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101 Thought-Provoking Sage Quotes

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Sage is one of the finest Valorant Agents who is a key support in the game.

Sage can become more than just a curer in the right hands. She has the ability to stop incoming enemy rushes easily.

Sage is equipped with different orbs that can allow her in slowing down enemies, heal allies or erect walls to control the battlefield. Sage can even bring her dead allies back to life. Sage can swing the balance of strength in a match in seconds. Sage builds safety for herself and her group wherever she goes.

Sage Quotes From Valorant

Check out some of the amazing quotes by Sage from the game Valorant that can inspire you in life.

"Their Omen may be a nightmare, but I was never scared of the dark."

"I am both - shield and sword."

"Another healer? Good. Now it's someone else's turn to answer requests."

"Remember the plan, everyone. And please, please, stick to it. I'm talking to you, Raze."

"Their Phoenix may feel immortal... I shall remind him just how mortal he truly is."

"Even death cannot stop me."

"My power does not ebb. Ask for aid, and you shall receive!"

"The blossom wavers in strong wind. Yet I am no flower."

"I will defend you all with my power and with my life."

"My purpose is my gift. Be not afraid to accept it."

"You were a boulder. "

"I will quench your eternal flames, Phoenix."

"Stand tall. We are VALORANT, we are fighters!"

"You were a boulder. I am a mountain!"

"We will claw our way back, up to the light!"

"Trust in my healing."

"Omen, you are a force of nature."

"This place. I can feel its pain, it aches for redemption."

"I wasn't strong enough before. But now, now I am strong enough for us all."

"I will soothe this turmoil. With fire, if I must."

"This place is a testament to science. A testament to folly."

"Look at me, and know that I am by your side."

"I know...what must be done."

"Prepare yourselves. We fight once again."

"Together, we will bury them under their transgressions."

"Let them try to get through me."

"Even with numbers, anything can still happen. Remember that."

"Once more into battle. I'm not tired. Are you?"

"Time to stock back up."

"What will it be this time? Have any patterns emerged yet?"

"Continue on our path. It is righteous."

"This is why we are a team."

"Phenomenal! We trained for this."

"Commendable. Again!"

"Continue to fight. Continue to win!"

"That was good, but we are not done."

"We won because we were focused! Keep that!"

"We will claw our way back, up to the light!"

"They stumble. Now is our chance!"

"We have come back from worse. Let's go!"

"We cannot keep our goods after this. Spend all."

"A single battle between us, and victory."

"Usher them towards their eternal rest."

"Tip the balance in our favor."

"Fulfill our mission."

"This, is where we win."

"We can overcome them."

"We can push them back."

"Keep them out."

"Tighten our defenses."

"Continue to overwhelm them."

"Let us take the lead here."

"They were not good enough."

"They have seen our power!"

"Unscathed! I'm delighted."

"Amazing! I am honored!"

"Even death cannot stop me."

"I wonder what torture their Omen is going through. Is it like ours? Poor soul..."

"Raze has no patience. Wait out her explosions and strike when she's empty."

"Skye, I am so proud. Keep fighting!"

"Your duty is not over!"

"You will not kill my allies!"

"So that's what it feels like."

"The spike is still in base."

"We need the spike for our mission."

"Can someone get this?"

"Anyone needs anything?

"I will not die here."

"I am not just your healer!"

"This is what I trained for!"

"We need nothing but our gifts."

"Ugh, just give me a moment..."

"Now to mend what we have broken."

"Remember, Brimstone. if anything happens to you, I'll take the lead."

"Your web is deadly, Cypher."

One-Liners By Sage

Check out some one-liners by Sage.

(Sage, one of the best Valorant Agents)


"We go!"

"As one!"




"Enemy down."



Short Quotes by Sage from Valorant

Here are some short Sage Quotes.

"We are immovable."

"March through them."

"You fought well."

"Return to dust."

"Enemy removed."

"Opponent killed."

"One dead."

"Good attempt."

"Do not fight us."

"You were in our way."

"Last enemy taken out."

"Your tactics failed."

"For You"

"Healing You"

"I'm Buying"

"I'm Saving"

"Valiant effort."

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