, Escalante himself revealed that the film was 90 percent truth and 10 percent drama.

Best quotes by Edward James Olmos and others that you can never forget.

11. "You're like a blind man, in a dark room, looking for a black cat that isn't there!"

-Mr. Escalante.

12. "Mr. Escalante. Mr. Escalante. Did you hear the news; we got the computers."


13.  "Hey, Kemo, you should be proud of me, man! I'm the first dude here. What's calcoolus?"


14. "Did you know that neither the Greeks nor the Romans were capable of using the concept of zero? It was your ancestors, the Mayans, who first contemplated the zero. The absence of value. True story. You *burros* have math in your blood... A negative times a negative equals a positive. Why?"

-Jaime Escalante.

15."Tough guys don't do math. Tough guys fry chicken for a living."

-Jaime Escalante.

'Stand And Deliver' Jaime Escalante Quotes

The students named Jaime Escalante as 'Kimo,' after Tonto's nickname for the Lone Ranger, Kemo Sabe. Jamie Escalante believed that every student is capable of learning if given the proper motivation. Here are a few beautiful Jamie Escalante quotes.

16. "If you don't have the *ganas,* I will give it to you because I'm an expert."

-Jaime Escalante.

17. "Where are you going? Late for another date? She's got more boyfriends than Elizabeth Taylor."

-Jaime Escalante.

18. "You think you got it, Johnny? Think you have the answer?"

-Jaime Escalante.

19. "She'll just get fat, waste her life away in your restaurant. You have to understand - she's a top student."

-Jaime Escalante.

20. "Ana could go to college, come back, and teach you how to run this place."

-Jaime Escalante.

21.  "Tip, for Ana. By the way, I notice you put hot chilies in your dip to sell extra beer - don't you?"

-Jaime Escalante.

22. "Do you think the students cheated?"

-Jaime Escalante.

23. "You only see the turn, you don't see the road ahead."

-Jaime Escalante.

24. "You know what kills me... it's that they lost the confidence in the system they're now finally qualified to be a part of. I don't know why I'm losing sleep over this. I don't need it. I could be making more money, with less hours, and have people treat me with respect."

-Jaime Escalante.

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