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22 Sturgill Simpson Quotes

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Sturgill Simpson landed on the gushy green lands of America on June 8, 1978. 

The American singer, songwriter, and actor released several albums. Sturgill Simpson encourages the youth to leave their comfort zone and experiment with different styles of music. He also won prestigious awards, like the Grammy Awards, for his remarkable performance. 

Sturgill Simpson has developed an interest in acting and has been featured in three films and a TV show in 2019. Simpson's father worked as an undercover agent of the Kentucky State Police. For the working culture, Sturgill Simpson and his family had to relocate to Versailles, where he closed the last chapter of his graduation at Woodford Country High School. Members of the maternal side of Simpson's family had been coal miners. But Sturgill chose a different path for him. Sturgill Simpson had been a mediocre student throughout his education. He joined the US Navy during his senior year for around three years. He then moved to Japan, followed by Seattle. Finally, he landed back in his hometown Kentucky.

Funny Sturgill Simpson Quotes

"I'm glad to all the non-risk takers."

"I just can't sit down and write three verses and a chorus and a bridge anymore. I just don't find it inspiring."

"Anytime I ever have met someone that was very angry or full of negativity, nine times out of ten, if you really take a good look at that person's life, there's probably not a whole a lot of love going on there."

"I thought it was hilarious when 'Brace for Impact' was released. and people said I had abandoned country, even though the song is dripping with pedal steel. If anything, that tells me I'm making progress."

Short Sturgill Simpson Quotes

"Everybody is on drugs. Just give 'em what they want."

"I believe framing reality is one of the only ways we can ever be sure it actually exists."

"I could go back to the railroad. I liked that job."

"I fail to see how anything can still be weird in 2016."

“There are no expectations other than those I place on myself to be a great father and husband.” 

"Saviours get crucified."

Sturgill Simpson Quotes On Music

"Some people will say, and have said, that I'm trying to run from country, but I'm never going to make anything other than a country record."

"I'd love to make short film videos pushing the conventional standards of what a country music video can be."

"I love tape. It's another member of the band, the way it settles and blankets everything."

"I knew I wanted to make a concept record in song-cycle form, like my favorite Marvin Gaye records where everything just continuously flows."

"I someday hope to find the time and coin to invest more of my creative energy towards the visual media side of releasing music."

"Consolation of music is different from the one of words. It starts from the inside ... It cries with you instead of telling you to stop crying."

"Fewer and fewer bars are doing live music. Instead, it's more D.J.s and dance parties."

Sturgill Simpson Quotes On Success

"Even with most finite planning you never know what the final result will reveal itself to be until it's staring back at you."

"I lived in Japan for about two years. I spent my time equally between religiously studying Aikido in Shinjuku by day and hard partying in Shibuya and Roppongi by night."

"Anything that I'm naturally curious about, I ger really into. Maybe it's O.C.D. I get really consumed by something until I absorb it, then I'm done with it."

"You can embrace nostalgia and history and tradition t the same time- it has to progress or it can't survive."

"I just don't see myself as a songwriter or a country singer or any of those things anymore. It's more trying to express ideas and emotional textures."

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