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Car-Free Day

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Where is Car-Free Day Celebrated?

Car-Free Day is celebrated widely not just in the USA, but also across almost all regions of the world.

Who is Car-Free Day celebrated by?

This particular day is celebrated by people from various parts of the world. On this date of September 22, instead of driving vehicles, they take bicycles, public transportation, and walking as an alternative mode of transport.

When did Car-Free Day first start?

This particular day was made official in 2000. Prior to this year, there were several unofficial car-free days, observed in different parts of the world.

Who started Car-Free Day?

This special day was established by an international organization, called Carbusters, in the year 2000.

Car-Free Day can be really fun.

History And Timelines

Cars have been associated with a lot of detrimental effects on the environment. They do not only increase pollution but also cause global warming. Therefore, on this particular day, all motorists are encouraged to let go of their vehicles and instead walk or ride a bicycle.


Car-Free Sundays

It was during this year, that the trend of car-free Sundays first originated in the regions of Belgium and the Netherlands.


National Campaign For Car-Free Days

A national campaign for car-free days was organized during this year by a Dutch action group. As the name suggests, various cars were stopped from taking over the streets.


First National Campaign

Environmental Transport Association of Britain initiated the first national event for car-free days during this year.


Car-Free Days In Bogota

During this year, the initiative of car-free days was first started in the regions of Bogota.


First Car-Free Day In Jakarta

In this particular year, the first-ever car-free day in Jakarta was observed. Pedestrians were encouraged to participate in this particular event.

Traditions And Customs

This particular day is widely celebrated on September 22 all over the world. On this day, motorists let go of their vehicle and instead switch to public transport such as a bus or to use their bike as an alternative medium of transport. This in turn helps to reduce their carbon footprint.

Ways to Observe Or Celebrate Car-Free Day

You can celebrate this special day by hosting car-free events and urging more and more participants to be a part of that event. Ask your friends to stop driving on this particular day and instead engage in other fun activities like cycling and walking. Cars are a leading cause of global warming as well as pollution. So on this day, take an oath to reduce your usage of your vehicle and give more focus on cycling or even walking, especially if it's a short distance.

Facts And Stats

  • Cars have several harmful effects on the environment like global warming and pollution. This day can be a good day to educate everyone on this.
  • On this day of September 22, many interesting car-free events are hosted in various parts of the world.
  • Using a bike instead of a car provides you with several health benefits. This day can be a great time to start riding.

FAQs About Car-Free Day

Which country first started Car-Free Day?

Many informal car-free days were already observed in regions of Belgium and the Netherland, prior to the year 2000.

What is the significance of Car-Free Day?

On this day, people resort to public transportation, bikes, or walking as an alternative medium of transportation.

What does car-free mean?

The term car-free means not using a car.

What are the benefits of Car-Free Day?

On this day, people are encouraged more and more to use their bikes or to walk for traveling short distances. This reduces air pollution for at least a day.

What is the history and origin of Car-Free Day?

World car-free day was started in 2000 by Carbusters.

What is unique about Car-Free Day?

This special day helps people realize how dependent they are on cars for their daily mode of transportation and how much detriment it is causing the environment.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
September 21, 2020 Monday
September 21, 2021 Tuesday
September 21, 2022 Wednesday
September 21, 2023 Thursday
September 21, 2024 Saturday

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