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60 Thought-Provoking Never Satisfied Quotes

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Most people are chasing an ever-elusive imaginary goal of satisfaction, but it keeps changing as we move forward with our lives.

Some believe that a human can never be entirely satisfied because as humans, it is our tendency to keep moving forward achieving one milestone after the other. A person who is never satisfied is generally known as insatiable.

As it so happens, the state of being insatiable can be positive as well as negative, depending upon one's mindset and aim. A person who keeps working hard chasing his dreams can be insatiable as his dreams keep getting bigger and bigger fuelling his passion. But, at the same time, some people can be stuck with their feelings paving way for unhappiness and discontent in their lives while being insatiable. This reflects that being satisfied has its own pros and cons as well. When satisfied, a person isn't worried and lives in a relaxed state of mind but at the same time, after achieving satisfaction a person tends to become lazy and take his foot off the accelerator. Scroll down to read some of the best never-satisfied quotes which will provide you with inspiration during such difficult circumstances.

Famous Never Satisfied Quotes

It is believed that not being satisfied is key to keep moving forward as it encourages a person to pursue their goals with all their might.

"You will never be satisfied with anything less than the highest you can attain."

- Apoorve Dubey.

"Sin is what you do when you are not satisfied in God."

- John Piper.

"And by not accepting what we've been created to accomplish, we'll never feel fully satisfied with what we do accomplish in life."

- Chris Durso.

"Capitalism satisfied the Christian demand for an institution that channels selfish human desire toward the betterment of society. Some critics accuse capitalism of being a selfish system, but the selfishness is not in capitalism - it is in human nature."

- Dinesh D'Souza.

"Inner peace is not found in things like baseball and world championships. As long as I feel I've done the best job I possibly could, I'm satisfied."

- Sparky Anderson.

"Tell the truth through whichever veil comes to hand - but tell it. Resign yourself to the lifelong sadness that comes from never being satisfied."

- Zadie Smith.

"John Muir, the famous naturalist, wrote in his journal that you should never go to Alaska as a young man because you'll never be satisfied with any other place as long as you live. And there's a lot of truth to that."

- Tom Bodett.

"It's funny how, no matter what we have in life, we're never satisfied."

- Yasmine Galenorn.

"I hope I don't get driven to the point where, to be honest, I'm never satisfied. I hope there's some part of me that can be content."

- Ben Schwartz.

"I have no regrets. To regret my past would be to admit I am not satisfied with who or what I have become. Everything I have accomplished and all I have been exposed to - good or evil - has created what sits before you."

- Scott Hildreth.

"But not so odd a name, after all, if you've ever read through the phone directory, with its Hyman Diddlebockers and Sasparilla Greenleafs. I read through the phone book once, never mind when, and it satisfied a deep need in me to realize how many people aren't called Smith."

- Sylvia Plath.

"Man is the only animal whose desires increase as they are fed; the only animal that is never satisfied."

- Henry George.

"The quest for glory can never be satisfied, it must be extinguished."

- Martin Luther.

"The fool has one great advantage over a man of sense; he is always satisfied with himself."

- Napoleon Bonaparte.

"He who is not satisfied with himself will not grow certainly. For he will be but ever lost in his unquenchable thirst surely."

- Munindra Misra.

"Those who do not know satisfaction, even when living in a heavenly palace, are still not satisfied. Those who do not know satisfaction, even if rich, are poor. People who know satisfaction, even if poor, are rich."

- Gautama Buddha.

"The intellectual power is never at rest; it is never satisfied with any comprehended truth, but ever proceeds on and on towards that truth which is not comprehended. So also the will, which follows the apprehension; we see that it is never satisfied with anything finite."

- Giordano Bruno.

"But the man who is ready to taste every form of knowledge, is glad to learn and never satisfied - he's the man who deserves to be called a philosopher, isn't he?"

- Plato.

"A clear rule for self-control handed down by the Fathers is this: stop eating while still hungry and do not continue until you are satisfied."

- John Cassian.

"The stomach is the only part of man which can be fully satisfied. The yearning of man's brain for new knowledge and experience and for more pleasant and comfortable surroundings never can be completely met. It is an appetite which cannot be appeased."

- Thomas Alva Edison.

"We are not satisfied with peace alone. There has to be prosperity, there has to be affluence, there has to be fulfillment in life, not just peace."

- Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

"The fact that man never is satisfied with any stage of his finite development, the fact that nothing finite can hold him, although finitude is his destiny, indicates the indissoluble relation of everything finite to being-itself."

- Paul Tillich.

"We are never satisfied with having done well; and in endeavoring to do better, we do much worse."

- Marie De Rabutin-Chantal, Marquise De Sevigne.

Never Satisfied Quotes To Inspire You

A number of people often tend to give up before reaching their one true goal as they tend to be dissatisfied even after making progress. These quotes will help you fight such notions and keep you on track toward your target.

"Man must never be satisfied with his ability to love. No matter where he is, it is always just the beginning."

- Leo Buscaglia.

"I'm not dissatisfied, just not satisfied in an ultimate sense."

- Ariel Pink.

"There is no man on the face of the earth who can satisfy the deepest longings of a woman's heart. God made us in such a way that we can never be truly satisfied with anything or anyone less than Himself."

- Nancy Leigh DeMoss.

"I hope the time will never come when I shall feel satisfied. To reach the goal of one's ambitions must be tragic."

- N. C. Wyeth.

"If we all blinked out of existence ten minutes from now, would you be satisfied with the life you've led? What would you regret not having done?"

- Jeremey Puma.

"Ambition is an uncomfortable companion many times. He creates a discontent with present surroundings and achievements; he is never satisfied but always pressing forward to better things in the future. Restless, energetic, purposeful, it is ambition that makes of the creature a real man."

- Lyndon B. Johnson.

"Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway."

- Earl Nightingale.

"The desire that is satisfied is not a great desire, nor has the shoulder used all its might that an unbreakable gate has never strained."

- William Butler Yeats.

"I'm definitely not satisfied about my career. I don't know how you can be, it's the very nature of things."

- Daniel Craig.

"I never let our players get satisfied, I never let our Coaches get satisfied, I was never satisfied. We can always do it better."

- John Wooden.

"One of the reasons writers are never satisfied with their work is because they're always striving to do better."

- JoAnn Ross.

"I am never satisfied; I always want more. I always want to get better. I always want to climb another step."

- Rihanna.

Motivational Never Satisfied Quotes

Motivation is an indispensable part of any man's journey and when it comes to not being satisfied, motivation works as a key ingredient in not allowing to give up and reminding them why they embarked on their journey in the first place.

"The heart of a man can never be satisfied with the things of this world. It is always empty, and hungry, and thirsty, and dissatisfied, till it comes to Christ. It is only they who hear Christ's voice, and follow Him, and feed on Him by faith, who are filled."

- J.C. Ryle.

"There is a longing among all people and creatures to have a sense of purpose and worth. To satisfy that common longing in all of us we must respect each other."

- Chief Dan George.

"Whoever is not satisfied with Christ alone, strives after something beyond absolute perfection."

- John Calvin.

"The soul's deepest thirst is for God Himself, who has made us so that we can never be satisfied without Him."

- F.F. Bruce.

"You must wake up to the truth that whoever you are, that whatever you have or think you do not have, you are perfect in the here and now. Unless you can accept yourself, you will never be satisfied with anything, because it all begins with yourself."

- Stephen Richards.

"When you look at - when you talk to people in Africa and across the Middle East, they're not satisfied with the way things are going. Sure, this idea of democracy was injected into the region, but it has brought mostly chaos."

- Richard Engel.

"The ego is never satisfied. So, if you're not satisfied with what you have right now, consider what is driving you."

- Taite Adams.

"I always want to become better. If never being satisfied is a problem, then I have it. At least it's a good problem."

- Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

"You can never be satisfied as an entrepreneur, and the basis of any successful, growing business is new clients."

- Robert Herjavec.

"Every reform means awakening. Once truly awakened, the nation will not be satisfied with reform only in one department of life."

- Mahatma Gandhi.

"Start where you are, with what you have. Make something of it and never be satisfied."

- George Washington Carver.

"I'm an actor that likes to go to work. I like going to work every day. I'm a worker by nature. I'm not someone who does one film a year and feels satisfied by that. "

- Rachael Taylor.

"There's always a way you can get better. You can never be satisfied. You can never say, 'That's good enough'."

- Kron Gracie.

Never Satisfied Quotes Which Are Inspirational

Over the years, some of the greatest minds to walk this planet, have experienced the same troubles of never being satisfied. These quotes are from such great minds whose journeys will provide you a sense of inspiration and motivation for your life ahead.

"Every job is different. I don't think that I've ever had that wonderful feeling when you've finished a job or where you feel like you've mastered it or sort of nailed it... You can never be satisfied. If you're satisfied, it's time to retire."

- Alfred Molina.

"If you are satisfied with the results you are now getting, why change? If you are not satisfied, why not experiment?"

- Dale Carnegie.

"I am not merely satisfied in making money for myself, for I am endeavoring to provide employment for hundreds of women of my race ... I want to say to every Negro woman present, don't sit down and wait for the opportunities to come. Get up and make them!"

- Madam C. J. Walker.

"My soul is not satisfied with an inert universe. The gods may not make a habit of speaking to me personally, but I can't help but whisper comments to them."

- Thomm Quackenbush.

"These are the people we elected and if we are not satisfied we should get new candidates. It is in our hands. It is our country. It is a very simplistic view that politicians are to blame for everything."

- Robert Stanfield.

"What can I tell you? I continue to be creative, but have only been commercially successful outside of the U.S."

- Holly Johnson.

"Leonardo da Vinci. He knew and achieved more than possibly any other man that ever lived. He was never satisfied with the knowledge he had; he always wanted to learn more about the workings of the world."

- Can Akdeniz.

"Actors are greedy. They can never be satisfied. I want praise as well as box office returns."

- Kareena Kapoor Khan.

"The secret of Steve was that he was never satisfied. He devoted his life to asking, "Why doesn't it work?" and "What should I change to make it work?"

- Kevin Ashton.

"I never want to be satisfied. I never want to be like, 'OK, this is good enough.' I always want to get to the next level and help the team improve."

- Carlos Gonzalez.

"It's a bit of a headache being a perfectionist. You're never satisfied."

- Cherie Lunghi.

"I am not satisfied with the love that I am giving away because I am always hungry to give away more."

- Debasish Mridha.

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