Top 10 Azir Quotes All 'League Of Legends' Players Should Know

Characters from the 'League Of Legends' game.

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Nasus Azir is a heroic figure who is regarded as a demigod by the people of the desert.

He was a fiercely intelligent guardian of knowledge and peerless strategist. His wisdom guided the traditional empire of Shurima to greatness for several centuries.

When the empire fell, Azir went into voluntary exile, becoming into very little after being a legend. Currently that the traditional town of Shurima has risen yet again, he has now come back, determined to make sure it never falls once more.

Nasus Azir's brilliance was recognized by all long before he was chosen to climb the ranks of the Ascended. A voracious student, Azir memorized and critiqued the best works of Shuriman history and philosophy before he was 10. However, his passion wasn't shared by his younger brother Renekton, who fought with alternative native youngsters instead. However, Nasus always fixed on Renekton, making sure he didn’t get into an excessive amount of bother.

As he matured, Nasus Azir was welcomed into the distinguished and exclusive Collegium of the Sun. He had the simplest academics within the empire and developed a keen understanding of military strategy and supply, eventually transforming into the youngest general in history. Whereas he was a competent soldier, his genius lay not in fighting battles but in strategizing them. A deeply sympathetic man, Nasus Azir took his responsibilities seriously, continually ensuring his troopers were well provisioned, paid on time, and treated fairly. He targeted the emperor’s mortal armies to multitudinous victories and was revered by all who served in a lower position than him. His brother Renekton additionally entered military service and advanced through the ranks as a trustworthy and capable person underneath Azir’s command.

But despite his triumphs and accolades, Azir didn't relish war. He understood its importance in the empire’s speedy enlargement yet believed his most outstanding contribution to Shurima was the data they gathered and preserved within the wake of every conquest.

Azir had a lot of inspirational and motivational quotes from 'League Of Legends'. Let's have a look at some Azir quotes. If you like these Azir quotes, you might also like Zamasu quotes and Yasuo quotes.

Nasus Azir Quotes

'League Of Legends' character figure.

These are the best League of Legends quotes you can find.

1. "Shurima will once again stretch to the horizon."

- Nasus Azir, 'League Of Legends'.

2. "You may be large, Vilemaw, but you remain an insect to me."

- Nasus Azir, 'League Of Legends'.

3. "For emperors, it's all about how you carry yourself."

- Nasus Azir, 'League Of Legends'.

'League Of Legends' Azir Quotes

All Azir quotes you want are right here.

4. " They never should have let us out upon becoming ascended."

- Nasus Azir, 'League Of Legends'.

5. "Hope is the opiate of the frail."

- Nasus Azir, 'League Of Legends'.

6. "I will guide humanity to greatness."

- Nasus Azir, 'League Of Legends'.

Lol Azir Quotes

Get some Taliyah quotes and Azir lines from the League of Legends.

7. "It is our right to rule made by our choices which will make a place in history."

- Nasus Azir, 'League Of Legends'.

8. "Those who denies our right will suffer the desert s wrath in every grain of sand."

-. Nasus Azir, 'League Of Legends'.

Kindred Quotes

Taliyah from the 'League Of Legends'.

Here are some Azir quotes with Taliyah.

9. "The cycle of life and death continues. We will live. They will die. Believe in our future."

- Nasus Azir, 'League Of Legends'.

10. "Precision is the difference between a butcher and a surgeon."

- Nasus Azir, 'League Of Legends'.

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