Top 10+ John Witherspoon Quotes From One Of The Signatories Of The Declaration Of Independence

Quotes from the founding father is bound to inspire any man.

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John Knox Witherspoon was a revered Presbyterian minister, and the only college president and clergyman who went on to become a signatory of the American Declaration of Independence.

John Witherspoon was born in Scotland to Anne Walker and Reverend James Alexander Witherspoon. He went on to go to become a minister for the Beith Parish and attained a Master of Arts degree from the University of Edinburgh.

After emigrating to New Jersey in the 1760s, John Witherspoon was appointed as the president of Princeton University (previously named the College of New Jersey). His teachings on moral philosophy, eloquence, divinity, and history established his place as a thought leader. Aside from his academic achievements, his accomplishments in the field of religion and politics were progressive for his time and may even be seen as progressive today. During his time at the Continental Congress, Witherspoon made a lasting impact on the functioning and legacy of the American legislative system. John Witherspoon was a founding father and in 1777, he aided in the construction of the Articles of Confederation which then went on to become the first constitution of the United States. If you would like to delve into some John Witherspoon Declaration of Independence quotes or John Witherspoon history quotes, then we have just the right list! Here is a list of the top John Witherspoon quotes.

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John Witherspoon Famous Quotes

You can make your day better by reading a popular quote for college.

Not only was John Witherspoon a founding father and a minister, but he was also a prolific author and thinker. His written works are still read today and have been heralded as revolutionary by many. Here are the best John Witherspoon quotes!

1. "There is scarcely anything more harmless than political or party malice. It is best to leave it to itself. Opposition and contradiction are the only means of giving it life or duration."

- John Witherspoon.

2. "The people in general ought to have regard to the moral character of those whom they invest with authority either in the legislative, executive, or judicial branches."

- John Witherspoon.

3.  "Never rise to speak till you have something to say; and when you have said it, cease."

- John Witherspoon.

4. "Some say men are distinguished from brutes by reason, and certainly this, either in kind or degree, is the most honorable of our distinctions."

- John Witherspoon.

5. "Considering man as an individual, we discover the most obvious and remarkable circumstances of his nature, that he is a compound of body and spirit."

- John Witherspoon.

6. "The faculties of the mind are commonly divided into three kinds, the understanding, the will, and the affections; though perhaps it is proper to observe, that there are not three qualities wholly distinct, as if they were three different beings, but different ways of exerting the same principle."

- John Witherspoon.

7. "Of the will it is usual to enumerate four acts; desire, aversion, joy, and sorrow. The two last, Hutchinson says, are superfluous, in which he seems to be right. "

- John Witherspoon.

John Witherspoon Religious Quotes

As a minister and author, God was a centering notion in the works of the founding father.

Then these Reverend John Witherspoon quotes will give you the strength to pull through on a bad day! If you're searching for 'John Witherspoon quotes religion', then this list may quench your thirst for knowledge. You may be pleasantly surprised at how your day improves once you read these quotes.

8. "It is very evident that both the prophets in the Old Testament and the apostles in the New are at great pains to give us a view of the glory and dignity of the person of Christ."

- John Witherspoon.

9. "It is only the fear of God that can deliver us from the fear of man."

- John Witherspoon.

10. "The knowledge of God and his truths have from the beginning of the world been chiefly, if not entirely confined to those parts of the earth where some degree of liberty and political justice were to be seen, and great were the difficulties with which they had to struggle, from the imperfection of human society, and the unjust decisions of usurped authority."

- John Witherspoon.

11. "I think we may say with certainty, that infinite perfection, intellectual and moral, are united and inseparable in the Supreme Being."

- John Witherspoon.

12. "Men are not generally sufficiently aware of the distinction between the law of God and his purpose; they are apt to suppose, that as the temper of the sinner is contrary to the one, so the outrages of the sinner are able to defeat the other; than which nothing can be more false."

- John Witherspoon.

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