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30+ Tobias Funke Quotes That Will Make All 'Arrested Development' Fans Laugh

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Tobias Funke's character, known as the blue man, is played by actor David Cross.

Tobias Funke's fans know how oblivious he can be, and these quotes are just the same. He always comes up with interesting phrases and words that let everyone crack up with laughter.

Tobias Funke is one of the main characters of the famous American sitcom 'Arrested Development'. This show is a family drama, which makes it even more relatable to the audience. Tobias Funke is seen to be a wannabe actor, and his love for acting is never-ending! He shares an on and off relationship with his wife, whose name is Lindsay, in the show that is even more interesting to watch. Tobias Funke and his wife, Lindsay, share a funny bond, and this translates in their dialogues that are really hilarious and also never fail to entertain every time we see them share a screen. He is part of the dysfunctional Bluth family. George Michael and Lindsay are siblings in the show. We have compiled a list of fun quotes and we are sure you will love them and maybe fall in love with Tobias and Lindsay all over again.

We present to you the list of best quotes of Tobias Funke that will make all 'Arrested Development' fans roar with laughter. These funny Tobias Funke quotes will never let you down, they will uplift your mood, so what's your excuse? Check out these amazing Tobias Funke quotes.

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Best Tobias Funke Quotes

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Tobias Funke, a weird bald man from the show 'Arrested Development', is quite popular for his comedy. He sure knows how to really make everyone crack up with his antics and one-liners. He is always ready with quick, witty humor. We present to you the list of best Tobias Funke sayings that will never fail to put a smile on everyone's face.

1. "I just found out that my cellular telephone was a lemon. It didn't work."

- Episode 5 of season 2, 'Sad Sack'.

2. "Guess what? There's a new daddy in town. A discipline daddy!"

- Episode 9 of season 3.

3. "Well, I am off to buy the perfect present. Maybe she'd like a suit like this."

- Episode 12 of season 3, 'Exit Strategy'.

4. "Oh boy, I got some looks on the bus cause of this!"

- Episode 9 of season 2, 'Burning Love'.

5. "George Michael has been acting strange lately. I think he may have developed what we in the soft sciences refer to as obsessive-compulsive disorder. Or the O.C. disorder."

- Episode 9 of season 3.

6. "I'm afraid it's merely a cloaking agent from a sadly blunderous afternoon."

- Episode 17 of season 1, 'Justice is Blind'.

7. "For there's a man inside me, and only when he's finally out can I walk free of pain."

- Episode 22 of season 1, 'Let 'em Eat Cake'.

8. "Boy, this Funke is all anybody's ever talking about. So sick and tired of hearing about how brilliant that Funke is. Overrated."

- Episode 7 of season 2, 'Switch Hitter'.

9. "You know, Mother Lucille, there's a psychological concept known as a denial that I think you're evincing. It's when thought is so hateful that the mind literally rejects it."

- Episode 11 of season 2, 'Out on a Limb'.

10. "Oh, you're not going to believe this. My list is of 'can'ts'."

- Episode 11 of season 3, 'Family Ties'.

11." I'm Johnny Flame, the human flamer…"

- Episode 5 of season 4, 'A New Start'.

'Arrested Development Quotes' - Tobias Funke

The popular American sitcom comprises of the Bluth family and their journey of running a business together. The show has amazing characters like George and Lindsay are filled with fun, tickling humor. We present to you the list of some of the best dialogues from 'Arrested Development' said by Tobias Funke that will make everyone laugh out loud.

12. "Don't leave your uncle T-Bag hanging."

- Episode 7 of season 3, 'Prison Break-in'.


- Episode 2 of season 1, 'Two Banana'.

14. "Oh, I've been in the film business for a while, but I just can't seem to get one in the can."

- Episode 10 of season 2, 'Ready, Aim, Marry Me'.

15. "I'm afraid I just blue myself."

- Episode 1 of season 2, 'The one where Michael leaves'.

16. "I want that part."

- Episode 1 of season 1, 'Pilot'.

17. "Let's give it another shot… To the head, kill it."

- Episode 3 of season 4, 'Indian Takers'.

18. "Ah, yes. The 'Bob Loblaw Law Blog.' You, sir, are a mouthful."

- Episode 8 of season 3, 'Making a Stand'.

19. "There are dozens of us! Dozens!"

- Episode 7 of season 1, 'In God we Trust'.

20. "Ah, the clumsy adolescence. It's a phase we've all been through. Except for me. I was like a cat."

- Episode 17 of season 1, 'Justice is Blind'.

21. "So Ann, the question is, do you want a man or a boy? I know how I would answer."

- Episode 4 of season 3.

22. "And these romantic gestures are possibly why people think I'm a homosexual."

- Episode 5 of season 4, 'A New Start'.

23. "If you bring our little girl's grades up, I will pack your sweet pink mouth with so much ice cream…"

- Episode 16 of season 1, 'Alter Egos'.

24. "And I must say I feel a bit like a Mary without a Peter and a Paul…"

- Episode 19 of season 1, 'Best Man for the Gob'.

25. "First of all, I love it. Quick question, though: am I panicked about the fire, or am I being brave for everyone else?"

- Episode 2 of season 1, 'Top Banana'.

26. "Perhaps I jumped the gun on those new headshots."

- Episode 3 of season 2, 'For British Eyes Only'.

Funniest Tobias Funke Quotes

The main character of the 'Arrested Development' TV show, Tobias Funke, makes everyone laugh with his silly antics and humor every time he comes on screen and says something. Here, we would like present to you the list of some of the funniest lines he said from the popular show that has made everyone really crack up with laughter.

27. "I'm sure wherever your father is right now, she loves you very, very much."

- Episode 14 of season 2, 'The Immaculate Election'.

28. "I'm looking for something that says, "Dad likes leather."

- Episode 9 of season 1, 'Storming the Castle'.

29. "Excuse me, do these effectively hide my thunder?"

- Episode 7 of season 1, 'In God we Trust'.

30. "Well, I don't want to blame it all on 9/11, but it certainly didn't help."

- Episode 19 of season 1, 'Best Man for the Gob'.

31. "Okay, Lindsay, are you forgetting that I was a professional twice over – an analyst and a therapist."

- Episode 3 of season 3, 'Forget Me Now'.

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