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Anna's Day

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Where is Anna's Day celebrated?  

 Anna's Day is celebrated in Sweden, Norway, and Finland.

Who is Anna's Day celebrated by?

 Anna's Day is celebrated by people in Finland, Sweden, and Norway.

When did Anna's Day first start?

 The exact date when Anna's Day first started is unknown.

Who started Anna's Day?

 Nobody knows by whom Anna's Day was first started.

Anna's Day is also termed Religious Day

History And Timeline

It took many days to prepare for Christmas in the days of the traditional peasant community in Sweden. This soaking process normally starts on December 9 for the fish to be eaten at the right consistency on Christmas Eve. As a result, December 9 is celebrated as Lutefisk Day. Because Anna is a prominent name in Sweden, this day is also known as Anna's Day.


First Mention About Lutefisk

Samuel Mann recalls Christmas Eve at his grandfather's house, when 'the supper was preceded by powerfully peppered lutefisk'.


Lutefisk Accompaniments

Many people like to eat their lutefisk with salt, provided with white sauce and pepper.


The Last Work On Lutefisk

A compilation of lutefisk-related knowledge, fantasy, and folklore.


Increase In Lutefisk Consumption.

According to the NSEC, lutefisk revenues in restaurants climbed by 72 percent in 2005.


Lutefisk Survey

Lutefisk is largely consumed in Canada because it has a large amount of Scandinavian population.

Traditions And Customs

 There are no specific traditions related to this day.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate Anna's Day

One can celebrate this day by searching for lutefisk plans on the web and figuring out how to make them, or by going to a lutefisk supper.

Facts And Stats

The soaking system normally starts on December 9 so that the fish would be the ideal consistency hence Lutefisk Day. 

On December 9, Lutefisk Day reminds occupants in Norway, Finland, and Sweden to start preparing for Christmas Eve supper.

The day is additionally alluded to as Anna's Day.

FAQs About Anna's Day

What is the importance of Anna's Day?

It is marked to honor the delicacy lutefisk.

What is the history and origin of Anna's Day?

The origin of Anna's Day is still unclear.

Why do people celebrate Anna's Day?

Individuals begin setting up the lutefisk for the Christmas Eve supper in Sweden and a few areas of Finland.

Where do people celebrate Anna's Day?

Anna's Day is celebrated in Sweden, Finland, and Norway.

Who started Anna's Day?

The founder of Anna's Day is unknown.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
December 09, 2020 Wednesday
December 09, 2021 Thursday
December 09, 2022 Friday
December 09, 2023 Saturday
December 09, 2024 Monday

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