60+ Warrior Cat Quotes To Inspire Your Wild Streak

'Warrior Cat' quotes are inspiring.

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'Warrior Cat' quotes from the famous 'Warrior Cat' book are very famous.

Here we have got more than 60 'Warrior Cat' quotes from the book, for you to have that feeling of being a warrior too. These 'Warrior Cat' quotes are as fantastic as the book series.

Warrior Cats are fictional characters by Erin Hunter in his book series, 'Warrior Cats', the first book of which was released in 2003. The 'Warrior Cats' series by Erin Hunter is engaging and interesting as you get involved and immersed in the characters' world of crises and war. The series simply revolves around the adventures and experiences of a group of cats living in the wild, in clans.There is even an app, called Warrior Cats Hub, for super fans of the series, and, even better, a movie based on the series is planned to be released in 2023.

Among all the Warrior Cats, Pinestar is one of the most hated Warrior Cats and Firestar is most loved. However, they all have something to say. Here are some top 'Warrior Cats' sayings and quotes by Erin Hunter. We have in this list 'Warrior Cat' leader quotes, funny 'Warrior Cat' quotes, courage quotes from 'Warrior Cat', 'Warrior Cat' life quotes, 'Warrior Cat' sayings, witty 'Warrior Cats' quotes AND quotes by the best Warrior Cats.

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Quotes By Firestar

Firestar is the main character with good 'Warrior Cat' quotes. The bright, flame-colored Firestar is the fourth cats’ leader with a warrior code.

1. "Strength doesn't have to be proved."

- Firestar, 'Fading Echoes'.

2. "I'll fight if I have to! But I won't spill blood if reason can solve this problem."

- Firestar, 'Eclipse'.

3. "They'll fight harder. My warriors have only one life to lose and they are willing to give it up for their Clanmates. I'm no different. My place is beside them."

- Firestar, 'The Last Hope'.

4. "I love you, Sandstorm. You'll never be second-best for me. My love belongs here and now, in the life we share-and it will last for all moons to come, I promise."

- Firestar, 'Firestar's Quest'.

5. "Graystripe, whatever you decide to do, I will always be your friend."

- Firestar, 'Fire And Ice'.

6. "There is always something that a cat can do, as long as he has courage and loyalty."

- Firestar, 'A Dangerous Path'.

7. “I will always be here. We will walk the skies together forever.”

- Firestar, 'Firestar's Quest'.

8. “Your Clan is safe for now. But there will be three, kin of your kin, who hold the power of the stars in their paws.”

- Firestar, 'Firestar's Quest'.

Quotes By Bluestar

Every cat in the 'Warrior Cat' clans is excellent. But Bluestar is the ThunderClan medicine cat, and one of our favorites. Let's have a look at these quotes by Bluestar, to see how this cat can be the last hope of the clans.

9. "The strength and the fellowship of the Clan will always be with you, even when you hunt alone."

- Bluestar, 'Into The Wild'.

10. "Hope is easy, but it catches no prey."

- Bluestar, 'Midnight'.

11. “The greatest hunter is one who knows how to wait.”

- Bluestar, 'Bluestar's Prophecy'.

12. “Even the most powerful flames can be destroyed by water.”

- Bluestar, 'Bluestar's Prophecy'.

Quotes By Leafpool

Leafpool’s quotes are an inspiration for every cat in the clan. Have a look at what this warrior has to say.

13. “Destiny isn't a path that any cat follows blindly. It is always a matter of choice, and sometimes the heart speaks loudest.”

- Leafpool, 'Sign Of The Moon'.

14. "Wherever you are, Cinderpelt, if you can hear me, I promise that I will never leave our Clan again. I am their medicine cat now, and I will follow in your pawsteps until it's my turn to walk with StarClan. But please, if I ever meant anything to you, come to me when you can and tell me you forgive me."

- Leafpool, 'Sunset'.

15. "StarClan willing, the code of the Clans will live forever, until the forest and the lake have turned to dust and our hunting grounds are no more."

- Leafpool, 'Code Of The Clans'.

16. "Everything she did was out of loyalty to me. I couldn’t wish to have a better sister. She wanted to protect my kits and me, and she was willing to sacrifice everything to keep us safe."

- Leafpool, 'Squirrelflight's Hope'.

Quotes By Jaypaw

Jaypaw is also known as Jayfeather. Here are some top Jayfeather quotes for you to understand this character in depth.

17. “A true warrior's heart needs no rules! It can do no evil!”

- Jaypaw, 'Fading Echoes'.

18. “Oh, and welcome to the Three.”

- Jaypaw, 'The Fourth Apprentice'.

19. "If I've broken the code then I'm sorry for it, but every cat knows I'm loyal. I don't need to swear an oath."

- Jaypaw, 'The Silent Thaw'.

20. "I'm here to heal you. If you want sympathy, go to the nursery."

- Jaypaw, 'Dark River'.

21. "Well, being blind feels normal to me."

- Jaypaw, 'Dark River'.

22. "I can be powerful here! I could raise kits, teach them everything I know, and then go back to the Clans. I... I don't want to leave."

- Jaypaw, 'Sign Of The Moon'.

'Warrior Cats are loved by all.

Quotes By Sandstorm

Sandstorm is one of the most powerful cats. Her quotes speak for her bravery too.

23. "I meant it when I said I wanted to come on this journey. But I want to share your mission. I want to understand why you need to help this Clan, and play an equal part in finding them."

- Sandstorm, 'Firestar's Quest'.

24. "You wait. I'll be the crankiest elder the Clans have ever seen. Mousefur will seem sweet and gentle next to me!"

- Sandstorm, 'Fading Echoes'.

25. "Sometimes Clan boundaries cause more damage than they're worth."

- Sandstorm, 'Bramblestar's Storm'.

26. "It was my time to go. I sensed when I decided to go with you to search for SkyClan that I might not survive the journey. You know, I never wanted to spend my last days as an elder, sitting around in camp. I wanted to die doing something important... and your quest gave me the chance to relive a special memory with Firestar."

- Sandstorm, 'The Apprentice's Quest'.

27. "No more secrets, Firestar. I promise to try to understand how important Spottedleaf is to you, but I need to be able to trust you."

- Sandstorm to Firestar, 'Firestar's Quest'.

Quotes By Dovewing

Dovewing is the cat who best earns her warrior name in the clans. Have a look at some of the most famous quotes by Dovewing here.

28. "He's my kit, too, Tigerstar, and I'm going with them. I know this is right. I can't stay here and watch Shadowkit suffer. We will come back and Shadowkit will be better."

- Dovewing, 'Tawnypelt's Clan'.

29. "But my heart told me to stay with you. How could I leave, after all we've been through? And how could I deprive our kits of such a wonderful father?"

- Dovewing, 'Tigerheart's Shadow'.

30. "We don't know that they are traitors! We should be concentrating on the battle, not trying to guess who our enemies are!"

- Dovewing, 'The Last Hope'.

31. "I love you, Tigerheart, I would have loved you even if you hadn't followed me here, I will always love you; not just because you're the father of my kits, but because you're you. I'm sorry I made you choose between your Clan and me. No cat should ever have to make that choice; I was scared of facing this alone, I've been a coward."

- Dovewing, 'Tigerheart's Shadow'.

32. "I once told you I would love you whatever choice you made. I won't make you choose between your Clan and me this time."

- Dovewing, 'Tigerheart's Shadow'.

Quotes By Whitestorm

Whitestorm’s quotes will surely motivate you, read them and see how it all works.

33. "You know that's not what the life of the Clans is like. The warrior code guides us through the dark times, the cold, and hunger. And the good times seem all the sweeter for it."

- Whitestorm, 'Bluestar's Prophecy'.

34. "You will find others... Trust your heart, Firestar. You have always known that Graystripe is the cat StarClan destined to be your deputy."

- Whitestorm, 'The Darkest Hour'.

35. "I am no medicine cat; I cannot read the stars like Yellowfang or Cinderpelt, but I have always been willing to trust our warrior ancestors, wherever they might lead our Clan."

- Whitestorm, 'Rising Storm'.

36. "Firestar, I've just wanted to say that Bluestar couldn't have led us better in these terrible days. I've been proud to serve as your deputy."

- Whitestorm, 'The Darkest Hour'.

Quotes By Brambleclaw

Brambleclaw’s loyalty is the clans’ power. Brambleclaw is one of those cats who never gives up.

37. "I don't think I'll ever be free of him. Even now that he's dead, no cat will ever forget that I'm his son."

- Bramblepaw, 'The Darkest Hour'.

38. "I will honor my ancestors in StarClan, but not those who have ever walked in the Dark Forest. Guide my steps wisely, warriors of the past. And warriors of now."

- Brambleclaw, 'The Last Hope'.

39. "I will bring nothing but trouble to ThunderClan because I was made deputy when I shouldn't have been. My Clanmates didn't trust me before. Now they will blame me for everything that goes wrong, every drop of blood lost. Whatever I do, I will destroy my own Clan from within."

- Brambleclaw, 'After Sunset: The Right Choice?'.

40. "If you want to be remembered for your strengths, you must work on them. And if that means proving yourself to those who doubt you, then do it. You can't force Hollypaw to believe in you. You have to show her that you are worth believing in."

- Brambleclaw, 'Dark River'.

41. "A warrior never blames his Clanmates for his own mistakes, Lionpaw."

- Brambleclaw, 'Dark River'.

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Quotes By Graypaw

Here are some quotes by Graypaw that have motivated the clans and almost became their last hope.

42. "I can't think of anything worse than being a kittypet... Eating stuff that doesn't look like food, making dirt in a box of gravel, sticking their noses outside only when the Twolegs allow them? That's no life! Out here it's wild, and it's free... Until you've tasted a fresh-killed mouse, you haven't lived."

- Graypaw, 'Into The Wild'.

43. "I trust [Gremlin]. BloodClan is out there. They're coming. And ThunderClan will be ready."

- Graystripe, 'Graystripe's Vow'.

44. "And if there's one thing this experience has taught me, it's that I love ThunderClan more than anything. ThunderClan is my home, after all."

- Graystripe, 'Graystripe's Vow'.

45. "Bumblekit, Briarkit, and Blossomkit, welcome to ThunderClan, my precious children."

- Graystripe, 'Eclipse'.

46. "Don't forget the Great Storm. Bramblestar was a new leader then, but he kept our Clan safe until we could return to our home here in the stone hollow."

- Graystripe, 'Lost Stars'.

Quotes By Squirrelpaw

Squirrelpaw is one of those cats with high motivation. Read these quotes by Squirrelpaw and get motivated.  

47. "Yes, O Great One, I shall do exactly what you say. And when we come back empty-pawed, maybe you'll admit that I was right."

—Squirrelpaw, 'Midnight'.

48. "You know as well as I do, that medicine cat apprentice has to be just the right cat."

―Squirrelflight, 'The Apprentice's Quest'.

49. "I know it sounds crazy. But Bramblestar is my mate. I can tell. I had a feeling something was wrong... but I just told myself it was because he'd lost a life. Now I think it's more than that. I've been paying close attention to him today. He's... different."

- Squirrelflight, 'The Silent Thaw'.

50. "We're bound by kinship and loyalty and the warrior code... The bond that we've shared will not be broken now. We have all been through so much."

- Squirrelflight, 'Darkness Within'.

51. "I know what it's like to have friends in other Clans. To feel that there's something stronger that your Clan calling you away from home."

- Squirrelflight, 'Dark River'.

52. "Who does Brambleclaw think he is, treating me like I'm still wet behind the ears? Toms are so much trouble! You don't know how lucky you are, Leafpool, not having to worry about things like that. Well I know there was Crowfeather..."

- Squirrelflight, 'Leafpool's Wish'.

Inspirational 'Warrior Cat' Quotes

Here is a list of 'Warrior Cats' inspirational quotes that may inspire you to fight in your own battles in life. They may give you the courage you are looking for.  

53. “May Starclan light your path.”

- Erin Hunter, 'SkyClan's Destiny'.

54. “Fire will save the Clan.”

- Erin Hunter, 'A Dangerous Path'.

55. “You cannot live with a paw in each world.”

- Erin Hunter, 'Into The Wild'.

56. “A medicine cat has no time for doubt. Put your energy into today and stop worrying about the past.”

- Erin Hunter, 'Rising Storm'.

57. “Surprise is the warrior's greatest weapon.”

- Erin Hunter, 'Into The Wild'.

58. “I'm going to die whatever you do, but I'm not afraid.”

- Erin Hunter, 'Rising Storm'.

59. “Keep your eyes open, Fireheart. Keep your ears pricked. Keep looking behind you. Because one day I'll find you, and then you'll be crow food.”

- Erin Hunter, 'Tigerclaw's Fury'.

60. “This is not an end. It is a beginning. You will need the courage of a lion to face this journey.”

- Erin Hunter, 'Dawn'.

Sad 'Warrior Cat' Quotes

These 'Warrior Cats' quotes by Erin Hunter may make you sense the sadness that can be found in the books.

61. “Warriors should suffer their pain silently.”

- Erin Hunter, 'Into The Wild'.

62. “Before there is peace, blood will spill blood, and the lake will run red.”

- Erin Hunter, 'Starlight'.

63. “You're going to find Tigerstar. Against that fiend, every cat is helpless.”

- Erin Hunter, 'Fading Echoes'.

Famous 'Warrior Cat' Quotes

Some of the 'Warrior Cats' leader quotes are unforgettable, and that’s why these are more famous than the other 'Warrior Cats' life quotes. Have a look!

64. “Four will become two, lion and tiger will meet in battle, and blood will rule the forest.”

- Erin Hunter, 'The Darkest Hour'.

65. “There’s more to being a warrior than killing. A true warrior — the best warrior — isn’t cruel or mean. He doesn’t claw an enemy who can’t fight back. Where’s the honor in that?”

- Erin Hunter, 'Forest Of Secrets'.

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