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15+ The League Quotes That All Fantasy Football Fans Will Love

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Even building a fantasy league team can be a hassle and is never easy, so let us slow down a bit and relax with these quotes.

Every week it is a challenge to build the perfect team even though the characters in 'The League' never really had that trouble. If you want to be a little like them, then continue reading before battling it out for first position.

'The League' is an American sitcom. It aired from 2009 until 2015 covering seven seasons. This sitcom is about fantasy football league and how a group of people engross in it and ultimately how it affects their lives. This TV series starred Katie Aselton, Mark Duplass, Paul Scheer, Nick Kroll, Stephen Rannazzisi, Jon Lajoie, Jason Mantzoukas and others. The league of Fantasy Football deals with American football, specifically The NFL. Here players make a team based on different players from different teams in the league and compete with one another. The points are given based on the real-life performance of the players. There are a total three types of fantasy football, the traditional where the competition runs for the entire season, the keeper leagues where players are not retained for the entire season and lastly the daily version which a shorter format and is responsible for worldwide betting pools.

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Best Quotes From 'The League'

Rugby / American Football

Here are some of the best fantasy football league quotes along with 'The League' show quotes which include funny quotes like shiva bowl, vinegar strokes, waiver wire, quotes by Ellie, Ruxin, Kevin and Jenny.

1."Doctor: Stress?

Ruxin: Yeah, stress is real. I'm the commissioner of my fantasy football league.

Doctor: You've brought that up several times."

-'The League', Season Four, Episode 10.

2. "Kevin: God, I thought I had it this year. I can't believe it. I really did. And now it just...it's over, so...

Pete: Well, it's not officially over actually. There's still the small matter of the bet.

Kevin: Yeah. The usual bet.

Jenny: You didn't make that same bet again?"

-'The League', Season One, Episode Five.

3. "Who do you think resets the router? You think that just magically happens and everyone gets the wi-fi? No! Someone's got to pull the plug out the back, wait ten seconds and then put it back in. I do that once a month!"

- Kevin MacArthur, 'The League', Season Six, Episode Eight.

4. "Kevin: We want to watch the football games. What are you doing?

Ruxin: Look. My wife is in the mood to cook a Sunday lunch. And so if I'm not allowed to watch the games, none of you can watch the games.

Pete: That's very sweet. Thank you."

-'The League', Season One, Episode Three.

5. "I can't live in a house where I'm not respected as a fantasy football player."

- Kevin MacArthur, 'The League'.

6. "You are not just clients to us, but nameless strangers with money as well."

-Taco, 'The League', Season Four, Episode 13.

Funny Quotes From ‘The League’

Here are funny quotes by Kevin, Jenny, Taco and Andre. If you love 'The League' Rafi quotes, read on!

7. "Rafi: You spend all your time reading books and looking at numbers and letters like they mean something.

Ruxin: They do. Do you know how to read?

Rafi: I get by, all right?"

-'The League', Season Four, Episode Four.

8. "I love when a belt buckle reflects what someone's hobbies are."

-Taco, 'The League', Season Four, Episode 11.

9. "Jenny: You named your dog Kale?

Ruxin: Yeah.

Kevin: I told you in confidence that we were trying to have another baby, and if it's gonna be a boy, we wanted to name it Kale.

Ruxin: It's a great name. We can share the name."

-'The League', Season One, Episode Three.

10. "Taco: Lions don't like playing the game. Yesterday the game was to eat a lot of yogurt.

Andre: President Andrew Jackson?

Taco: Yeah, who else would old hickory be?"

-'The League', Season Two, Episode One.

11. "I get that you guys are skeptical. When Steve Jobs invented the first job, everyone thought he was an idiot, but today, everyone has jobs. And look how well Steve Jobs is doing."

- Taco MacArthur, 'The League', Season Two, Episode Four.

12. "Jenny: I'm been to prison, Ted! You don't scare me!

Kevin: Easy, Shawshank!"

-'The League', Season Four, Episode 12.

13. "We are no longer sitting shiva. We are now sitting Shiva."

-Andre, 'The League', Season Six, Episode One.

Cool Quotes From 'The League'

Enlisted below are best ever 'The League' Taco quotes, Andre quotes and Rafi quotes.

14. "Andre: Let me buy you a drink, on me.

Taco: No, no, that's cool, man. I don't pay for drinks here."

-'The League', Season One, Episode Two.

15. "Jordan Cameron: Did they just steal the coffin?

Cameron Jordan: Should we go get it?

J. J. Watt: No. I'm giving them a 50-yard head start."

-'The League', Season Six, Episode One.

16. "Kevin: This is your plane ticket, Taco.

Taco: Thank you for paying for it, brother. To pay you back, I will teach Ellie to ride a motorcycle.

Kevin: That's not necessary. She's only six."

-'The League', Season Two, Episode One.

17. "Gentlemen, let's just take a moment here to celebrate something that I think we can all agree is truly amazing thing. And that is me! As your current champion and three-time winner I would like to welcome each and every one of you to this fifth season of The League."

-Pete, 'The League', Season One, Episode One.

18. "Pete: All right, I'm thinking we need to up the ante a little bit, all right? I think we need a new trophy.

Kevin: We can't have a new trophy."

-'The League', Season Two, Episode One.

19. "Taco: Kevin, can I use your TV to play Sega Genesis? I just got 'Joel Madden Football,' and I'm getting good at it.

Ruxin: 'Joel Madden Football'?

Taco: Yeah, he's the drummer of Good Charlotte. I guess he just really likes football or something."

-'The League', Season Four, Episode Six.

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