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40 Tim Keller Quotes To Inspire Your Daily Worship

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Timothy J. Keller is a theologian, pastor, and writer.

Inspiring quotes by Tim Keller will help you focus on the good things in life. These quotes will guide you and help you maintain a positive aura around you.

Tim Keller is a famous author who has written several books like 'Resources for Deacons', 'Ministries of Mercy', 'The Reason For God', 'The Prodigal God', 'Counterfeit Gods', 'Generous Justice', 'The Freedom of Self Forgetfulness', 'Every Good Endeavor', God's Wisdom for Navigating Life. Here are several best quotes and thoughts by Tim Keller.

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Quotes From 'Meaning Of Marriage'

These quotes will guide you through the course of life. Here are some Tim Keller 'Meaning of Marriage' quotes. Tim Keller has written a book on marriage 'The Meaning of Marriage: Facing the Complexities of Commitment with the Wisdom of God' (2011). In these Tim Keller quotes on marriage, you will find out what Tim Keller says about the beautiful bond of marriage.

1. "A common vision can unite people of very different temperaments."

- -Chapter 1, 'The Secret Of Marriage'.

2. "Only with time do we really learn who the other person is and come to love the person for him- or herself and not just for the feelings and experiences they give us."

- Chapter 3, 'The Essence Of Marriage'.

3. "There are three possibilities: you can offer to serve the other with joy, you can make the offer with coldness or resentment, or you can selfishly insist on your own way."

- Chapter 3, 'The Essence Of Marriage'.

4. "Wedding vows are not a declaration of present love but a mutually binding promise of future love."

- Chapter 3, 'The Essence Of Marriage'.

5. "Your spouse has got to be your best friend, or be on the way to becoming your best friend, or you won't have a strong, rich marriage that endures, and that makes you both vastly better persons for having been in it."

-Chapter 1, 'The Secret Of Marriage.'

6. "Marriage won't work unless you put your marriage and your spouse first, and you don't turn good things, like parents, children, career, and hobbies, into pseudo-spouse".

-Chapter 3, 'The Essence Of Marriage'

7. "I don't know of anything more necessary in marriage than the ability to forgive fully, freely, unpunishingly, from the heart."

-Chapter 1, 'The Secret Of Marriage.'

8. "The Bible begins with a wedding (of Adam and Eve) and ends in the book of Revelation with a wedding (of Christ and the church). Marriage is God's idea."


Holy Quotes About God

Tim Keller grace quotes about Jesus Christ will hold your hands during the hardships of life. This list has a Tim Keller gospel quote and Tim Keller prayer quotes.

9. "Real love, the Bible says, instinctively desires permanence."

- 'Meaning of Marriage' 2011.

10. "As many have learned and later taught, you don't realize Jesus is all you need until Jesus is all you have."

— 'Counterfeit Gods: The Empty Promises of Money, Sex, and Power, and the Only Hope that Matters', 2011.

11. "God directs his people not simply to worship but to sing his praises 'before the nations'. We are called not simply to communicate the Gospel to nonbelievers; we must also intentionally celebrate the Gospel before them."

- 'Center Church: Doing Balanced, Gospel-Centered Ministry in Your City', 2012.

12. "It is because Jesus Christ experienced cosmic thirst on the cross that you and I can have our spiritual thirst satisfied."

-'Encounters with Jesus: Unexpected Answers to Life's Biggest Questions', 2013.

13. "Prayer is continuing a conversation that God has started through his Word and his grace, which eventually becomes a full encounter with him."

— 'Prayer: Experiencing Awe and Intimacy with God', 2014.

14. "Two things we want so desperately, glory and relationship, can coexist only in God."

- 'Every Good Endeavor: Connecting Your Work to God's Work', 2012.

15. "Unless we preach Jesus rather than a set of 'morals of the story' or timeless principles or good advice, people will never truly understand, love, or obey the Word of God."

— 'Preaching: Communicating Faith in an Age of Skepticism', 2015.

16. "The power of our prayers, then, lies not primarily in our effort and striving, or in any technique, but rather in our knowledge of God."

-'Prayer: Experiencing Awe and Intimacy with God', 2014.

Quotes From 'The Prodigal God'

'The Prodigal God' quotes will help you find the divine light. Here are some Tim Keller Prodigal God quotes taken from the book 'The Prodigal God' (2011) by Timothy Keller.

17. "If you think goodness and decency is the way to merit a good life from God, you will be eaten up with anger, since life never goes as we wish."

- Chapter 4, 'Redefining Lostness'.

18. "If we say, 'I believe in Jesus,' but it doesn't affect the way we live, the answer is not that now we need to add hard work to our faith so much as that we haven't truly understood or believed in Jesus at all."

- 'The Prodigal God'.

19. "If the wrongdoer has to do something to merit it, then it isn't mercy, but forgiveness always comes at a cost to the one granting the forgiveness."

- Chapter 5, 'The True Elder Brother'.

20. "People whose lives remained unchanged by God's grace didn't really understand its costliness, and therefore didn't really understand the gospel."

- 'The Prodigal God'.

21. "Properly understood, Christianity is by no means the opiate of the people. It's more like the smelling salts."

- 'The Prodigal God'.

Quotes On Love And Friendship

Plants growing through crack in pavement

You will love these quotes by Tim Keller about love and friendship that are loved and accepted by people around the globe. The quote makes us feel good about ourselves and our relationships. Here are some thoughts of Tim Keller on love and Tim Keller friendship quotes.

22. "Love without truth is sentimentality; it supports and affirms us but keeps us in denial about our flaws. Truth without love is harshness; it gives us information but in such a way that we cannot really hear it."

- 'The Meaning of Marriage: Facing the Complexities of Commitment with the Wisdom of God'.

23. "Our culture says that feelings of love are the basis for actions of love. And of course, that can be true. But it is truer to say that actions of love can lead consistently to feelings of love."

- 'The Meaning of Marriage: Facing the Complexities of Commitment with the Wisdom of God'.

24. "When you first fall in love, you think you love the person, but you don't really. You can't know the person right away. That takes years. You actually love the idea of the person – and that is always, at first, one-dimensional and somewhat mistaken."

- 'The Meaning of Marriage: Facing the Complexities of Commitment with the Wisdom of God'.

25. "Love is primarily giving. It's an action that leads to a feeling, not a feeling first."

- Timothy Keller Twitter, 26 September 2014.

26. "Friendship is a deep oneness that develops when two people, speaking the truth in love to one another, journey together to the same horizon."

- 'Generous Justice, The Meaning of Marriage, Every Good Endeavour, Preaching'.

Quotes From 'Making Sense Of God'

If life gives you a lemon, read these quotes to help you make sense of it. Here are some Making Sense quotes inspired by the book 'Making Sense Of God' (2016) by Timothy Keller.

27. "Created meanings cannot be the basis for a program of social justice."

- 'Making Sense Of God'.

28. "We are trapped in a world of death, a world for which we were not designed."

- Chapter 8, 'A Hope That Can Face Anything'.

29. "An ideology of extreme personal freedom can be dangerous because it encourages people to leave homes, jobs, cities, and marriages in search of personal and professional fulfillment, thereby breaking the relationships that were probably their best hope for such fulfillment."

- 'Making Sense Of God'.

30. "He argues that science cannot provide the means by which to judge whether its technological inventions are good or bad for human beings. To do that, we must know what a good human person is, and science cannot adjudicate morality or define such a thing."

- 'Making Sense Of God'.

31. "To insist that death is nothing to be frightened of is simply another illusion muffling the obscenity of death. We live in denial of it, but like all repressed facts, it keeps disturbing us, haunting us, and quietly (or not so quietly) draining our hope."

- 'Making Sense Of God'.

Quotes From ‘The Reason For God’

We believe that you will like these quotes by Tim Keller about God. Here are some Tim Keller Reason For God quotes taken from the book 'The Reason for God' (2008) by Timothy Keller.

32. "When people say, 'God is love,' I think they mean that love is extremely important, or that God really wants us to love. But in Christian conception, God really has love as his essence."

- Chapter 1, 'There Can't Be Just One True Religion'.

33. "If you wait until your motives are pure and unselfish before you do something, you will wait forever."

- 'The Reason for God'.

34. "It is no more narrow to claim that one religion is right than to claim that one way to think about all religions (namely that all are equal) is right. We are all exclusive in our beliefs about religion, but in different ways."

- Chapter 1, 'There Can't Be Just One True Religion'.

35. "Certainly we should be very active in seeking God, and Jesus himself called us to 'ask, seek, knock' in order to find him. Yet those who enter a relationship with God inevitably look back and recognize that God's grace had sought them out, breaking them open to new realities."

- Chapter 1,'There Can't Be Just One True Religion'.

36. "God's grace does not come to people who morally outperform others, but to those who admit their failure to perform and who acknowledge their need for a Savior."

- Chapter 1,'There Can't Be Just One True Religion'.

37. "In many areas of life, freedom is not so much the absence of restrictions as finding the right ones, the liberating restrictions."

- Chapter 3 'Christianity is a Straitjacket'.

38. "It is not the strength of your faith but the object of your faith that actually saves you. Strong faith in a weak branch is fatally inferior to weak faith in a strong branch."

- Chapter 3 'Christianity is a Straitjacket'.

39. "It is hypocritical to claim that today we grant people so much more freedom when we are actually all fighting to press our moral beliefs about harm on everyone."

- 'The Reason for God'.

40. "Jesus himself is the main argument for why we should believe Christianity."

- 'The Reason for God'.

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