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Ask A Stupid Question Day

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Where is Ask A Stupid Question Day celebrated?

It is generally celebrated in America but it has now traveled to the parts of Britain, India, and other parts of the world too, where students celebrate this holiday in their classroom.

Who is Ask A Stupid Question Day celebrated by?

It is celebrated by students, teachers in school, and in classrooms. Teachers encourage children to feel free to ask questions.

When did Ask A Stupid Question Day first start?

Ask A Stupid Question Day is one of the fun holidays believed to have started in the '80s when teachers decided to observe an event to encourage students to ask more questions.

Who started Ask A Stupid Question Day?

A bunch of teachers in the early '80s decided to start the day. This day aims at letting students feel free to ask any question they are usually too afraid to ask in classrooms. It was started when teachers observed that many students had a fear of being embarrassed for asking a stupid question.

There is no such thing as a stupid question or stupid answers.

History And Timeline

The exact timeline of Ask A Stupid Question Day cannot be traced back, but it started in the early '80s to encourage the participation of students in classrooms. Only a bunch of students seemed interested in asking ‘smart questions’, others feared that someone would laugh at them. Teachers realized this behavior was very common in every classroom.


Teachers Made It Up!

In the '80s, teachers decided to observe a national Ask A Stupid Question Day to let students know that their questions matter, no matter how stupid they think it is.


Newspaper Report In Britain

A newspaper in Britain reported that the day was now being celebrated in classrooms in Britain.


Dan Rothstein and Luz Santana

Writers Dan Rothstein and Luz Santana published a book, 'Make Just One Change; Teach Students to Ask Their Own Questions.'


Celebrations Across The World

Various newspapers reported how the day was celebrated across many different countries.

21st century

The Idea Gains Momentum

The movement started by teachers to encourage students to participate actively in class has gained a lot of momentum over the years, encouraging them to ask questions that intrigue them.

Traditions And Customs

On this day, students are encouraged to talk about questions that make them curious, anything at all. They shouldn’t feel embarrassed or shouldn’t fear being laughed at for pondering about things.

To extend the celebrations, we can ask stupid questions ourselves, and make children feel comforted by showing that it is okay to ask questions, without fear of looking stupid.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate Ask a Stupid Question Day

Ask more questions, ask your teachers, friends, family, or parents. Ask whatever intrigues you or makes you wonder. Secondly, answer questions, however common, stupid, or lame they might seem. This is one of the ways the idea can be cultivated into so many minds.

Facts And Stats

  • Ask A Stupid Question Day promoted the idea that there is no such thing as a stupid question. We should celebrate kids who want to ask more questions in the classroom
  • Ask A Stupid Question Day is also celebrated in other countries albeit under different names.
  • On Ask A Stupid Question Day students are encouraged to seek answers to their questions.

FAQs About Ask A Stupid Question Day

What are some benefits of celebrating Ask A Stupid Question Day?

Students are encouraged and hence they gain self-esteem. They learn to feel confident about what they think and it also increases active participation in class. Students feel heard and listened to.

What are some assumptions we need to take while celebrating Ask A Stupid Question Day?

We need to assume that not every kid thinks alike, each kid is different and wonderful in their own way. Their mind needs to be nurtured and given space to let them bloom.

Who discovered Ask A Stupid Question Day?

In the '80s, a bunch of teachers of an American school decided to create the day.

What are some disadvantages of celebratingAsk A Stupid Question Day?

Some students can just ask lame questions in order to amuse themselves or just because they find them silly. Kids can mock each other or ridicule the ones that ask questions of that kind. Self-esteem can also take a hit on some students who fear putting themselves out there if the activity is not carried out responsibly.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
September 28, 2020 Monday
September 28, 2021 Tuesday
September 28, 2022 Wednesday
September 28, 2023 Thursday
September 28, 2024 Saturday

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