30 Touching JM Storm Quotes From The Social Media Poet

Quotes by JM Storm are thought provoking.

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JM Storm or Jonathan Muncy Storm is an American writer who gained popularity by uploading short, or typewriter poems, on various social media sites.

The poet writes about numerous topics and uploads them almost daily on his Instagram and Twitter profiles. He currently has more than six hundred thousand followers on Instagram.

Storm has also published two volumes of the book ‘In My Head’ which has a collection of his best poems. When it comes to matters of the heart, the author has a beautiful way of using words to reflect on reality. Hence, reading quotes by JM Storm will surely help you find daily inspiration for life.

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Best JM Storm Love Quotes

Love quotes JM storm are heart warming.

Love poetry is a genre that JM Storm has certainly aced. Here are some bittersweet love poetry from the author that may evoke your feelings.

1. “maybe life is about

learning a better


learning to let go

of the ones we love

with nothing but love.”

‒ JM Storm.

2. “i hope you find love

that nurtures you.

heals you.

the kind that silently

speaks to your innocence

that passed away long ago.”

‒ JM Storm.

3. “she was heart and soul

and she bled of love

just as the night

weeps darkness. ”

‒ JM Storm.

4. “light has a way

of finding those

who seek it.

just as love

has a way of healing

those who don’t know

they need it.”

‒ JM Storm.

5. “if you are going

to love someone,

then be heroic.

love them with

everything you


‒ JM Storm.

6. “Be easy to love

hard to break

and impossible

to forget.”

‒ JM Storm.

7. “i love you past the moon

and miss you

beyond the stars.”

‒ JM Storm.

8. “what she loved about him

was the balance

he provided.”

‒ JM Storm.

9. “lots of people

love flowers.

some cut them

while others

plant them.

Remember that.”

‒ JM Storm.

10. “when you find beautiful

depth in someone,

nothing else will ever

do. nothing else will

ever be good enough.”

‒ JM Storm.

Insightful JM Storm Quotes About Women

She’s strong quotes are inspiring for women.

In poetry, powerful quotes from author helps to inspire and motivate people to keep going in their life. When you read these words from JM Storm which are written for the women, you are bond to feel a tingle in the heart.

11. “women want a man

who is in control,

but not a man

who is controlling.

there’s a difference.”

‒ JM Storm.

12. “she seems cold

to those who


her fire and

neglected to feel it.”

‒ JM Storm.

13. “he speaks to her

in ways no one

before him had.

And that is why

it’s impossible

for her to not


‒ JM Storm.

14. “she had a way of

pulling herself

back together

and becoming something

that was unstoppable.”

‒ JM Storm.

15. “she found me at a time

when it was too hard

for her to believe in

anything, and i forced

her to accept nothing.”

‒ JM Storm.

16. “never underestimate

the power of

making her

pancakes on a

sunday morning.”

‒ JM Storm.

17. “she embraced his

hands and welcomed

the vulnerability

they forced upon


‒ JM Storm.

18. “she wasn’t a sunny day

type women. often she

would brave a thunderstorm

to find me

and sit next to me

and hold my hand

in the rain.”

‒ JM Storm.

19. “of course she had

to keep going.  

what choice did she


‒ JM Storm.

20. “i look at you and i

see a rainy day girl

who never received

the love she deserved

because it always

felt conditional on

her staying in the sun.”

‒ JM Storm.

Moving Poetry From JM Storm

If you like to read poetry, then you may find these words written by JM Storm alluring. This section contains 'In My Head' quotes from his poetry collection along with some other heartwarming pieces of poetry from him.

21. “one of the things

I love most about you

is that you don’t

need me for anything.

and yet, you find

yourself needing me.”

‒ JM Storm, ‘In My Head’.

22. “i cannot remember exactly

the first time when your soul

whispered to mine, but i

know you woke it.

And it has never slept


‒ JM Storm, ‘In My Head’.

23. “you know it’s true

with every ending,

there is a beginning.

and with every lie,

there is truth to be found.”

‒ JM Storm, ‘In My Head’.

24. “she is a

beautiful piece

of broken

pottery, put back

together by

her own hands.

and a critical world

judges her cracks

while missing the

beauty of how she

made herself

whole again.”

‒ JM Storm, ‘In My Head’.

25. “sometimes we try to

force a new beginning

when all we really

need is a few moments of


‒ JM Storm.

26. “sometimes you are

what they need and

sometimes you are

what they don’t

understand, but

don’t change.”

‒ JM Storm.

27. “of all my abilities,

the power to make

you smile is by far

my favorite and i

intend on using it


‒ JM Storm.

28. “i cannot stop your

spiral, but i can

wrap my arms around

you until it begins

to make sense.”

‒ JM Storm.

29. “sometimes the

hardest person

to walk away

from is the

person you’ve

always assumed

you were.”

‒ JM Storm.

30. “i don’t know if a

broken heart really

mends or if it just

learns to live in


we've all had one

and maybe that is

by design.”

‒ JM Storm.

31. “sometimes you just

need space for yourself.

time to reflect and

heal in the silence.

a need to lower the

sails and drift for

a while.

lost in the sea and

your own madness.”

‒ JM Storm.

32. “the real you.

that’s all i want

and all i’ll ever


‒ JM Storm.

33. “The day I changed

was the day I quit

trying to fit into

a world that never

really fit me.”

‒ JM Storm.

34. “she’s not perfect,

she is madness.

and madness is a

beautiful irony

where perfection

and flaws are

the best of friends.”

‒ JM Storm.

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